“no ke aha e loli ai nā loli kiʻi”

Great local spot! Stopped here tonight on our way back down to Kona from the volcano. Good food, great service, even had some live music! Our kids highly recommend the chocolate cream pie and passion fruit lemonade
He ʻekolu a ʻehā paha hola ka lōʻihi o ka hoʻomehana ʻana o nā pōhaku a wela kūpono, ua mālie ka hana ʻana i nā hana ʻē aʻe e like me ke kīhaehae ʻana i ka pūmaiʻa a me ka ʻohi ʻana i kekahi mau lāʻī.  Hoʻohana ʻia ia mau ʻano lau no ka mālama ʻana i ka nui wai i loko o ka imu.  I ka hui ʻana o ka wela o nā pōhaku me ka wai o nā lau, pua aʻe ka māhu a pēlā e kālua ʻia ai ka ʻiʻo.
Ch.1 p.2 para.4 sent.1 A laila, ʻōlelo mai ke kahuna iā Mālaekahana, “O hoʻi a kokoke i ko lā hānau, a laila, hele mai ʻoe i oʻu nei i nānā aku au i kēia hāpai ʻana.” The the priest said to Malaekahana, “Go home; just before the child is to be born come back to me that I may know what you are carrying.”
From my perspective, Dr. Said’s analysis of Orientalism provides a powerful admonition not only for students in the current system of Culture Studies and Gender Studies in the Western academe, but also for all the other social sciences which purport to represent the experience of another.  In a certain sense then, we are all vulnerable to Orientalism, whether in discourse about the psychopathology of a client, the cultural practices of the Saramaka, or the personhood of gendered identities.  Let us therefore commit to mindfulness and nānā pono as we proceed.
As you know, I love reading!  I am NOT the only one…Like the ʻŌlelo Noeʻau: “Nānā i ke kumu” says…look to the source.  This means to learn from various sources…in this case, letʻs learn about reading from our kumu . Scan the QR codes below to see the V.I.P (Very Important People) on our Keaʻau campus who  love reading!  You may find some great books to help you with genre selection, read some profound thoughts on the book, learn a little more these V.I.P, AND find that they VALUE reading too!  Being a LIFE-LONG reader is so important!
It wasn’t until her recent years that Mele realized the importance of this art and what it would mean to continue the legacy of her grandmother. After Aunty Mary Lou’s passing in 2008, Mele stepped up her involvement with feathers to help her mother, Paulette Kahalepuna.
We plan our day trips from Kona to the Volcanoes National Park around our lunch stop at Hana Hou. Seriously, see that photo up there? That’s my plate every visit. It is a papaya stuffed with chicken salad made with macadamia nuts. My husband usually…More
Activities of the Hale Kuamoʻo include the publication of instructional materials in Hawaiian, in-service teacher training and the preparation of examinations in Hawaiian. In addition, the center produces and distributes literature for radio, television, telecommunications, newspapers and other related arts and media in Hawaiian. It is also a leader in the preservation of Hawaiian through research and the production of dictionaries and grammar terminology.
Vintage photo booth of girl with attitude. Old photograph of a young African American girl posing in a photo booth sometime during the Written above her in faded ink is “Mozella.” There is nothing to indicate where this photograph was taken.
Artist Statement: “Nothing happens by accident. I was meant to be taught by Ma‘iki Aiu Lake. And above all I know this to be truer than true…hula is life, every aspect of it, and we all can be made better for daring to dance.”
VALENTINES DAY is Tuesday the Feburary 14th. Yes we are doing our delicious dinners from 4:30 to our last reservation at 7:30. Dinners will include a salad and dessert . Main Course options will be the favorites…PRIME RIB…or CAPTIANS PLATTER which includes shrimp and crabcake and macadamia crusted Mahi Mahi. We will also be serving a seafood Fettuccini with shrimp and crab in a lobster cream sauce. BYOB of course and remember that it is the most busy night of the year so do make reservations to insure a seat. 9299717. See you soon Aloha Patty. We will be having a vegetarian option but I do not know what it will be as yet.

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