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My kids and I love Mote! We go there several times a year, and each time we always learn new things. My son always has questions and the volunteers have always answered enthusiastically! It is always …a great day for us! See More
Introduction Vi er en familie på 5 som bygget hus på Jæren, og flyttet inn i 2008. Det er mammaen i huset som blogger. Jeg er 30 år og veldig opptatt av interiør, barnemote, og mye annet. Legg gjerne igjen en kommentar her om det er noe du lurer på eller om du har en mening som du vil dele. Eller send meg en mail på fargebarn@hotmail.com 🙂
Kids can decorate notebooks, pencil cases, lunchboxes and more with the Mayka Toy Block Tape. The toy construction brick tape features a bendable, flexible surface that is compatible with LEGO toys and other construction brands. The other side has a re-usable adhesive backing to stick on objects, around corners and on curved surfaces to create 3D creations. Available in small, medium and large; prices start at $6.99 at maykaworld.com.
imagination, improvisation, intelligence and humour are needed to redefine the shopping experiences of tomorrow. to engage in a new dialogue with our clients, to anticipate their every wish, to service their every whim, to satisfy their hidden desires. to bring them together in a social space.
TAMPA — Six people who make their home in the Tampa Bay area were recognized by Forbes on its annual list of billionaires around the world.Meanwhile, a new name sits at the top as Amazon chieftain Jeff Bezos toppled longtime No. 1 Bill Gates.Two Tamp…
– Skulle du ta på deg en dressbukse i flanell med en hvit t-skjorte, skinnjakke og svarte sneakers, så er det et perfekt antrekk hvis du skal ut på byen. Tar du på deg en blå blazer og hvit skjorte istedenfor så er det et perfekt antrekk til jobben. Dette blir da et funksjonelt plagg som du kan bruke til mange forskjellige anledninger, så man blir ikke så låst.
In Peru and Colombia, mote refers to husked white corn kernels that have been boiled with charcoal or firewood, today with calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) powder. In Cusco, Peru, there is a variety called giant corn mote of Cusco (maíz mote gigante del Cusco) that is known for its large size. In Peru, wheat cooked in the manner described above is known as wheat mote (mote del trigo).
Mr. Lublin is deeply passionate about youth mentoring. In Hartford, he volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and served as a juvenile court volunteer public defender. He frequently lectures in schools on the Bill of Rights and Constitution. He continues to mentor youth in Sarasota as the coach of Booker High School’s Speech & Debate Team and has coached the Moot Court & Mock Trial teams. He teaches a Street Law Course at Booker and has volunteered as a tutor at the Boys & Girls Club of Sarasota County.
Duffelcoaten ble et svært populært plagg i marinen, og under første og andre verdenskrig så den igjen tjeneste. Både i Royal Navy og Royal Air Force. Opprinnelig var det britiske forsvarets duffelcoats kun kamelfarget, men under andre verdenskrig kom også den marineblå versjonen. I denne konflikten så duffelcoaten tjeneste over så godt som hele verden. Under stridighetene i Nord-Afrika brukte soldatene duffelcoatene sine som sitteputer på dagtid, og til å varme seg – både som jakke og pledd – under de kalde ørkennettene. Britenes Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery ble under krigen så tett knyttet til duffelcoaten, at den fikk kallenavnet «Monty-coat». I flere land går den også i dag under navnet «Montgomery».
Pin up stilen kan ofte sammenlignes med “the girl next door” looken, og viktige kjennetegn ved en pin up jente kan vøre pumps, trange jeans og dongeriskjorter, skjørt med underskjørt, utringet topp, hestehaler, tupert hår, underleppa var stort sett sminket slik at den så fyldigere og større ut enn overleppa, og highlight under brynene.
When we have uttered all that we can utter, and our poor words seem like ripples on the bosom of the unspoken, somehow this familiar phrase gathers up all that is left – our dumb yearnings, our deepest longings – and bears them aloft to One who understands. In some strange way it seems to speak for us into the very ear of God the things for which words were never made.
Mote has been designed to provide a holistic solution when designing dynamic environments. Created as a complete lounge seating range, no detail is an afterthought, with every inch having been given careful consideration to eliminate dead space
Registrer deg for flotte tilbud og nyheter om de hotteste trendene fra ONLY-og få en rabatt på ditt første kjøp! Rabatten gjelder på ordre over 500 kr og vil fordeles over produktene. Vennlist les vilkår og betingelser nedenfor.
Graphics are Indochine: calligraphy motifs, living camouflage, abstract patterns, batik prints, and woodblocking motifs. Design details reference the military: braiding, epaulettes, patches, brass buttons, embroidery, raw edge hems. 
Today’s life and work environments require more than content knowledge alone. That’s why the Barancik Foundation, in partnership with Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Sarasota County School District, is committed to transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. The Barancik Foundation’s investment of $3.7 million in the 21st Century Learning Initiative has converted 319 Sarasota County middle school classrooms into high-tech learning environments, shifting from the traditional teacher-centered model into a student-centric one.
In this section, we profile emerging, young designers, with something to say. They have a brand story that stands shoulder to shoulder with their clothing; setting them apart, in a commercially oversaturated era.
“We’re not leaving — we’re growing,” Crosby said. “This is part of what Mote has always been doing and part of what is natural and normal for any entity, city or individual — to grow in a thoughtful, strategic way.”
Kjedelig på kontoret! Dagene med det samme kjipe jobbantrekket hver dag er over: Også på kontoret kan du vise at du er en mann med stil. Selv om den klassiske, svarte dressen alltid er hot og aldri vil gå av moten, er et tips å prøve ut den mørkeblå, slim varianten. Kombiner den med en ensfarget, lyseblå skjorte. Viktig: For å holde looken moderne, fullfører du med et smalt, ensfarget slips – gjerne i mørk fiolett, og du vil utstråle både suksess og selvtillit! Og sist, men ikke minst er brune Derby sko et perfekt alternativ når man bærer en blå dress. Om dette blir for ordinært for deg, kan du ty til fargerike sokker som vil sprite opp antrekket. Velkjent innen mote er at less is more, og her snakker vi intet unntak: Gå derfor ikke helt vill med miksing av mønstre og farger, hold det enkelt. På kalde dager bærer du en varm ullfrakk som har et blazer-lignende preg.
If so, how? Indeed yes! God is not great I Was, but the great I Am, and He is neither deaf nor dumb. In Him we live and move and have our being – He Speaks to us in nature, in the moral law, and in our own hearts, if we have ears to hear. But He speaks most clearly in the Book of Holy Law which lies open upon our Alter.
We’re mad for plaid this holiday season! #ModClothSquad member @noelledowning in our Sleeveless Dress with Scoopneck in Plaid. // Shop more plaid via link in bio and see more looks in our IG story today!
As Fashion Snoops describes it: “They say it’s always about the journey, not the destination. Inspired by the intrepid spirits who discovered parts unknown, this trend puts adventure in style front and center. Today’s explorers set out on voyages that take them to the many quiet corners of the earth, craving authentic experiences along the way, including a major focus on the well-curated general store. Along with the expedition comes a focus on rugged yet rich surfaces, and fabrics that get more beautiful with age. Avoiding the cliché uniforms of the Wild West, today’s adventure seeker can live life at its ultimate volume by embracing a mix of woolen comforts and tongue-in-cheek, kitsch embellishment, never taking the journey too seriously.”
Patterns are inspired by neon signage and Route 66 Western graphics. Kitsch rodeo is more pop influenced with bold and bright colors. There are traditional Americana patterns including bandana, Western, and flag prints. 
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