“mote kan være luksus”

Margie Barancik is a founder and vice president of the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, established in 2014. She has a passion for helping the underserved, particularly children and families and has served on numerous boards that support her passion.
Bralettes are a new form of underwear. They look like usual bras, but they don’t offer strong elements for support and are made of fabric or lace only, being more soft and comfy in comparison with the sports bras. For the past year, all the major underwear brands have released this type of bras, and many small businesses also began to manufacture this kind of clothes.
Mote scientists utilize a breakthrough technique called “re-skinning” to rapidly fuse and form live coral over dead coral skeleton. They also study climate change, marine life conservation, sustainable aquaculture, and other issues that impact our environment both here in Florida and around the world.
Teri is honored frequently for her professional and personal contributions to the community. She received the International Women’s Forum “Women Who Make a Difference Award;” State College of Florida President’s Award of Distinction; Tampa Bay Partnership Chair’s Cup for Excellence in Regionalism; Girls Inc. of Sarasota County “She Knows Where She’s Going” Award; and AJC Civic Achievement Award. Teri was named a “Best Boss” by 941CEO magazine, one of the “50 Most Powerful People on the Gulf Coast” by Gulf Coast Business Review, and to SRQ Magazine’s Women in Business Leadership Circle.
A part of the essence of our life and job is traveling. We enjoy the feeling of being somewhere else, meeting new people, seeing colors and landscapes… You will travel with us through beautiful photos, memories of faraway cities, evocative atmosphere… Enjoy!
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Sitting is the new smoking, they say. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway loved to stand while working? A standing desk helps your posture and back health and significantly reduces typical office health issues. People make DIY standing desks, choose cheaper adjustable variants (like the ones from Ikea) or buy extra cool ergonomic desks. Who knows, maybe in five years all of us will be standing, not sitting, in our offices thanks to this product trend?
Despite steadily rising prices, Tampa Bay is the most affordable market for first-time homebuyers. That’s according to Zillow, which based its findings on several variables including median home value, forecasted growth in home value and share of lis…
Uansett opprinnelse, billettlommen ble værende som en sartoriell kuriositet. Det er sjelden den ses på konfeksjon i dag, og ytterst sjelden på klær som ikke stammer fra Storbritannia. Dens opprinnelse fra landsbygda – enten det er fra hesteryggen eller på reisedressene til gentlemen som dro med tog til landet – gjør at den ikke passer til de mest formelle dressene. Men, supert til tweed, løse jakker og mer uformelle dresser. Det skal nok godt gjøres å se en billettlomme på en pinstriped city-dress i London i dag.
Viktig med gode ullklær når man er leid inn som hjelper til storebror #ishockey  #lillehjelper  #bittelillebrorblirstor  #oliverlua  #oliverhals  #snørosedressen  #knitting  #knit  #knitinspo123  #strikkedilla  #strikkeavhengighet  #barnehagestrikk  #strikkemamma  #iloveknitting  #knittingismyyoga  #strikkesida  #yarnaddict  #yarnlove  #norsk_barnemote  #ministil 
This year, kids will find cool gear that looks great and is functional, and they will find toys that will expand their minds, and peak their curiosity,” said Laurie Schact, co-publisher of The Toy Insider, a consumer guide for parents.
: an assembly of the citizens of a ward; specifically : a meeting usually sitting as a court that is held in each ward of the City of London and has supervision of matters relating to the watch, police, and weights and measures
Key items are: tops with higher necklines, Victorian blouses, and mock tops with puffed sleeves. Sweaters are dusters and mock neck styles. Dresses are: mid-calf, the slim midi, and the A-line with peasant sleeves. Evening dresses have slits, embellishments, column shapes, and mid-calf length with ruffles. Skirts are mid-calf dirndl, pleated, and draped. Outerwear is full length, such as the robe coat in silk or satin, and the men’s jacket with broad shoulders. Accessories are floral crowns, the top-handle bag and the high-heeled sandal. 
In addition to such beloved hymns as “Power in the Blood,” “Amazing Grace,” “Great Is They Faithfulness,” and “Just As I Am,” Gordon features the new contemporary worship classics, “Because He Lives (Amen)” and “Holy Spirit.” Famed gospel producer/arranger Percy Gray, Jr. adds Chicago Mass Choir’s trademark gospel vocals to “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” and “The Voices of Lee” lend their considerable choral prowess as well. Mote contributes his own inspiring composition, “Only Jesus Can Heal This Hurting World” to this 13-song set.
For å få et vellykket resultat, har valg av stoff mye å si. For et “typisk” empireutseende er tynne bomulls-stoffer et godt valg. Slike stoffer kan være lettere å finne i interiørbutikker enn i vanlige sybutikker. Enkelte ferdigsydde gardiner kan være ideelle, ofte har de en fin rapport (mønsterkant) i bunnen også, som passer godt til empirekjoler. Pass bare på at det ikke FOR gardin ut… Et annet godt tips er at skjørt og kjoleliv så å si alltid ble laget av samme stoff. Visse unntak finnes; de tilhører oftest den franske hoffmoten og krever kjoler av fløyel og tykk og/eller mønstret silke. Vil du ha det “typiske” utseende, så bruk samme stoff til liv og skjørt. Empirekjoler har en tendens til å bli litt gjennomsiktige… Spesielt moderne versjoner. I motsetning til hva man tror om empiremoten, så brukte de faktisk korsett og underkjole – men korsettet var uten spiler, det var formet for å løfte bysten. Underkjolen dekket stuss og legger. Den var laget for hyppig vask og ble brukt for å skåne overkjolen. Lager du en underkjole (ev. får tak på en hvit, smal sommerkjole med stropper eller enkle ermer) så slipper du å bekymre deg for om stoffet er gjennomsiktig, og så slipper du hyppig rens av empirekjolen.

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  1. Mr G W Mote who died on January 6 at Heath House, Pitch-hill, Ewhurst, Surrey, at the age of 77, was at one time a fairly regular exhibitor at the London galleries. His first appearance at the Royal Academy was in 1857, when he exhibited a view of Greenwich Park and Hospital, and his last was in 1873, when he sent a picture with the title “An Evening in Surrey.” Most of his pictures were inspired by scenes in Worcestershire, Sussex and Surrey. He exhibited several pictures at the British Institution from 1858 to 1865; but the greater number of his works were hung at the Suffolk-street Galleries to which he contributed from first to last 18 pictures. He had not exhibited since 1877.
    A major theme is treated twice a year to better understand the world in which we will be living tomorrow.TRENDxCHANGE provides access to brainstorming on major trends, allowing participants to meet entrepreneurs, artists and talented creators, selected with utmost care.
    We are Mote, a celebrated design-driven software engineering studio based in Venice, California. We specialize in e-commerce, providing refined design, cutting-edge engineering, and the highest order of service to an ever-changing marketplace. Our creative team has an appetite for innovation, with a mission to craft artful, practical applications of vanguard technology for our clients. From innovative startups to Fortune 500 Companies, we equip brands with the most effective and elegant tools to cultivate meaningful, enduring relationships with their audiences.
    Duffelcoaten ble et svært populært plagg i marinen, og under første og andre verdenskrig så den igjen tjeneste. Både i Royal Navy og Royal Air Force. Opprinnelig var det britiske forsvarets duffelcoats kun kamelfarget, men under andre verdenskrig kom også den marineblå versjonen. I denne konflikten så duffelcoaten tjeneste over så godt som hele verden. Under stridighetene i Nord-Afrika brukte soldatene duffelcoatene sine som sitteputer på dagtid, og til å varme seg – både som jakke og pledd – under de kalde ørkennettene. Britenes Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery ble under krigen så tett knyttet til duffelcoaten, at den fikk kallenavnet «Monty-coat». I flere land går den også i dag under navnet «Montgomery».

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