“kahi eʻike ai i nā lole hānai nani he aha nā mea e hana ai i nā mea hana”

Ma mua o ka luʻu ʻana i ka hana o ka hālāwai, ua wehe ʻia ka hālāwai ma ke oli ʻana iā A Luna Au o Maunaloa, kekahi mele no ke Aliʻi Luka Keanolani Kanāhoahoa Keʻelikōlani, nona ka inoa o ke koleke ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.  He mea mau ka hula pū ʻana i ia mele me nā kālāʻau.  He mele oli ia i oli ʻia no ka lōkahi ʻana o nā manaʻo, o nā kuanaʻike ma mua o ka luʻu piha ʻana i ke kūkākūkā ʻana.
After getting our malasadas at the bakery across the street from this restaurant, we came here for lunch, and met the cream pie and carrot cake offerings in the case on our way in! Now we had to plan a smaller lunch so we could…More
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Activities of the Hale Kuamoʻo include the publication of instructional materials in Hawaiian, in-service teacher training and the preparation of examinations in Hawaiian. In addition, the center produces and distributes literature for radio, television, telecommunications, newspapers and other related arts and media in Hawaiian. It is also a leader in the preservation of Hawaiian through research and the production of dictionaries and grammar terminology.
addition adjectival affinities allied analogies aorist appears appellative base becomes Brahmans Brahui Canarese case-sign colloquial dialect Compare compound connexion consonant corresponding dative demonstrative denote difference doubled Drä Drăvidian dialects Drăvidian languages Drăvidian words epicene equivalent euphonic evidently feminine final Finnish gender genitive Gönd grammarians grammatical Greek Hebrew identical idioms Indo-European languages infinitive inflexional instances intransitive Latin literally locative Malayālam manner masculine means Mongolian nasal neuter neuter nouns neuter plural nominative numeral adjective oblique origin Ostiak Pariars particle peculiar Persian person singular personal pronouns pluralising possessive prefixed primitive probably race regarded relative participle resemblance Sanscrit Sanscrit derivatives Scythian group Scythian languages second person Semitic signifying softened sonant substantive suffix supposed supposition surd syllable Tamil alphabet Tamil language Tamilians Telugu tense third person thou transitive tribes Tuda Tulu Turkish verb verbal noun verbal participle verbal theme vowel whilst
The store is a nice and cozy little store. The store offers very reasonable and very unique feathers to make leis. Feathers from the goose, to the rooster, to the peacock, to peasant, etc are all in the store ready for your selection. Prices are very reasonable, and Mele is always willing to give you a quick tip or hint if you ask. There are several ready-made lei hulu for sale in a display case – made by the aunties and their haumana (students). My favorite thing in the store is the royalty cape made purely of yellow and red feathers. It’s one of Aunty Mary Lou’s most famous masterpieces!
The best and most likely the ONLY place to learn how to make feather leis. It is a little difficult to find, but track it down to make sure you can sign up for a feather lei making class!!!!! Aunty Mary Lou is really a Hawaiian treasure and her daughter are at the store from 9am to 9pm everyday to work on incredible pieces. This is a traditional Hawaiian art that could conceivably go into extinction if they did not keep this store open for us to learn this incredible art form. Not really for children to work on because it takes a great deal of patience, but you can even go here to buy feathers of any color of the rainbow for your own collection. You will have a hard time finding a place like this in the world,  it is tiny, but  GO THERE NOW!
Today is the release of Shep Gordon’s new autobiography, “They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” For those who didn’t read our profile of the Maui resident (“The Good Shepherd,” April/May 2015 issue; link below), Gordon is the man behind rocks stars like Jimi Hendrix and Alice Cooper; he invented the idea of the celebrity chef with Emeril Lagasse; and he was the subject of Mike Meyers’ recent documentary, “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.” His new book tracing his long, strange trip through the heart of show biz is a warm and hilarious mix of anecdotes and outrageous stories. Congratulations Shep!
————————————– So yesterday I choreographed a new dance for Lili’u in my head, while Paka served as it’s physical manifestation . . . Though my body was too ‘eha to dance, I couldn’t just sit there, so I decided to make this silver chain and add 3 ‘iwa from the Sonny Ching Collection by Paradisus. I ended up kinda liking and decided to keep it and wear it to hula . . . 🤗
The service was excellent the food was delicious and plentiful the price was amazing. (my wife left her purse and the staff was patient and helpful when we called a week later to see if it was there)… everyone was very friendly. make this a MUST STOP between Hilo and Volcano. See More
I kēlā kau i hala iho nei, ua mālama ‘ia kekahi papa ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i ma ke kulanui i Mānoa. ‘O ka makahiki mua ia, kau ‘elua. No kahi ha‘awina kākau, koi ‘ia ka ‘imi ‘ana i ‘ōlelo no‘eau i ho‘opa‘a ‘ia ma ka puke ‘Ōlelo No‘eau, he ‘ōlelo ia i hoihoi i ka haumāna nāna e noi‘i aku. A laila, haku ‘ia he mo‘olelo hou i mea e wehewehe ai i ka ‘ōlelo i koho ‘ia, me ka ‘ī ‘ana nō ho‘i i ua ‘ōlelo ho‘okahi ala. Eia mai ‘elima mo‘olelo po‘okela i loa‘a mai. Pili ‘ekolu mo‘olelo i ke ‘ano o ko kākou nohona i kēia au; hō‘ike mai nā mo‘olelo i koe i ka mo‘olelo ka‘ao ‘ana o kekahi wā. Ma ka ‘ōlelo no‘eau a me ka ‘ōlelo makuahine nō na‘e e pili mau ai nā au ‘oko‘a.
The place-based Kilohana Summer Program for middle schoolers focuses on cultivating math skills in haumāna, while helping them embrace their Hawaiian identity in a modern world. New program sites include Hāna, ‘Ewa and Waialua. See story »
Since at least the 18th Century, the world has been perceived by many as divided into two great human moieties: the West (or Occident) and the East (or Orient).  European and later American explorers, imperialists and scholars came to see the people of the mysterious Orient as significantly different from themselves, and many devoted entire careers to their investigation.  As such, Orientalism as both a worldview and an academic discipline was institutionalized.  The impact of this paradigm has been considerable, such that even in the multicultural, largely secular 21st Century West, its biases persist.
Come and join uncle Lary Kuamo‘o as he shares his knowledge of making traditional cordage from native Hawaiian plants like hau, and hala. Everything from tools, boats and hale (homes) depended in part on this skill.
Religious sites include the Sasana (Pyilon Chanta) Pagoda and the Mansu Pagoda. Yepusan spa is nearly five miles away from the city center, and is healthful in winter. Other than some ethnic minorities group, Lashio is also a town with a heavy Chinese population. The most famous Chinese temples in the area are 观音山,灵峰寺 where most Chinese people attend every year during the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). Since 2000, Lashio has been important for border trade between Myanmar and China.[citation needed]. It is 190 kilometres (120 mi) from Muse, and is situated midway between Muse and Mandalay.
Hiki i nā mea hana kelepona kahi papa mālama mālama i nā mea kūpiopio. A no laila e noʻonoʻo ai ke keiki’ōpiopio i kahi paci, i kekahi manawa e nui ai nā mea nui i loko o ka manaʻo ma kou waha. Hoʻomaopopo houʻo Baby i ke kōkua i kēlā me kēia o kēia mau mea maʻalahi. Ma ka nānāʻana i kēia mau mea i hoʻohanaʻia i loko o kaʻu mau pēpē,ʻaʻole i kūpono nā’ōpiopio no nā keiki ma lalo o 12yrs 24 !! manawa o kāu keiki e koi ai i ka nui o nā kumu āu e makemake ai. Ma mua o kou loaʻaʻana i kāu keiki pono’ī aʻaʻoleʻoe e makemake e hopohopo. ʻAʻole wau i hoʻomaopopo i kāu keikiʻuʻuku,ʻaʻole maopopo iaʻu ka mea āu i makemake ai.
Kumu Hula Māpuana de Silva and Hālau Mōhala ʻIlima present the 38th annual Holomua Ka Noʻeau concert of traditional hula, oli, and Hawaiian music. The theme, “Kapu Nā Mauna,” will celebrate some of our most sacred and well known mountains, including: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kaʻuiki, Haleakalā, Laeʻahi, Kaʻala, Waiʻaleʻale, and Makana.
Eia kekahi,ʻo kēia kaʻa he mea maikaʻi loa ia no ka pāʻaniʻana i loko a me waho. Aʻo kēia kaʻa ka mea āu e makemake ai. Ma nā hihia, hiki i nā mea’ē aʻe a pau keʻike maopopoʻole i ka heleʻana i kēlā me kēia wahi noho i kahi kaʻa e kaulana. Ke hana nei lākou eʻike i ka noho kaʻa ma hope o ka noho ma kahi hopeʻole i ka hoʻokomoʻana i ka kāʻei o ka polokalamu polokalamu.
I panina, he mau hoʻolaha hoʻomaopopo kā mākou i lohe ai a ua loaʻa kekahi mau makana mai ka ʻAha ʻAmelika-Iāpana i mākaukau aʻe mākou.  Pīhoihoi maoli!  ʻO ka hui hou ʻana o mākou, ʻo ia hoʻi ka hui ʻana i ke kakahiaka [kohu kakahiaka nui no mākou, nā kulanui] o ka Poʻaono e eʻe ai ma luna o ka mokulele.
“Hoʻokūkū, hoʻonānā, e nānā kou maka i ka mahina.” Ma ka ʻāluna ahiahi o ka lā 31 o ʻOkakopa i huli ʻia ai ka mahina puāhilo o ka pō mahina ʻo Hilo. He ʻauinalā kēia i helu pō ʻia he hopena o Mauli (ma ke ʻano o ka helu pō o ke kuhi ʻana i ka pō ʻo Hilo ma ka lā a Shaukat Kāne e koho ai i ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana nō o ka mahina puāhilo, ʻaʻole wale nō ma ke ʻano o ka helu pō mai ka ʻike maka, koe ma ka lā e koho ʻia ai ka ʻike maka ʻana inā mōakaaka loa ka lani aiʻole ma hope o ka loaʻa mua me ka ʻohe nānā, ʻo ia ka lā e pono ai ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana o ka mahina puāhilo), a he ahiahi i helu pō ʻia he hoʻomaka o Muku. Ua koho ʻia ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā ma kahi o ka manawa hola 5:55 a me ka napoʻo ʻana o ka mahina ma kahi o 7:01. ʻAno lōʻihi kēia manawa, he 66 minuke nō, ma waena o ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā a me ka napoʻo ʻana o ka mahina (aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneDay.php). Ua koho ʻo Shaukat Kāne ma moonsighting.com i ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana nō o ka mahina puāhilo ma Hawaiʻi ma kēia lā 31 o ʻOkakopa (http://moonsighting.com/visibilitycurves/1438sfr_10-31-2016.gif), akā ʻike ʻia ma ka ʻohe nānā ma ka lā 30 o ʻOkakopa (http://moonsighting.com/visibilitycurves/1438sfr_10-30-2016.gif).
More than 50 golfers hit the links to raise funds for scholarships awarded to Hawai‘i island students. The Pauahi Foundation tournament was hosted by the exclusive Nanea Golf Club in Kailua-Kona. See story »
I’m not saying this because I taught then everything they know, but damn my sister’s can cook!!! I had the fried shrimp and spicy kalua fried rice and it was da’licious!!! Definitely going so by again when I’m in the SD area.
Mele made her first feather lei at the age of 5. She was taught by her grandmother, Aunty Mary Lou Kekuewa, it was inevitable. Feathers were a constant in Mele’s life as 3 generations lived together in their family home.
Come join us this Saturday March 3 at Gordon Biersch (Aloha Tower Market Place). Come watch beautiful hula, listen to live music and shop local artisans and crafters! All proceeds will support Hālau Na Mamo o Puʻuanahulu on their journey to this year’s Merrie Moanach Festival.
Urban Panorama gives voice to urban tribes defined by their gritty attitude and colorful graffiti style. It is a well-defined manifesto of denim displayed in infinite variations. It’s a space for those yearning for freedom, with inspiration drawn from biker culture and ethnic influences. The watchword here is layering and mixing shapes, fabrics and styles.
Throughout the week that Hōkūleʻa was docked in Mānele Bay, community members of Lānaʻi and visitors alike were encouraged to visit the canoe, take tours, and learn about the vessel and its upcoming worldwide mission. One of the student groups that joined in were the haumāna of Nā Pua Noʻeau Lānaʻi.
Me ke kāhāhā nui, ‘ike akula ‘o ia i ka mo’opuna āna, e waiho mai ana ke kula o Kaiolohia i ka La’i-luahine, a ‘ike akula ‘o ia i kēia keiki hapa Kaleponi e moe ana ma ka ‘ao’ao o kāna mo’opuna, e huli ana ke alo i luna, ‘a’ohe wahi koupu o lāua a ‘elua, a ‘ike pū akula nō ho’i ‘o ia i ke kumu ma’oma’o e kū ana i ke kula o Nininiwai, ua pehia iho e ka makani lawelawe mālie o ‘Īloli a waiho wale ka i’a ho’omalu a ke Konohiki, i ho’ohiki au i ku’u mea nani a ‘ike ‘oe.
ʻO ka weliweli ka mea hiki ke aʻo. ʻO ia. ʻO ka mea e pono ai iaʻu wale nō e loaʻa i koʻu nānā pono! “ʻAʻole hiki iaʻu ke noʻonoʻo iāʻoe i kekahi manawa’ē aʻe. ʻOIʻo kēlā me kēia manawa piha loa oʻu hauʻoli i ka loaʻaʻana o kēia! Hiki iāʻoe keʻike i nā mea e hina aiʻoe i ke ala e loaʻa ai ka pilikia ma kaʻaoʻao aʻoʻoe iho. I kēia mau lāʻo ia kāna wahi i makemake loaʻia.
I kekahi lā, ua ‘ike ‘ia aku kekahi kāne u‘i e Leialoha i ke kula. He papa kā Leialoha me ke kāne u‘i. I ko Leialoha manawa i ‘ike iā ia, ua mana‘o ‘o Leialoha, “Hū, ka u‘i o ke kāne! Makemake au iā ia! Makemake au e hui i kēlā kāne.” Akā, ‘a‘ole ‘o ia i ‘ōlelo iā ia. He mana‘o ko Leialoha.
Old Navy Men’s Blue PullOn Fleece Lined Hooded Ski Windbreaker Jacket, Size S. Heavy, blue hooded windbreaker jacket with black sleeves. The windbreaker has black fleece lining in the body of the jacket, the pockets and the hood.
2017 – 2018 STUDENT REGISTRATION: Participants should complete and return a Student Registration Form to the Na Pua No’eau office on your island. Participants are required to register annually to update mailing address, contact information and emergency & medical data. A completed registration form will put you on our mailing list to receive anouncements of upcoming events mailed directly to you.
2371 ʻO Hinaiaʻeleʻele ke kāne, ʻo Pōʻeleʻi ka wahine, hānau ke keiki, he keiki ʻakena a haʻanui. Hinaiaʻeleʻele is the husband, Pōʻeleʻi (Supreme-dark-one) the wife; a child born to them is a boaster and an exaggerator.
Ch.27 p.143 para.3 sent.2 I nānā aku ka hana o ua moʻo nei, e kū mai ana ʻo Kāʻeloikamalama me ka lāʻau pālau, ʻo Kapahiʻelihonua ka inoa, he iwakālua anana ka loa, ʻehā kanaka nāna e apo puni. When the lizard looked, there stood Kaeloikamalama with the digging spade called Kapahaelihonua, [The Knife-that-cuts-the- earth,] twenty fathoms its length, four men to span it.
Designer Lauren Hayashibara will have her line, 19th & Whimsy for night market shoppers. The brand specializes in women’s contemporary separates, dresses and accessories that all have an element of whimsy!

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