“ke kāheaʻana i ka heleʻana kahi e loaʻa ai i ka nūpepaʻenehana kiʻi”

A compelling and vitally important initiative toward the rebuilding of the Hawaiian nation both culturally and politically is rising under the leadership of Puakea Nogelmeier, Professor of Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa.  He has recently launched the Institute of Hawaiian Language Research and Translation. A fundamental strategy of the Institute is to develop the next generation of translators and scholars for collaborative assignments to work with faculty and graduate students across all University of Hawaiʻi campuses.  The institute will pursue research projects proposed by University departments, government agencies, nonprofit institutions, communities, business and individuals. Translations and source texts will be made public through open web access.
I kekahi lā, ua ‘ike ‘ia aku kekahi kāne u‘i e Leialoha i ke kula. He papa kā Leialoha me ke kāne u‘i. I ko Leialoha manawa i ‘ike iā ia, ua mana‘o ‘o Leialoha, “Hū, ka u‘i o ke kāne! Makemake au iā ia! Makemake au e hui i kēlā kāne.” Akā, ‘a‘ole ‘o ia i ‘ōlelo iā ia. He mana‘o ko Leialoha.
This food truck substituted in for one our regulars that comes.  I normally don’t do the food trucks cause they are super expensive for the little amount you get, but since this was a rare one I thought I’d try.  I got the Kalua Burger which was about $10 and it came with fries but it wasn’t as amazing as it looked.  The meat was very salty and there was not much flavor besides that.  Very little bbq sauce – which if more was added it would have probably tasted better.  The bun was sorry and soggy.  I feel like if you have a specialty burger, at least have a bomb bun to go with it.  I wouldn’t get this again and wouldn’t recommend it.  The fries also were just plain.  Friendly staff tho!
I think this olelo noeau means to learn from your elders and your parents for knowleg and guidance.They can teach you new things like to cook and clean the bathroom, and many more.They have so much knowleg that every day could be a new learning lesson from them . It is good to have a source at school and at home so that you can have lots of knowleg of almost everything.
Sharp dressed couple sitting for a full length portrait shot taken at the Daisy Studio. Memphis, TN, Vintage African American photography courtesy of Black History Album. I love the Memphis Daisy studio images.
Ch.22 p.113 para.4 sent.2 I ia manawa, i loko o ka wā hiamoe o Lāʻieikawai, i nānā iho ka hana o ke kupuna wahine, he kāne ʻē kēia a ka moʻopuna e moe pū ana; ka mea a ke kupuna wahine i ʻae ʻole ai. As Laieikawai lay asleep, her grandmother looked and saw that the man sleeping with her grandchild was not the one she had chosen for her.
The beautiful @makenzie.boyd wearing our Mahina ‘Ā’īkala that was created several years ago as a part of our Kini Akua collection . . . This piece honors the goddess Hina’s ascension to the moon . . . In sterling silver from The Sonny Ching Collection by Paradisus.
There are no cliques or “insiders” in Hana Hou – everyone is ohana (family) beginning with your first visit. We’re here strictly for fun and never, ever to add stress or obligation to anyone’s life. Guests are ALWAYS very welcomed! No advance registration or notice is necessary. Just show up and bring along as many of your family members, friends, out-of-town guests, or anybody else as you wish. We’re a warm and friendly group – we promise that your guests will have a great time!
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Ch.27 p.145 para.7 sent.1 “Kali aku ʻoe a moe, e huli ana ke alo i lalo, ʻaʻole i moe, akā, i nānā aku ʻoe a i huli ke alo i luna, ua moe kā hoʻi, a laila, hele aku ʻoe. “Wait until he is asleep; should be turn his face down he is not asleep, but when you see him with the face turned up, he is really asleep;
My mom introduced me to Aunty Paulette when I was probably in 4th grade.  She had made an appointment at Na Lima Mili Hulu No’eau to make a lei hulu, or feather lei.  I remember watching my mom spend hours measuring and cutting the feathers, and then another several hours sewing her lei.
Gil C. said “I found this place on yelp and decided to give it a try because of the reviews and I’m glad I did. After doing some price comparisons with other shops I found that I could get the most for my money here. Not…” read more
“Aia a hora ‘umi, hele mai ‘oe a ma ka pukaaniani ma ka ‘ao’ao ma ‘Ewa o ka hale, ‘o ko’u rumi ia, komo mai ‘oe ma laila, no laila e ho’i ‘āwīwī aku ‘oe, i ‘ole e ‘ike ‘ia mai, a ua lohe akula ‘oe i ke kauoha, e ho’omana’o mai ho’i ‘oe ia leo.”
Hele aku lākou i loko o ke kai. A‘o aku ‘o Pāpā i nā keiki kāne e kū i ka papa he‘enalu. ‘A‘ole hiki iā Kawika ke kū i ka papa he‘enalu. E pūhili ana nō ‘o Kawika. Akā, ahonui loa ‘o Pāpā. ‘A‘ole i li‘uli‘u, a hiki iā Kawika ke kū i ka papa he‘e nalu. Hau‘oli nō ‘o Kawika.
Aliʻi were accountable to the makaʻāinana too. An aliʻi who took care of the people and was fair would have a large, productive society. An aliʻi who was greedy and did not take care of the people was often abandoned or even killed. Makaʻāinana were free to choose which ahupuaʻa to live in. If they were not happy under the rule of one aliʻi, they moved to another ahupuaʻa. Makaʻāinana were accountable to the government of the land and to the needs of the community. They ultimately served the aliʻi.
Aloha Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia! Everyone in Hawai‘i is proud to welcome you home from your three-year journey circumnavigating the globe, bearing a message of peace and mālama honua–caring for the Earth–from Polynesia to eighty-five ports in twenty-six countries. We at Hana Hou! have been honored to follow the wa‘a on this and other voyages. Mahalo for the opportunity to participate in your amazing achievement and share your story. May there be many more journeys to come.
Men’s Old Navy spring / fall jacket. Lite jacket in very good condition. Jacket has no holes, rips or tears. There are two small stains on the back of jacket (see photos). Zipper is in good working order and all buttons are present.

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  1. According to Perreira, “Coming together like this is extremely valuable. Classroom time is important, but this builds on that. This allows all of us to hear a broader range of thoughts and better shape our individual perspectives.”
    Nana i ke Kumu means to look to the source. This is important to look to the source because that is where you get your knowledge. Sources can be Kumu, Kupuna, Makua, siblings, God, the Aina… You can learn all from these things. Everyday we should focus on learning something new.
    Today, you can visit Aunty’s daughter, Mele, at the shop.  Mele has so much of her mother in her, and she is dedicated to carrying on the family tradition of Hawaiian featherwork.  If you don’t want to make a feather lei, you can also purchase some of their amazing work at the shop.  Or if you want to just get a taste for Hawaiian featherwork and see some incredible pieces, stop in just to say hi. 🙂

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