“pehea e hana ai keʻano iā mākou”

In his criticism of Richard Price’s work among the Saramaka of Suriname, Said suggests that this failure of Anthropology to transcend cultural relativism is more than a methodological one, but is also ethically and morally vacuous.  To illustrate the point, Said describes Price’s decision to reveal the secret information entrusted to him by the tribe in his scholarly writing.  Said’s contention is that such disclosure violates the Saramaka’s ability to manage their own cultural self-determination in precisely the same way that colonial overlords historically interfered with their political and social institutions.  Said goes on to emphasize that there is value in Price’s work, but in so doing highlights a perceived naiveté among some Anthropologists for the marginalizing effects their work may have.
  [A beautiful woman attracts young men — sharks — who become fierce rivals over her. The law prevents the rivalry from getting out of hand — it can “bite.” It is said that when the wiliwili trees are in bloom the sharks bite, because it is their mating season.]
Ka Nu‘ukia O Ka Papa ʻŌlelo A Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi – The excellent haumāna will acquire, understand, articulate and practice ‘ōlelo and nohona Hawai‘i skills that will strengthen his/her Hawaiian identity.
E ka poʻe i aloha i ka ʻāina, welina mai me ke aloha. Eia nō mākou ke holo kaulua nei ma kekahi o nā waʻa hanohano o Oʻahu a Lua lā, ʻo Hōkūleʻa lāua ʻo Hikianalia. Ua haʻalele aku nei nō mākou i ka ua Kanilehua o Hawaiʻi nui kuauli no ka holo ʻana aku i Laniloa, ʻo ia hoʻi o Rangiroa, ma ka huina moku o nā Tuamotu, a noke ana i ka holo a pae aku i Papeʻete ma Tahiti, kahi i pae ai ʻo Hōkūleʻa ma ka huakaʻi mua i ka makahiki 1976.
The store is a nice and cozy little store. The store offers very reasonable and very unique feathers to make leis. Feathers from the goose, to the rooster, to the peacock, to peasant, etc are all in the store ready for your selection. Prices are very reasonable, and Mele is always willing to give you a quick tip or hint if you ask. There are several ready-made lei hulu for sale in a display case – made by the aunties and their haumana (students). My favorite thing in the store is the royalty cape made purely of yellow and red feathers. It’s one of Aunty Mary Lou’s most famous masterpieces!
“This year’s seminar class is focused on this art of debate from a Hawaiian perspective and the relevant, necessary skills. So we incorporated a scenario to practice and analyze that process into day’s event.” says Perreira. Towards the end of the day, students and professors engaged in two mock debates to hone their skills. ʻIkaʻaka says that, “It challenged us to use our language skills in a new context while also focusing on the debate and banter.”
Pierre Cardin. Material: 100% Rayon. Size: Men’s XL (See Measurements First to Assure Proper Fit). We want you to be happy. In addition, we recommend cleaning and ironing as needed. We are only human and may make a mistake once in a while.
For anyone who likes Hawaiian food and it’s history, this book is a must have. Full of great recipes and vintage photographs (our ancestors are featured), Hana Hou! What Hawaii Likes to Eat should be a part of everyone’s Cookbook shelf!
I LOVE this food truck. I’ve been prescatarian(or however it’s spelled lol) over a year now and it’s rare that I find a place that cooks fresh fish without the pungent fishy smell. The cook(I think she’s also the owner) knows what she’s doing. She uses fresh fishes everyday. I usually get the teriyaki salmon dish but today she even gave me a sample of their poke bowl and DAMN! It was good!! No fishy smell either! It was honestly the best poke bowl I’ve ever had! You can tell she’s passionate about this and that’s refreshing because I know I’ll always get high quality food from her.
Whether you’re looking for a specific item, or totally reinventing your wardrobe, you’ll find handsome and tasteful men’s clothing in this inspired collection from Banana Republic. Browse stylish options for a variety of occasions, from work in a fast paced office, to date night with that special someone, to enjoying a barbecue in the backyard with your family and friends. Versatile men’s fashion is easy to dress up and down. Look great from your morning commute to the late night after-party with these adaptable designs. Feel confident and look incredible. With the right clothes for men, the world is your oyster.
Emphasizing the importance of cultural literacy, the Handbook begins with an overview of the origins of hula, its history in Hawai’i, and the primacy of the spiritual focus of the dance. The book goes on to introduce halau etiquette and practices, and explains the format of a traditional hula presentation, together with the genres of hula and the regalia worn by the dancers. Practical components include sections on Hawaiian language and chant and a glossary of hula commands and footwork.
Ch.33 p.178 para.1 sent.2 A laila, hoʻouna hou akula nō ʻo Lāʻielohelohe i ke kamaʻāina e hele hou e nānā i nā aliʻi, me ka ʻī aku naʻe, “E hele ʻoe e nānā a ʻike i nā aliʻi e hiamoe ana, a laila, hoʻi mai ʻoe, a hele pū aku kākou.” Then Laielohelohe sent the natives again to go and see the chiefs, saying, “You go and find out where the chiefs sleep, then return to us.”
ʻO ka helu ʻana i ka pō mahina he mea e helu ʻia mai ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā, ʻo ia hoʻi, hoʻomaka ʻia ka mea a Malo i ʻōlelo ai he “lā,” he wā o ka lōʻihi o ka manawa he 24 hola, mai ke ahiahi, ʻaʻole ma ke kuluaumoe ma ke ʻano o ka Haole. (ʻaʻole i pau)
Ch.26 p.138 para.6 sent.1 A pau kēia mau mea i ka hōʻike ʻia, i nānā aku ka hana o ʻAiwohikupua a me nā mea ʻē aʻe, e kū mai ana ʻo Lāʻieikawai ma loko o ka pūloʻuloʻu aliʻi kapu i luna o nā waʻa. After all these signs had been displayed, Aiwohikupua and the others saw Laieikawai standing above the canoes under the symbol of a taboo chief.
Bio: Award winning composer, arranger, singer, recording artist, director, choreographer, choral director, USA Ford Fellow of Music, and Hawaiian kumu hula, Robert Uluwehionāpuaikawekiuokalani Cazimero was born in Honolulu to parents Elizabeth Kapeka Meheula and William Kaʻaihue Cazimero, Sr., and was third youngest of a family of twelve children…only his sibling twins, Kanoe and Roland, were younger.
In this manifestation as Kū’ula, he is appealed to by fisherman for a good catch. The first fish of the catch was laid on the ko’a where …Kū’ula was represented by an upright pōhaku (stone). The spine of the wana and hā’uke’uke is a physical manifestation of Kū.
Kupuna Olivera—He aha nā ʻōlelo a Kupuna Olivera no ke ʻano o ka ʻāina ma Waikīkī? Ma mua, nui ka wai, ke kalo, a me ka laiki ma Waikīkī akā i kēia manawa, nui nā hale a me nā alanui. Ua kūkulu ʻia nā hale, ua hoʻopiha ʻia nā kahawai/pūnāwai/ muliwai, a ua ʻeli ʻia ka Ala Wai. Pehea ʻo Mānoa? Ua loli ka ʻāina ma ʻaneʻi kekahi? ʻAe.
Mamuli o ka nui o kēlā kuko, ua ho’okō ihola kēia makua kāne kōlea i kona mana’o, pu’uwai ‘ole, a moku a’ela ka piko waiwai ‘ole o kēia kaikamahine, ‘o ia paha ka mea i ‘ōlelo ai kahiko he hānai pua’a, ma loko ka ‘uku. ‘A’ole na’e i ‘ike ka makuahine i kēia mau hana poupou noho ni’o a kāna kāne, a pēlā pū ho’i me kahi māmā o kēia lawakua pohu.
I love reading so much and I have learned so much through books. textbooks aren’t the only book we learn from. Other characters actions and experiences are lessons and references for us. I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe it was a great book and I loved it too!
Eia kekahi,ʻo kēia kaʻa he mea maikaʻi loa ia no ka pāʻaniʻana i loko a me waho. Aʻo kēia kaʻa ka mea āu e makemake ai. Ma nā hihia, hiki i nā mea’ē aʻe a pau keʻike maopopoʻole i ka heleʻana i kēlā me kēia wahi noho i kahi kaʻa e kaulana. Ke hana nei lākou eʻike i ka noho kaʻa ma hope o ka noho ma kahi hopeʻole i ka hoʻokomoʻana i ka kāʻei o ka polokalamu polokalamu.
Paulette Kahalepuna recently passed in 2014. This changed Mele’s life completely. With the loss of her mother, Mele was now left with an enormous task. The traditions of her ancestors were in her hands and what a great kuleana (responsibility) this is!
We stayed at an air b&b in town and needed a restaurant. Because of it high rating we decided to try it. We were not disappointed! My hubby had the LocoMoco and he loved it. I had one of the plate lunches halfed and it was plenty. The waitress was also very friendly!.
  [Refers to the youth of Mānoa who used to ride the surf at Kalehuawehe in Waikīkī. The surfboards were shared among several people who would take turns using them. Those who finished first often suggested going home early, even though it might not be evening, to avoid carrying the boards to the hālau where they were stored. Later the expression was used for anyone who went off to avoid work.]
I truly enjoyed my 1st March with my daughter on January 21st (just so happened it was also my birthday that day. What a way to spend that day! Will there be any more marches or fundraisers to combate this regime that is now in the White House?
Fun local fare, don’t expect anything fancy. I had a burger and wasn’t disappointed. Service was slow but expected for “island time”. If you find yourself in the area I would highly recommend stopping here to grab a bite.

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  1. E o’u lāhui o nā kai ‘ewalu, eia ku’u wahi aloha ke kūka’i ‘ia aku nei. Ke kākau nei au i nei kolamu me ka lu’ulu’u loa o ka na’au i nā hanana e hana ‘ia nei ma ka Hale Hō’ike’ike o Pīhopa. ‘O ia ho’i, ka ho’omākaukau ‘ia ‘ana o nā ki’i ‘elua i ho’ola’a ‘ia no Kū no ko lāua huaka’i hele hou ‘ana i kēlā mau wahi hale hō’ike’ike pa’ahao o ka ‘āina mamao. He pa’akikī ho’i ka wehewehe piha ‘ana i ke kumu o kēia lu’ulu’u ‘ana o’u ma nei kolamu ‘u’uku. No laila au e hō’ike nei i kekahi mana’o he pōkole wale nō.
    Congratulations Hana Hou 18U team, they are in the 2018 Aloha Region Power League Tournament!  It was a nail-biting, exciting match, and the ladies played their hearts out. They won the second set in an on-the-edge-of-your-seat 32-30 victory.  In the third set, they fought back to come from behind and win 15-13.  Awesome job ladies, and love the “we will not give up” 
    I used my mom’s Android, then since the flash-player wouldn’t work I just copied the URL from the phone to the computer. I had an account on Educreations previously, I just logged in and viewed the video. To make it work just type the URL from the phone into the URL on the computer.
    Ch.25 p.133 para.4 sent.1 “He mea hiki ʻole iā mākou ke hele aku,” wahi a Lāʻieikawai, “he pono e nānā aku i kā nā kamaʻāina heʻe nalu ʻana.” The princess answered, “We can not go; it is better to watch the others.”
    This ōlelo no’eau is a saying that tells how you should look to the source. The source can be many things such as teachers, parents, grand parents or siblings. The source is the the person who sets an example for you. It’s something that you can learn and receive knowledge from. To me my scourge is my school members and teachers and relatives.

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