“no ke aha e hoʻonui ai i keʻano o keʻano o nā’ōnaehana”

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Ch.4 p.26 para.2 sent.1 I kekahi lā aʻe, haʻalele lākou iā Kapakai, holo akula lākou a ma waho pono o Kauhola, nānā akula ʻo ʻAiwohikupua i ka ʻākoakoa lehulehu ʻana o nā kānaka ma uka o Kapaʻau. The next day they left Kapakai and sailed along by Kauhola, and Aiwohikupua saw a crowd of men gathering mountainward of Kapaau.
“It’s amazing how much support we have in the community, I just want to thank everyone for coming out,” said WHW Executive Director Stacey Moniz. The nonprofit organization was established in 1977 in an effort to assist victims of domestic violence; the West Maui Domestic Violence Task Force is the Lahaina branch of the organization.
Lashio became important during the Sino-Japanese War resp. World War II as the Burmese terminus of the Burma Road 1938-45. In World War II, Lashio was taken by the Japanese April 29, 1942 and liberated by the Allies March 7, 1945.[4]
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Makaʻāinana were canoe builders, farmers, fishermen, net makers, lau hala weavers, and other trades. Makaʻāinana formed the specialized labor network in traditional Hawaiian society. Their specialty depended on the needs of the community, the natural landscape, and their family expertise.  
“It’s been good because, I got the opportunity before I leave, because Iʻm going off to college in a couple weeks, and my grandma sailed the Hōkūleʻa 16 years ago to Oʻahu, and I got to greet her yesterday, picking her up on the canoe…so it was a good experience.” says Tiana Bala, another haumāna of Nā Pua Noʻeau Lānaʻi.
Kawahinela‘iokekapu, is a sacred woman, a mo‘owahine (lizard woman), or a caretaker of a pond upon Hualālai, she seeks a companion of the lower lands. Upon the tears, a stream, she sends a garland (lei) of mountain snail(s) seaward.
With clothes for men from this collection, you’ll feel attractive and confident. Take on the boardroom or barroom knowing that you look your best. Elevate your wardrobe with new clothes and start realizing fashionable new possibilities.
I was lucky enough to try the teriyaki bowl at the red bull races. A few weeks later, again I had the teriyaki bowl, it’s was outstanding, same as the first time  I tried it. I also had the pork, wow, great flavor, but what I thought was the best is the mahi. The way it just melted in my mouth, outstanding, I would recomend this gourmet truck to everyone
Literally translated, Nānā i ke kumu means ‘look to your source’ recognizing an inner wellspring inside each and every one of us. We look within, and self reflect to get healthy, in body, mind and spirit. This is one’s wellspring of identity and intuition, intellect and emotion, values and beliefs, lessons learned and ancestral knowledge, all personal and professional alike.
Ch.25 p.133 para.4 sent.1 “He mea hiki ʻole iā mākou ke hele aku,” wahi a Lāʻieikawai, “he pono e nānā aku i kā nā kamaʻāina heʻe nalu ʻana.” The princess answered, “We can not go; it is better to watch the others.”
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Nana I Ke Kumu is the definitive book on Hawaiian culture. Mary Pukui still lived within and was connected to the old Hawaiian culture when she wrote this and other books such as the Hawaiian Dictionary.
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One Reply to ““no ke aha e hoʻonui ai i keʻano o keʻano o nā’ōnaehana””

  1. Ala ‘o Kawika a me Micah a me Makana i ke kakahiaka nui i ka Pō‘aono. He ‘ohana lākou. E hele aku ana lākou i ke kahakai ‘o Waimea. A‘o aku ko lākou makuakāne i ka he‘enalu. ‘Ehiku makahiki o Kawika. ‘Eiwa makahiki o Micah. ‘Oi aku ka lō’ihi o Kawika ma mua o Micah. Pōkole ‘o Micah. ‘Umikūmālua makahiki o Makana. Makemake lākou e a‘o mai i ka he‘enalu. Pīhoihoi loa lākou.
    Hanaʻoe i kāu mau hoʻoholo pono’ī. ʻAʻohe manawa kūponoʻole aʻaʻohe mea nāna e haʻi iāʻoe i ka hana. Hiki iāʻoe ke hoʻoholo i ka nui o kāu hanaʻana, ka manawa manawa-manawa, ka manawa piha a iʻole ka hola lōʻihi. E loaʻa iā $ 500- $ 5,000 i kēlā me kēia mahina e hana ana i ka maikaʻi ma mua o ka loaʻa kālā maʻamau i kāu makemake, ke makemakeʻoe. E hele i waho o ka iwi iwi iwi i kēia lā! Makeʻoe i ka hoʻoholo no ka mea he kuleana kou e hana noʻoe iho.
    夏休み期間中のHANAHOUからは、近くのホテルのビーチから1日おきにあがる 花火をご覧頂く事ができます! 1日おきのたった5分間の花火ですが、先日 今花火があがってます! ご覧になりたい方は どうぞ! とお声かけしたら 何と その数分間 店内のお席が全て空に(笑) 地元のお客様も 観光でいらしたお客様も 外国人のお客様も 皆様 外に出て花火を楽しんでました! 夏限定のイベントです ゆっくり おくつろぎ頂きながら 花火もお楽しみ頂けます 皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。

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