“pehea e kūʻai ai ma ka japan fashion”

This smooth soft jacket features attached, lined hood, 7-snap placket with full hidden zipper, oversized flap pockets at front with snap closure, and adjustable bungee cord around hood and bottom hem.
Outstanding source of valuable information about the ancient culture of Hawaiian and how it has endured on to today if a little bit of a faint echo at times. Auntie Mary is still one of the key sources of accurate and valuable information and is probably considered a “World Treasure” in some circles. Unmatched place to deepen and strengthen your understanding of just what it means to be hawaiian and how the old truths still affect the lives of the Hawaiians today. I can’t say enough to rave about these books. She’s a real asset to Hawaiian studies.
To all of you who love our Hawai’i, greetings of aloha. Here we are sailing on two esteemed double-hulled canoes from the island of Oʻahu (referred to as “Oʻahu child of Lua”) – Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia. We have left the Kanilehua rains of verdant Hawaiʻi island headed for Rangiroa in the Tuamotu islands, and from there we will forge ahead to Papeʻete in Tahiti, the same place where Hōkūleʻa first made landfall back in 1976.
Lashio (Burmese: လားရှိုးမြို့; MLCTS: la: hrui: mrui., IPA: [láʃó mjo̰]; Shan: လႃႈသဵဝ်ႈ) is the largest town in northern Shan State, Myanmar, about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north-east of Mandalay. It is situated on a low mountain spur overlooking the valley of the Yaw River.[1] Loi Leng, the highest mountain of the Shan Hills, is located 45 km (28 mi) to the south-east of Lashio.[2]
Had dinner there last night and everything was DELICIOUS! The ahi avocado poki was soooooo yummy and the spicy garlic shrimp plate was AMAZING! I don’t know why it took me 2 yrs to find this gem. I’m …from Guam so it made me really miss our dishes that are similar. Will definitely be going back often, since this is our last year here on Okinawa. See More
(The Taco Tita person was very friendly though. She apologized for the inconvenience and explained why there was this no-taking-your-food-next-door policy, even though the restaurants are owned by the same owner.)
This olelonoeau is a smart one, look to many sources. I like Nana I Ke Kumu because that’s how I learn. I like looking on the internet, reading books, and even asking my Ohana and teachers. When I asked my parents for some facts about our first president the gave me answers. My family is a great source.
The challenge is heightened when one considers the tragic period of the population death spiral when Hawaiians, absent immunity from western diseases, died by the hundreds of thousands. Within a very short period of time the population decreased by more than 80%.  Because so much of our history was based on oral tradition there was a dramatic loss of Hawaiian knowledge and history that died with the people.
NEGATIVE   Like others have stated, the BBQ pork is good, ask for a side of their BBQ sauce, bc you’ll want more; it’s yummy. Comes with homemade sweetroll bun. Their duch apple pie is good too. Music on Sat night. 50’s diner style with a Hawaiian flair.
E mākaʻikaʻi ʻelua hui liʻiliʻi a puni ka hale a me ka heiau. I ka mākaʻikaʻi ʻana, e lohe ʻia ʻelua moʻolelo no Mānoa (1—Kahalaopuna; 2—Kawelo me ka heiau ʻo Kūkaʻōʻō). A laila, e haku nā haumāna i hōʻikeʻike no nā moʻolelo ʻelua.
Uaʻike wau ua lilo kēia i kekahi o nā ala maʻalahi a me kaʻoluʻolu e hoʻolilo ai i ke kālā i kēia mau lā, e like me nā kānaka me kaʻikeʻole i ka moʻolelo. ʻIke au i kēiaʻoihana maʻalahi, hiki a maʻalahi. Makemake wau e hoʻonui aku i ka manawa me koʻuʻohana a me ke kauʻana me nā hoaaloha, a ke loaʻa nei ka wā no kaʻu mau hana’ē aʻe. ʻOi, nui loa ka uku. ʻAʻohe mea e manaʻo e hanaʻoe ma ka home me kāu uku! Hiki iāʻoe ke loaʻa kēia ola. E hoʻomaka me kēia ma kaomiʻana i kahi.
“Aia a hora ‘umi, hele mai ‘oe a ma ka pukaaniani ma ka ‘ao’ao ma ‘Ewa o ka hale, ‘o ko’u rumi ia, komo mai ‘oe ma laila, no laila e ho’i ‘āwīwī aku ‘oe, i ‘ole e ‘ike ‘ia mai, a ua lohe akula ‘oe i ke kauoha, e ho’omana’o mai ho’i ‘oe ia leo.”
Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase “n%C4%81n%C4%81”.Found in 0 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Be warned.
Nā Kālai Waʻa offers a series of activities and lessons that help develop individuals as leaders and groups as affective collaborative units. These activities range from trust building excercises to cultural workshops on wahi pana (significance of place), mea noʻeau (work styles and crafts of Hawaiʻi), and pilinakanaka (developing relationships to self and others). Most activities take about an hour and are designed for groups of 10-20 per activity. 
Student-Centered and Student Focused –offering a supportive, high quality learning environment that guides students through their college pathway to become contributing members and leaders of our community.
A laila, ua hoʻomaka kēlā me kēia pūʻulu o nā pūʻulu ʻehā i kekahi haʻiʻōlelo/hōʻikeʻike no nā mea a mākou i manaʻo ai he kōkua no ka maʻa ʻana i ka moʻomeheu Kepanī iā mākou ma laila.  Ua like nā kumuhana o nā pūʻulu me ke Kumu Honua Mauli Ola:  pili ʻuhane, lawena, ʻōlelo, a me ka ʻike kuʻuna.
Ch.1 p.2 para.3 sent.2 E nānā mai ʻoe i kēia ʻōpū oʻu e hāpai nei, no ka mea, ua pauaho aʻe nei hoʻi i ka pau o nā keiki i ka make i ka pākela pepehi a ke kāne. Look upon this womb of mine which is with child, for I can no longer endure my children’s death; the husband is overzealous to keep his vow;
Disappointed!! Watched first 30 minutes of first episode. So far Kono’s replacement can’t act and that solo scene where she tries and beat up the arsonist? Looked stupid. Seems all they cared about was getting a hot body to replace Kono….. that I guess shows how much respect they had for Grace P. Just KNOCKED IT TO ONE STAR. Kept watching and what did they do? The new Kono poured a bucket of water over her head so her breasts became prominent!!! What garbage! How high schoolish..$2.99 a show? No more.
Food is decent but their customer service brings them down to zero stars.  The lady that helped me yesterday gave me NO ‘hello’ not even a smile when she was ready to take my order.  I placed my order, paid, and started walking away assuming I was done since she wouldnt speak to me.  Then she screamed “HELLO your receipt!”  Awkward, even my coworkers was like wow nice customer service,  Then when my food was ready.. She handed it to me and turned away. It was just weird.  I think customer service is everything and I won’t go back to this truck again because of their attitude problems.
In 1990, at the age of 19, he met Kumu Hula Sonny Ching who was teaching at Pāki Park in Honolulu and joined Hālau Nā Mamo O Puʻuanahulu. His sisters, Kumu Lāhela and Kauʻi, would soon follow to become members. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to him, there was already a pilina between the two families that began with his mother and Kumu Sonny’s grand aunt Beatrice Nāhulu Lopes that maintained for 70 years until their passing. Additionally, his mother and aunts had danced for Kumu Sonny’s grandmother, Kumu Hula Lena Puaʻainahau Eleakala Nāhulu Guerrero in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. In September of 1993 he, along with three others, became Alakaʻi of HNMOP. It was at that time that he unknowingly embarked on his path toward becoming a Kumu Hula. He began developing his teaching skills with the keiki, the kāne, and later, the wāhine of the hālau. From 2000 to 2001, he groomed his vocal gift by studying oli with Kumu Hula Kealiʻi Reichel. It was in 2005 that he began to consciously purse his destiny as a Kumu Hula through an intense 6-year training for a Papa ʻŪniki. To aid his training, Kumu Sonny
Manuhealiʻi Hawaiʻi White Green Tan Colorway Nā Palapalai (The Ferns) Print Coconut husk color buttons Short sleeve, firm sleeve cut. Size Medium ******** There is something soothing about a stand of palapalai ferns. Perhaps it is the vibrant green, or the lacy softness they add to the landscape. And it doesn’t hurt that the fine hairs on the fronds sparkle in sunlight that filters to the forest floor. Interesting that the early Hawaiians used the fern as a treatment for hehena (translation: insanity) according to the Hawaiian Enthnobotany online database. Palapalai is also valued as a plant sacred to the hula goddess Laka, and softly encircles the head, wrists, and ankles of the dancers of hula kahiko.
My family was on the big island over Christmas and New Year’s (2017/2018). is BY FAR the BEST breakfast we had while on the island!  And the bakery items are to die for!  We live in Alaska and are used to “home-cooking”. This place was perfect for all 8 of us!
Any student of Pacific University who shows an interest in the goals of the organization, accepts adherence to the provisions of the constitution and by-laws, and is willing to contribute to the ongoing success of the organization, is eligible for membership.
Ka Hana Keaka – Nā Wai Ola’s play inspiration is the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage of Hōkūle‘a.  ‘Ōlelo a Mo‘omeheu Hawai‘i support will be provided to haumāna as needed, depending on the focus of the various play scenes.
If you are looking for a book that illustrates the lives ancient Hawaiians from the Hawaiian perspective (and not from the Hollywood perspective) then this book is for you. It is an excellent resource for scholar and layman alike.
Overall, I wouldn’t go out of the way to visit here. However, if you’re passing through on your way to/from Kona, this is a perfectly fine place to stop by and grab a meal. (There also just aren’t many other dining options along the road from Kona to Volcano National Park)
ʻO kēia ka wiki o ka World Pork Expo. He wā kēia e hoʻolauleʻa ai i kā mākouʻoihana. Makemake mākou eʻike iāʻoe ma laila. E kipa mai iā mākou ma ka hale o Genesus (kahi kahi e like me ka makahiki i hala aku nei) makemake mākou i kou mau manaʻo. ʻO kā mākouʻoihana noiʻi! E hōʻike mākou i nā manaʻo a me nāʻike.
Great recipes with local Hawaii flavors. Many you can’t find outside the islands and I am glad to have the authentic flavors. Great color pictures. Easy to follow recipes. I appreciate the lay flat design of the book as well. Also bought the original book love it. Cold saimin salad, oxtail stew, and guava chiffon pie….winners
The death of Kamehameha I in 1819 was followed by a period of turbulence in Hawaiʻi. Changes included a new government, the adoption of a foreign religion, and the development of private property. In 1893, business and political interests motivated a group of foreigners to illegally overthrow the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. The daily lives of makaʻāinana were greatly affected by all of these changes. Makaʻāinana rallied in protest against the overthrow. They were also against the annexation of Hawaiʻi to the United States.

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