“kahi e loaʻa ai iaʻu nā lole makamae nani”

We hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic start to the new year, and we’re excited to share that our February/March issue is here! In it you’ll find out what gaggles of nēnē geese are doing in Europe, what it’s like to be a pint-sized skipper in Hawai‘i’s sailing scene, what it takes to become the first female lifeguard on O‘ahu’s famous North Shore and much, much more! As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Please read the About page for more information on the rationale for nānā pono and on the process I propose for all of us as we develop a respectful relationship with one another even as we wrestle with the material to come.
Since at least the 18th Century, the world has been perceived by many as divided into two great human moieties: the West (or Occident) and the East (or Orient).  European and later American explorers, imperialists and scholars came to see the people of the mysterious Orient as significantly different from themselves, and many devoted entire careers to their investigation.  As such, Orientalism as both a worldview and an academic discipline was institutionalized.  The impact of this paradigm has been considerable, such that even in the multicultural, largely secular 21st Century West, its biases persist.
A great resource for students of traditional Hawaiian dance, this beautiful handbook filled with archival photographs covers the origins, language, etiquette, ceremonies, and the spiritual culture of hula. Hula, the indigenous dance of Hawai’i, preserves significant aspects of Native Hawaiian culture with strong ties to health and spirituality. Kumu Hula, persons who are culturally recognized hula experts and educators, maintain and share this cultural tradition, conveying Hawaiian history and spiritual beliefs in this unique form of cultural and creative expression, comprising specific controlled rhythmic movements that enhance the meaning and poetry of the accompanying songs.
My Opinion May Differ From Yours. A Difference Of Opinion Doesn’t Mean That The Item Has Been Misrepresented. This Is Exactly What You Will Be Receiving. It Is Impossible To Describe Every Little Detail.
Ua koho ʻia kēia hula no ka mea, he mele inoa kēia no Kalākaua, ka mōʻī kāne hope loa o Hawaiʻi i noho aliʻi mai ka makahiki 1874-1891.  Ma kona wā noho aliʻi, ua hoʻōla hou ʻo ia i nā hana noʻeau a hana kuʻuna paha o Hawaiʻi ma ke ākea.  Ua puni nō ʻo ia i ka huakaʻi hele ʻana a puni ka honua.  Pēlā ʻo ia i launa nui ai me nā lāhui ʻē aʻe.  ʻO kekahi kauʻāina i kipa ai ʻo ia, ʻo ia hoʻi ʻo Iāpana a ua haku ʻia nō kekahi paukū e pili ana i ia huakaʻi:
Kawahinela‘iokekapu, is a sacred woman, a mo‘owahine (lizard woman), or a caretaker of a pond upon Hualālai, she seeks a companion of the lower lands. Upon the tears, a stream, she sends a garland (lei) of mountain snail(s) seaward.
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In 1992, class valedictorian Noe Goodyear-Kaopua gave her Commencement speech almost entirely in Hawaiian. Some say that after about two minutes, the majority of her audience seemed to lose interest. At the end of her speech, she asked, much as I did, how many people understood what she was saying. Only a smattering of applause answered her question and unfortunately proved her point. Her closing words before she returned to her seat? “And that’s the pity.”
This place has pretty decent food. My Reuben sandwich was quite tasty. However, my wife’s Loco Moco was just average. The gravy just wasn’t super  tasty, and it’s the most important part of a Loco Moco.
Robert’s hula career began when he met his kumu, Maiki Aiu Lake, while a student at Kamehameha Schools. Robert was part of Aiu’s largest, and possibly most famous, 1973 ʻUniki Lehua class. It is during this time that Robert embraced his kumu and her mantra, “Hula Is Life.”
I ordered this book because my kumu hula (hula teacher) recommended it to suppliment my hula kahiko (ancient) instruction and understand what I am dancing to. A hula dancer, scholar or one that has the aloha spirit will find value in this book.
I ia lā a‘e, ua hā‘awi aku ‘o Kalei i ka mo‘olelo iā Leialoha. Ua hau‘oli ‘o Leialoha a ua hele aku ‘o ia i ka papa. ‘A‘ole ‘o ia i mahalo iā Kalei. Mākonā, ‘eā? I ka papa, ua makemake ‘o Leialoha e heluhelu i ka mo‘olelo i ke kāne u‘i. Ua mana‘o ‘o ia, “Inā ho‘olohe ke kāne i ka‘u mo‘olelo, e mana‘o ana ‘o ia akamai au.” No laila, ua hele wāwae ‘o Leialoha ma mua o ka papa a ua heluhelu i ka mo‘olelo. Ua ho‘omaopopo aku ‘o ia, he ‘ōpala ka mo‘olelo! Ua nānā wale aku nā haumāna iā Leialoha. Ma hope iho, ua ‘aka‘aka a ho‘ohenehene aku nā haumāna iā Leialoha. Ua ‘ōlelo aku ke kāne u‘i, “Hūpō kēlā wahine. ‘Oi aku ka hūpō ona ma mua o nā wāhine ‘ē a‘e!”
Written in a format similar to an encyclopedia to allow easy lookup, the authors paints though spiritual, emotional and practical examples of ancient Hawaiian life. We follow a Hawaiian ‘Ohana from conception to birth of the child to the child learning and growing up in society; relationships (sexual or otherwise) between man and woman; healing and spirituality; dreams and symbols; the many faces of aggressions; shame and guilt; ESP and prophecies; and lastly, the Hawaiian Self Image.
In 1990, at the age of 19, he met Kumu Hula Sonny Ching who was teaching at Pāki Park in Honolulu and joined Hālau Nā Mamo O Puʻuanahulu. His sisters, Kumu Lāhela and Kauʻi, would soon follow to become members. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to him, there was already a pilina between the two families that began with his mother and Kumu Sonny’s grand aunt Beatrice Nāhulu Lopes that maintained for 70 years until their passing. Additionally, his mother and aunts had danced for Kumu Sonny’s grandmother, Kumu Hula Lena Puaʻainahau Eleakala Nāhulu Guerrero in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. In September of 1993 he, along with three others, became Alakaʻi of HNMOP. It was at that time that he unknowingly embarked on his path toward becoming a Kumu Hula. He began developing his teaching skills with the keiki, the kāne, and later, the wāhine of the hālau. From 2000 to 2001, he groomed his vocal gift by studying oli with Kumu Hula Kealiʻi Reichel. It was in 2005 that he began to consciously purse his destiny as a Kumu Hula through an intense 6-year training for a Papa ʻŪniki. To aid his training, Kumu Sonny
CUBAVERA Men’s XL Button-Front Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt Sky Blue with Floral Design on super soft Rayon fabric. Cuffed short sleeves, straight hem, hip vents. Measurements taken while garment was laying flat.
Manuhealiʻi Hawaiʻi White Green Tan Colorway Nā Palapalai (The Ferns) Print Coconut husk color buttons Short sleeve, firm sleeve cut. Size Medium ******** There is something soothing about a stand of palapalai ferns. Perhaps it is the vibrant green, or the lacy softness they add to the landscape. And it doesn’t hurt that the fine hairs on the fronds sparkle in sunlight that filters to the forest floor. Interesting that the early Hawaiians used the fern as a treatment for hehena (translation: insanity) according to the Hawaiian Enthnobotany online database. Palapalai is also valued as a plant sacred to the hula goddess Laka, and softly encircles the head, and ankles of the dancers of hula kahiko.
I truly enjoyed my 1st March with my daughter on January 21st (just so happened it was also my birthday that day. What a way to spend that day! Will there be any more marches or fundraisers to combate this regime that is now in the White House?
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Ch.33 p.177 para.3 sent.2 A mōlehulehu, hiki akula lākou i Honokalani, a laila, hoʻouna akula ʻo Lāʻielohelohe i ke kamaʻāina e hele aku e nānā i ka noho ʻana o nā aliʻi. and at dusk reached Honokalani; there Laielohelohe sent the natives to see where the chiefs were staying.
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addition adjectival affinities allied analogies aorist appears appellative base becomes Brahmans Brahui Canarese case-sign colloquial dialect Compare compound connexion consonant corresponding dative demonstrative denote difference doubled Drä Drăvidian dialects Drăvidian languages Drăvidian words epicene equivalent euphonic evidently feminine final Finnish gender genitive Gönd grammarians grammatical Greek Hebrew identical idioms Indo-European languages infinitive inflexional instances intransitive Latin literally locative Malayālam manner masculine means Mongolian nasal neuter neuter nouns neuter plural nominative numeral adjective oblique origin Ostiak Pariars particle peculiar Persian person singular personal pronouns pluralising possessive prefixed primitive probably race regarded relative participle resemblance Sanscrit Sanscrit derivatives Scythian group Scythian languages second person Semitic signifying softened sonant substantive suffix supposed supposition surd syllable Tamil alphabet Tamil language Tamilians Telugu tense third person thou transitive tribes Tuda Tulu Turkish verb verbal noun verbal participle verbal theme vowel whilst
Eia nei kekahi manaʻo Hawaiʻi no Ka ʻĀina Hoʻoulu Lāʻau o Lāiana, ua waiho iho i kekahi mau ʻōlelo noʻeau. Aia nā kāleka ʻōlelo noʻeau i kau ʻia ma ka honua o kēia ʻāina. Waiwai loa nā ʻōlelo noʻeau i ke kuanaʻike Hawaiʻi a me ka manaʻo o nā kūpuna no nā haumāna ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi i kēia wā.
Spring break is right around the corner! It’s time to fill out the laptop permission form to let us know if your student is turning in their laptop to their advisory class, or keeping their laptop over the break. We’ve been fortunate to have no laptop losses or damages over the breaks in the last few years. Over 50% of student keep their laptops over each break.
“I’m here because I believe in women’s rights, reproductive rights,” said protestor Dayna Puckett, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose and I believe that nobody can tell us what to do with our own bodies.”
Literally translated, Nānā i ke kumu means ‘look to your source’ recognizing an inner wellspring inside each and every one of us. We look within, and self reflect to get healthy, in body, mind and spirit. This is one’s wellspring of identity and intuition, intellect and emotion, values and beliefs, lessons learned and ancestral knowledge, all personal and professional alike.
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Hū ka leʻalea o nā kānaka a pau i ke aʻo ʻana i ka lawena kūpono ma ka ʻai ʻana i laila, keu aku ka ʻike ʻana no ka paʻa ʻana o ke pola laiki ma ka lima i ka wā ʻai holoʻokoʻa.  Ma ka huakaʻi ʻana, he mea paʻakikī nō paha ke kani ʻole o ka waha ke ʻai, ʻoiai he mea maʻamau nā ʻano kani like ʻole o ka waha ma ka ʻai ʻana ma Hawaiʻi nei, keu aku ke ʻono ka meaʻai.
symptoms:Kanikani’āʻula, bladder nā mea palahēhē i kiaʻi i 10 manawa no ka po, optic neuritis (li nui o ka optic nā aʻalolo) Ke hoohiolo nei, loa Muscleʻeha a me ka twitching, ka hilahila, nawaliwali, noho huila e paa ana, hiki ole ke hele paha ku. Lehulehu o ka mea koʻohune nā mea palahēhē.
Participants will make a small pahu or hula drum. This is an intensive workshop on how to finish the drum, lash the skin of the drumhead to the lapaiki. Nā Ponohula participants will learn to perform an oli using the lapaiki.
We have a new kitchen all new equipment and a really cool bakers oven. Now as the holidays approach we will need to add to our Hana Hou family. We will be hiring all positions so if you are interested or know someone who might like to apply please come on down and grab an application.
The event was held from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and located on the oceanfront side of the mall. It was a public event, welcoming members of the community and visitors alike to take a pledge against domestic abuse against women by encouraging men to walk a “mile” in high heels as a call for action, and promoting the cause to prevent domestic violence.

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