“pehea e hiki ai ke hana i ka ahahui”

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) o ka loa, he pono ole, a loaʻano pākīkē malignant iniiaiie loloʻeho i loko o kānaka. Lapaʻau hiki pū chemotherapy, pāhawewe a me kaʻoki kino. Median ola me ka hae-o-malama pāhawewe a me ka chemotherapy me ka temozolomide o 15 mahina. Median ola me ka lapaʻau mea 4.5 mahina. Emi iho malalo o 15% o nā mea maʻi ola mau makahiki.
Please read the About page for more information on the rationale for nānā pono and on the process I propose for all of us as we develop a respectful relationship with one another even as we wrestle with the material to come.
to find at least 8 people sittlng around a work table making/learning how to make feather leis. Evidently, it’s not a matter of stringing these feathers together but it is an “art”. The 8 or so learning this art are future judges for the upcoming Ms Hawaii pageant and were there to learn “some” Hawaiian culture…. I got to meet another hula kumu who’s name was Lanakila… Go figure. Talented man who is also a teacher at Mid Pacific Institute. He was taught hula by Kumu Robert Cazimero I am told. Both talented men. I am impressed.
Ua heleʻo 988 makahiki he mau makahiki,ʻoiai e ulu ana nā mea. Ua hana maʻalahi ia i ka hana. “Wiwoʻole, ināʻo kēia ka mea āu e makemake aiʻAʻoleʻole, hoʻomaka lākou e’ōlelo. Eʻike maopopo i kahi e hele aiʻoe. Ma waena o nā mea i kaulana a me ka hakakā e pili ana i ka moemoeke nui,ʻo ia kaʻoiaʻiʻo e hiki ai iāʻoe ke loaʻa i ka wahine hoʻokamakama. ʻAe,ʻo ia kahi manaʻo hoʻopuka maikaʻi!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again, PLEASE check this site on Sunday mornings prior to making the trip to the beach. Weather and other factors can sometimes force a cancellation. We will hold a Hana Hou meetup every week unless something unavoidable arises that makes it impossible for us to do so.
A wela nā pōhaku, kīpapa ʻia nā pōhaku ma lalo o ka imu a ma hope o ua wikiwiki loa ka hana.  I ia manawa, laulima mākou no ka nui o ka hana a no ka wikiwiki.  Hoʻokomo ʻia nā pā kini ʻiʻo, ka pūmaiʻa i kīhaehae ʻia, ka lau maiʻa, ka lāʻī, nā ʻekemauʻu, a laila ke kapolina i ʻole e pakele aku ka māhu.  A hoʻomaha ihola mākou.
The pū ‘ohe is a Hawaiian bamboo trumpet. It has a deep sound somewhat like a conch shell and like other native instruments, takes the special spirit breath to produce the proper sound. Join rangers and Hawaiʻi Pacific Parks Association staff as they share their knowledge and help you make your own pū ‘ohe.
Came by my office down in Sorrento valley. Food was good. I personally didn’t like the teriyaki sauce as much, it was a bit overwhelming. Service was good. $8 for the bowls an extra $1 for vegetables added. Not a fan of the price but it’s a food truck.
Ch.5 p.31 para.7 sent.1 Holo akula kā lākou nei a kau i Honokaʻope ma Waipiʻo, ma laila aku a waho o Pāʻauhau, nānā aʻela lākou, e kū ana ka ʻeʻa o ka lepo o uka. They sailed and touched at Honokaape at Waipio, then came off Paauhau and saw a cloud of dust rising landward.
The job force varied greatly. Each skilled occupation was informed by specific natural environments. For example, a lawaiʻa (fisher person) knew all the details of their fishing grounds. They knew the tides, the winds, the moon, and all the elements of the ocean. Lawaiʻa knew the distinct characteristics of all the sea creatures. Lawaiʻa did not simply throw lines in the ocean and try to catch fish. They went directly to the fishes’ feeding grounds to harvest.
This olelonoeau is a smart one, look to many sources. I like Nana I Ke Kumu because that’s how I learn. I like looking on the internet, reading books, and even asking my Ohana and teachers. When I asked my parents for some facts about our first president the gave me answers. My family is a great source.
In a book that every student and fan of hula will treasure, halau from Hawai’i, the U.S. mainland, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and Mexico share photos and stories that celebrate the spirit of hula worldwide.
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JapanesePod101.com offers a unique learning experience that cannot be found in conventional classrooms. In addition to offering lessons that can be completed on your own time, we approve all of the content we release through a certified Japanese teacher. Here are just a few of the revolutionary advantages of our method:
Ch.11 p.58 para.3 sent.2 Malia paha o lilo ka ʻaʻā mau ʻana a ke ahi i nā pō a pau i mea no ke aliʻi e uluhua ai, a laila, hele mai e nānā iā kākou, a laila, pēlā paha e ʻike ai kākou iā Lāʻieikawai.” perhaps the fire burning every night will annoy the princess so she will come to find out about us, then perhaps we shall see Laieikawai.”
Disappointed!! Watched first 30 minutes of first episode. So far Kono’s replacement can’t act and that solo scene where she tries and beat up the arsonist? Looked stupid. Seems all they cared about was getting a hot body to replace Kono….. that I guess shows how much respect they had for Grace P. Just KNOCKED IT TO ONE STAR. Kept watching and what did they do? The new Kono poured a bucket of water over her head so her breasts became prominent!!! What garbage! How high schoolish..$2.99 a show? No more.
I ordered this book because my kumu hula (hula teacher) recommended it to suppliment my hula kahiko (ancient) instruction and understand what I am dancing to. A hula dancer, scholar or one that has the aloha spirit will find value in this book.
Sailing programs with NKW range in length and design from day sails out of Kawaihae harbor to week long sails up and down the coast of Hawaiʻi Island. The length and sail plan for each program is determined by the availability of the group. Learners must successfully complete a swim test in order to sail. The swim test may be conducted on the same day or in a previous session. Swim tests average two hours in length and include a 500-meter swim and forty-five minutes of treading water. The swim test is not only a measure of physical endurance but also of mental endurance as the group only moves as fast as the slowest swimmer, and always together. Sailing programs have been instrumental in the development of young individual’s personal development and community building abilities.
This olelo noeau is a very meaningful olelo noeau. This olelo noeau connects to me because it means look to the source and is like when I had to find out my grandparents names I went to them. Also, when I wanted to find out about my dad’s life, I asked him. He was the source of that knowledge.
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Noho nā akua, nā ʻaumākua, a me nā kupua ma Mānoa e laʻa ʻo Kahalaopuna–ke kaikamahine ali‘i kapu o Mānoa, kona kinolau ʻo ke ānuenue, a me kona ʻaumakua ʻo ka pueo. E lohe ana ʻoukou i kekahi moʻolelo no Kahalaopuna i kēia lā a e ʻikemaka ana paha ʻoukou i kona kinolau a me nā kinolau o kona ʻohana.
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