“ke kūʻai hou i kaʻoihana”

Congratulations go out to 17U-Phillips for obtaining a 18U -Gold Runner-Up finish in the 2nd Annual AAU Grand Prix Tournament held on a rainy President Day Weekend in Hawaii. In the teams first major debut for a nationally run tournament,  lead under the direction of Coach Joey Phillips and June Phillips the team played well against competitive teams from the 808.  Team mom Kelly Johnson did a excellent job in organizing and keeping the girls happy during and after the tournament. Celebration activities were followed afterward at Lucky Seven at Ala Moana
I think this olelo noeau means to learn from your elders and your parents for knowleg and guidance.They can teach you new things like to cook and clean the bathroom, and many more.They have so much knowleg that every day could be a new learning lesson from them . It is good to have a source at school and at home so that you can have lots of knowleg of almost everything.
Some of the Bru Na Boinne selected garments have features you wouldn’t see in your everyday clothing store. Their clothes have a modern, laid-back aesthetic that evokes a sense of the modern countryside, giving them an urbanite-in-the-rough feel. They use standard and durable fabric for all their items such as denim for jeans, heavy cotton for chinos and soft cotton for their t-shirts.
Moses is also the founder and artistic director of ʻInamona Theatre Company, an organization dedicated to reintroducing the native stories of Hawaiʻi to the community. ʻInamona is a traditional Hawaiian relish made from the roasted kernel of the kukui (candlenut). It is sprinkled sparingly over mea ʻai food) to gently enhance the natural flavor. Moses believes that no matter how skilled the storyteller, his (or her) work is merely a condiment to the greater sustenance. The true “mea ʻai” are the stories that have come before us, the stories of our ancestors.
The Hawaiian Islands are home to countless incredible restaurants, many of which are found in the islands’ capital city and other large towns. But that doesn’t mean that the lesser-known restaurants found way out in the Hawaiian countryside are any less delicious. In fact, there’s one little eatery found off the beaten path that might just serve the best food you’ve tried in ages. Located in the southernmost town in the United States
Pierre Cardin. Material: 100% Rayon. Size: Men’s XL (See Measurements First to Assure Proper Fit). We want you to be happy. In addition, we recommend cleaning and ironing as needed. We are only human and may make a mistake once in a while.
I nā hopena pule, ua hele aku ‘o Leialoha i ka hale o kona kupuna wahine. He hoa noho maika‘i ko kona tūtū. Ua noho aku ke kāne lokomaika‘i i ka hale o ka ‘ao‘ao hema o ko kona tūtū hale. ‘O Kalei kona inoa. Ua makemake ‘o ia iā Leialoha no ka mea u‘i loa ‘o Leialoha.
excellent resource. anthropological, sociological, definitions and actions and ways of thinking, of Hawai’ian people before and since contact with Europeans and others. my mother, my extended family, are not as embedded in traditional culture in some ways, I am not kamaiina (local island born and raised) but do recognize this. perhaps this is the way of all local cultures, and I only romanticize this. my heritage is important to me…
to find at least 8 people sittlng around a work table making/learning how to make feather leis. Evidently, it’s not a matter of stringing these feathers together but it is an “art”. The 8 or so learning this art are future judges for the upcoming Ms Hawaii pageant and were there to learn “some” Hawaiian culture…. I got to meet another hula kumu who’s name was Lanakila… Go figure. Talented man who is also a teacher at Mid Pacific Institute. He was taught hula by Kumu Robert Cazimero I am told. Both talented men. I am impressed.
If you do wish to paddle, the paddling fee is only $10 for four sessions – an absolute bargain. The $10 per month paddling fee includes one paddling session each week (four paddling sessions per month) in clean, safe outrigger canoes – plus paddling tips and instruction. We strive to make it fun and safe for everyone. The paddling fee also includes use of a paddle and on-board canoe safety equipment.
2506 ʻO Mahoehope ke kāne, ʻo Lanihua ka wahine, hānau ke keiki he kōkua nui a waiū nunui. Mahoehope is the husband, Lanihua (Productive-heavenly-one) is the wife; a child born to them is either thick-shouldered or large-busted.
Ch.20 p.102 para.5 sent.1 Iā lāua i hiki aku ai ma kahi kokoke iki e nānā aku ai i kauhale, aia hoʻi, ua hiki mua aku ʻo Kekalukaluokēwā ma kūlana heʻe nalu ma mua o ko lāua hiki ʻana aku. When she arrived close to the village, lo! Kekalukaluokewa was already out surf riding;
The bread was soft and slightly sweet. The layered flavors were perfect and not overwhelming. I could taste the slaw, pork, BBQ sauce, fresh tomatoes and lettuce and aioli. I usually opt out of mayo on most things but this aioli added great flavor. The mac salad? I devoured that before the sandwich. Delicious as I expected. I’ve had bad mac salad, sure. But that’s like having terrible fries. It compliments the meal so you take it for granted, but when they get it wrong it almost ruins the meal. Perfectly harmonious meal. My full tummy thanks you! (Yes, I ate it all even though it was a lot.) I’ll def go back.
Ke hoomanawanui ike aku la oia i ka Saisei Mirai ke Kalinika ma Osaka ma December 2011 ma hope o nui mamua lapaau. Chemotherapy ua, ua hele aku ma muli o ai i ka poe ilihune ke ano o ka hoʻomanawanui mai kaʻaoʻao ‘ole.

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  1. Aunty Paulette, Aunty Mary Lou, and Mele have a huge place in Hawaiian history, because they have contributed so much to the preservation of the talent for feather lei making. The talent and aloha of… these two icon oozes out when you go and visit their shop on Kapahulu Avenue.

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