“nā mea i loaʻa e kūʻai i keʻano”

Ch.27 p.145 para.7 sent.1 “Kali aku ʻoe a moe, e huli ana ke alo i lalo, ʻaʻole i moe, akā, i nānā aku ʻoe a i huli ke alo i luna, ua moe kā hoʻi, a laila, hele aku ʻoe. “Wait until he is asleep; should be turn his face down he is not asleep, but when you see him with the face turned up, he is really asleep;
Ch.24 p.127 para.4 sent.1 A i ke kuʻi ʻana o ka leo o ka hekili, uhi ka ʻohu a me ka noe, a i ka mao ʻana aʻe, i nānā akula ka hana o ka ʻaha, aia ʻo Lāʻielohelohe me Halaaniani e kau mai ana i luna o nā manu. And when the voice of the thunder crashed, clouds and mist covered the land, and when it cleared, the place of meeting was to be seen; and there were Laielohelohe and Halaaniani resting upon the birds.
OK TACO TITA is going to open at 11 on May 1st. Remember cash only we do have an ATM in the restaurant side. The Tita is take out only and we will have great Beef..Chicken..Pork and Vege soft tacos and burritos and a taco salad and some really nice beverages for you. Come by and check us out. Of course we will be a little crazy as we get going just enjoy the show. As Drake would say “catch the beat and sing along”. He would tell me that when I would complain about snorin…g. Wish he was here to have a taco with us… well he is here we just can’t see him now, but always be watching for that little trick he will play on you. My friend Shari has done a wonderful artistic job on our signs and interior… and a very special mahalo to the Kalaekilohana gentlemen for the naming of our new place. Come in and enjoy the space and the food and the aloha. See you soon . We will also be playing some great weird world music to make you smile and put you in a great mood . Try our blended coconut pineapple frappe”Pina colada” add your own rum…we will do a honey lime Ade and we all know what goes good in there. Horchata of course and those boring sodas too.See you soon
E o’u lāhui o nā kai ‘ewalu, eia ku’u wahi aloha ke kūka’i ‘ia aku nei. Ke kākau nei au i nei kolamu me ka lu’ulu’u loa o ka na’au i nā hanana e hana ‘ia nei ma ka Hale Hō’ike’ike o Pīhopa. ‘O ia ho’i, ka ho’omākaukau ‘ia ‘ana o nā ki’i ‘elua i ho’ola’a ‘ia no Kū no ko lāua huaka’i hele hou ‘ana i kēlā mau wahi hale hō’ike’ike pa’ahao o ka ‘āina mamao. He pa’akikī ho’i ka wehewehe piha ‘ana i ke kumu o kēia lu’ulu’u ‘ana o’u ma nei kolamu ‘u’uku. No laila au e hō’ike nei i kekahi mana’o he pōkole wale nō.
Most recently performing in July 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic, Mahealani Uchiyama is an award-winning dancer, musician, composer, choreographer, recording artist, and teacher. An advocate for cross-cultural understanding, she is the founder and artistic director of the Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance in Berkeley, California, and is Kumu Hula (master teacher) of Halau Ka Ua Tuahine. She has led numerous performance tours to Tahiti, New Zealand, and the islands of Hawai’i, and taught workshops intenationally. She has been an instructor of Hawaiian language at Stanford University and also serves as president of the board of World Arts West, the producers of the annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.
Religious sites include the Sasana (Pyilon Chanta) Pagoda and the Mansu Pagoda. Yepusan spa is nearly five miles away from the city center, and is healthful in winter. Other than some ethnic minorities group, Lashio is also a town with a heavy Chinese population. The most famous Chinese temples in the area are 观音山,灵峰寺 where most Chinese people attend every year during the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). Since 2000, Lashio has been important for border trade between Myanmar and China.[citation needed]. It is 190 kilometres (120 mi) from Muse, and is situated midway between Muse and Mandalay.
I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in old Hawaiian culture and to anyone in the psychology field as it gives great insight in an alternative way of being that worked well for in excess of 1000 years.
Hey Oahu people don’t forget, fashion show this Sunday! Kahala Mall at 1:00p and then trunk show @richeskahala to follow. There the entire Sonny Ching Collection will have a special discount. And one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces featured in the fashion show will be for sale. #nottobemissed #sonnychingcollection #hoololi #paradisusjewelry #happyholiday #seeyouthere
Aloha, wau ʻO Soni a me ka mea nāna o keia uhi honu nō i ka manaʻo nui paena. Makemake wau i henna, semicolon, cross, rose, butterfly, best friend, wrist, chest, couple, finger, flower, skull, anchor, elephant, owl, feather, foot, lion, wolf, back, bird and heart of type . ʻO nā mea a pau e makemake ai i ka manaʻo hou ma nā pūnaewele likeʻole i koʻu pūnaewele. ʻAʻole mākou e koi i nā kuleana i nā kiʻi, ma ke kaʻana like wale aku iā lākou. Hiki iāʻoe ke hahai mai iaʻu Google hoʻohui a Twitter
#halaunamamoopuuanahulu #hnmop #hoolaukanaka #hoolaukanaka2017 #oahu #thepeoplegather #hawaii #festival #festivalsinhawaii #hula #music #mamos #mamolife #lolahi #epupukahi #mamolove #mamosforlife #mamosdoingittogethet #2kumus #sonnyching #lopakaigartadevera
At the shoreline of Honokōhau, Kaupo‘ohiwi, a handsome man, finds this beautiful garland (lei) of love and places it upon his shoulders. Encouraged to find the creator of this lei, he journeyed upland to Hualālai.
Currently his one-man show DUKE is touring throughout the Hawaiian Islands as well as the Continental U.S. Originally produced by Honolulu Theatre for Youth, DUKE is an unforgettable portrayal the life of Olympic gold medalist and father of modern surfing Duke Paoa Kahanamoku.
Truly a great spot and all good reviews are warranted. We had the moco loco with shredded pork. It was amazing. There were two servers who never stopped but always had smiles on their faces. We al…so made room for the greatly lauded macadamia nut pie. Oh my! We will be back. Everything on the menu looked fabulously amazing See More
Aia ka ʻike hōkū ʻo ka moʻolelo ʻo SkyWatch a ka Hale Hōʻikeʻike o Kamehameha ma ka pūnāwelewele uila (http://www.bishopmuseum.org/skywatch-november-2016/). Hōʻoia ʻia ka ʻike hōkū ma ka pūnāweleweleuila (http://www.heavens-above.com).
Hula requires a lot of respect. This book emphasizes the need of respect to learn to dance hula. The author honors her past teachers and shares her experiences. A good guide for basic hula vocabulary and intro to the culture of hula. I wish it included a music cd.
Ka iniiaiie kauka ua kāhāhā No ka mea, o ka hopena i manaoia mai ka hoʻomāka Inc i ka alawa maʻi kumupaʻa (ma mua hoʻi o ka laau) No ka mea, o ka holomua ke kahua. Naʻe, i kaʻeho nalowale loa E kāhea aku i kekahi me ka makaʻu no’aʻaʻa koe i loko o nā maʻiʻaʻai wale.
ʻO ka helu ʻana i ka pō mahina he mea e helu ʻia mai ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā, ʻo ia hoʻi, hoʻomaka ʻia ka mea a Malo i ʻōlelo ai he “lā,” he wā o ka lōʻihi o ka manawa he 24 hola, mai ke ahiahi, ʻaʻole ma ke kuluaumoe ma ke ʻano o ka Haole. (ʻaʻole i pau)
The definition he shared for ‘āina as place has always struck me as being concisely intuitive and easy to remember. He said that ‘sense of place’ involves both the feel of a place, and the feel for a place. He taught us that place is personally defined for people by their own “locational experiences,” bridging of and for. He urged our business team to open our company with a spirit of hospitality creating fertile ground for stakeholders to gain place-connected experiences while they were involved with us. They could then feel for themselves what the Aloha spirit was all about, of and for. He explained this as key to being “culturally correct” in the way we shared Hawai‘i with visitors as well: A guest experience could be a locational experience too.

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  1. No ke aha he mea nui ka mālama a haʻi ʻana i ka moʻokūʻauhau a me nā moʻolelo me ka maiau a me ka maʻemaʻe? He loina Hawaiʻi ia kā nā kūpuna. He mea nui ka hoʻōla a hoʻomau ʻana i kēia mau loina Hawaiʻi, no ka mea, ola kākou (ka ʻāina, ka wai, ke akua, a me ke kanaka) i nā moʻolelo a me nā moʻokūʻauhau. Eia kekahi–Inā maopopo kou moʻokūʻauhau, maopopo nō hoʻi kou kuleana e laʻa ke kuleana no ka mālama ʻāina i aʻo ʻia ma o ka moʻokūʻauhau no Hāloa.
    Ua huli ʻia ma ka lā 31 o ʻOkakopa, ka lā i koho ʻia ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana nō o ka mahina puāhilo ma Hawaiʻi, a ua ʻike maka ʻia. Ma muli o ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana, e koho ʻia ʻo Hilo nō ia pō. (Akā ua ʻike ʻia paha ma ka ʻohe nānā ma ka lā 30 o ʻOkakopa)
    Members of Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i have many opportunities to get involved and develop their skills by taking on leadership positions. Any member is welcome to run for a position on the club’s executive board. This allows members to help with the planning of the club’s activities. Also, each year, two freshmen are elected as representatives to serve on the board. They help integrate the communication lines between the upperclassmen and the new students. Members also serve on one or more lū‘au committees. The skills developed through these leadership roles introduce many opportunities for students to get involved in different organizations on campus (i.e. residence life, student government, other clubs and organizations).

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