“i ka wā e lōʻihi ai ka manawa”

I love Na Lima Mili Hulu Noeau.  I have been taking lei hulu (feather lei) classes in California for years and have been hearing about Aunty Paulette and Aunty Mary Lou all this time.  I had the privilege of meeting Aunty Mary Lou a couple of years ago.  She showed us around the shop, “talking story” with us about family and could identify the maker of each lei she had in her shop, taking particular care to point out the intricate stitch work.  Time flew by and we didn’t actually get a chance for a lesson, but we must have been there for at least a couple of hours anyway!  
Nana I Ke Kumu is the definitive book on Hawaiian culture. Mary Pukui still lived within and was connected to the old Hawaiian culture when she wrote this and other books such as the Hawaiian Dictionary.
As you know, I love reading!  I am NOT the only one…Like the ʻŌlelo Noeʻau: “Nānā i ke kumu” says…look to the source.  This means to learn from various sources…in this case, letʻs learn about reading from our kumu . Scan the QR codes below to see the V.I.P (Very Important People) on our Keaʻau campus who  love reading!  You may find some great books to you with genre selection, read some profound thoughts on the book, learn a little more about these V.I.P, AND find that they VALUE reading too!  Being a LIFE-LONG reader is so important!
We enjoyed a good meal at the cute Hana Hou Restaurant. My teriyaki burger with a hand-made patty and fresh bun was good. The toppings were good but a little messy. I didn’t care for the mayo they put on the burger though. Mayo and teriyaki were not a good combination. Key lime and banana cream pies were both good. Service was okay but it was a little slow because they were tending to some large groups. We loved the aquamarine chairs and the 1950s Hawaiian vibe of the restaurant.
This is the Site Index of articles which include NĀNĀ I KE KUMU, with comment boxes for questions, stories, and our continued learning from each other: When people speak, they give voice to values, and their personal expression of them. In Hawai‘i, we call this expression their mana‘o.
Ua komo wau i kahi e kākau ana-jobs.net i hoʻokahi makahiki i hala iho nei aʻaʻole nō hoʻi i manaʻo e hiki ke ola i ka noho lole pona a me ka hana i koʻu makemake a me kahi aʻu i makemake ai! ʻO kaʻu mau makemake nui i ke ola e kākau ana a hele nei i kēia manawa e kiʻi wau i nā meaʻelua! Mahalo iāʻoe no ka hoʻokōʻana i kaʻu moe, he mea kupaianaha kēia!
Aloha, wau ʻO Soni a me ka mea nāna o keia uhi honu nō i ka manaʻo nui paena. Makemake wau i henna, semicolon, cross, rose, butterfly, best friend, wrist, chest, couple, finger, flower, skull, anchor, elephant, owl, feather, foot, lion, wolf, back, bird and heart of type . ʻO nā mea a pau e makemake ai i ka manaʻo hou ma nā pūnaewele likeʻole i koʻu pūnaewele. ʻAʻole mākou e koi i nā kuleana i nā kiʻi, ma ke kaʻana like wale aku iā lākou. Hiki iāʻoe ke hahai mai iaʻu Google hoʻohui a Twitter
Aunty Paulette & Aunty Mary Lou have a huge place in Hawaiian history, because they have contributed so much to the preservation of the talent for feather lei making.  The talent and aloha of these two icon oozes out when you go and visit their shop on Kapahulu Avenue.
Men’s Old Navy spring / fall jacket. Lite jacket in very good condition. Jacket has no holes, rips or tears. There are two small stains on the back of jacket (see photos). Zipper is in good working order and all buttons are present.
I kekahi lā, ua loa’a maila he leka mai Hawai’i mai na ke kaikua’ana o kēia kanaka, e kauoha mai ana iā ia a me ka māmā o lāua e holo aku, e ho’oponopono i ka waiwai, no ka mea he ma’i kona, ua ‘ōlelo ke kahuna ‘a’ole ‘o ia e ola.
Pierre Cardin Hawaiian Shirt Mens Size 2XL XXL Casual Camp Aloha Floral Print Material: 100% Rayon. Size: 2XL (XXL). Condition: See “Condition Notes”, above. Made In Korea. RN Number 13185. Pattern/Print: Colorful tropical flowers and silhouettes of pineapples on a gray background. Measurements: Chest: 26.5 inches from underarm seam to underarm seam. Length: 31 inches from back collar seam to bottom hem edge. Measurements were taken with garment laying on a flat surface. Please message me with questions you may have before making a purchase and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for visiting and viewing.
Key 1. The Aloha Spirit | Key 2. Worthwhile Work | Key 3. Value Alignment | Key 4. The Role of the Manager Reconstructed | Key 5. Language of Intention | Key 6. The ‘Ohana in Business Model | Key 7. Strengths Management | Key 8. Sense of Place | Key 9. Palena ‘ole
Ch.11 p.58 para.7 sent.3 A no ka uluhua o Lāʻieikawai, kēnā aʻela ʻo ia i kona wahi kahu e hele e nānā i kahi i kani mai ai kēia mea kani. And, her interest aroused, she sent her attendant to see where the musical instrument was which was played so near her.
We have a new kitchen all new equipment and a really cool bakers oven. Now as the holidays approach we will need to add to our Hana Hou family. We will be hiring all positions so if you are interested or know someone who might like to apply please come on down and grab an application.
Kumu Hula Māpuana de Silva and Hālau Mōhala ʻIlima present the 38th annual Holomua Ka Noʻeau concert of traditional hula, oli, and Hawaiian music. The theme, “Kapu Nā Mauna,” will celebrate some of our most sacred and well known mountains, including: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kaʻuiki, Haleakalā, Laeʻahi, Kaʻala, Waiʻaleʻale, and Makana.
(Part 2) Ho‘okahi e pō‘ino, pau pu i ka pō‘ino. One meets misfortune, all meet misfortune. (Said of those who are important to the community—…”). The health and well-being of our Hawai‘i is dependent upon the quality of leaders that we produce. Learn about the unique dedication that Hawaiian leaders have in the political arena in Hawai‘i and how their pursuit of fortune favors us all.
OLD NAVY Orange Drawstring Hood and hem . has side zippers on both sides that measure 11″. The cuffs have velcour closures. Long sleeve Windbreaker Jacket Pockets Mens Sz L. The center for closing jacket has 11 1/2″ zipper, chest 56″ and length 28″.
There are many practical benefits accruing from music instruction – at any age! These include development of muscular coordination, increased confidence, reasoning ability, and problem-solving. Daily practice develops… read more
Kapa is a traditional Hawaiian cloth made from the wauke or paper mulberry plant. It was used for clothing and as soft mats for sleeping This workshop will introduce participants to the art of kapa making.  Each person will have an opportunity to make a small kapa and dye using native plants. Nā Ponohula participants will learn to perform an oli to honor the kapa tradition.
Ch.21 p.108 para.3 sent.4 I ka mao ʻana aʻe o ka noe, aia ʻekolu poʻe e lana ana ma kūlana nalu e kū ana, a he mea haʻohaʻo ia iā uka i ka nānā aku. When the mist cleared three persons floated on the crest of the wave, and this was a surprise to the onlookers.
Est May 2016 . Hana Hou Volleyball Club was formed by two parents whose previous club collapsed and needed to provide a opportunity to showcase their 17u old players in what would be the last year at summer travel prior to graduation.  In six weeks the club went from zero to being featured as the media story of the 2016 AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando Florida
We have temporary closed the Na Pua No’eau offices on Molokai, Lanai, and West Hawaii. Personnel still volunteer and support community events at these sites. Some programs will be run in partnerships and collaboration with other organizations and agencies. Contact Kinohi Gomes (808-956-9410) for any concerns and information.

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