“kahi e loaʻa ai i nā mea hoʻolālā kiʻi ka hoʻouluulu”

According to Perreira, “Coming together like this is extremely valuable. Classroom time is important, but this builds on that. This allows all of us to hear a broader range of thoughts and better shape our individual perspectives.”
Hey Oahu people don’t forget, fashion show this Sunday! Kahala Mall at 1:00p and then trunk show @richeskahala to follow. There the entire Sonny Ching Collection will have a special discount. And one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces featured in the fashion show will be for sale. #nottobemissed #sonnychingcollection #hoololi #paradisusjewelry #happyholiday #seeyouthere
I nā hopena pule, ua hele aku ‘o Leialoha i ka hale o kona kupuna wahine. He hoa noho maika‘i ko kona tūtū. Ua noho aku ke kāne lokomaika‘i i ka hale o ka ‘ao‘ao hema o ko kona tūtū hale. ‘O Kalei kona inoa. Ua makemake ia iā Leialoha no ka mea u‘i loa ‘o Leialoha.
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I ka ‘ike ‘ana ‘o Hōlanikū (ka inoa o kēia kanaka), i kēia leka, ia wā ‘o ia i ‘ōlelo aku ai i ka makuahine: “Ke kauoha mai nei ‘o kua’ana ia’u, e holo aku e ho’oponopono i nā wahi ‘ōpala o hope, a he ‘ōma’ima’i ‘o ia.”
ʻO ClickBank ka mea kūʻai aku o nā huahana ma kēia pūnaewele. CLICKBANK® he laikini i kākau inoaʻia o Click Sales Inc., kahi hui Delaware ma 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA a hoʻohanaʻia ma kaʻaeʻana. ʻO ka hana a ClickBankʻoiai he mea kūʻaiʻole ka mea kūʻai kūʻai, hōʻoia a nānā paha i kēia huahana a iʻole kekahi kuleana,’ōlelo a manaʻo paha i hoʻohanaʻia no ka hoʻolahaʻana i kēia mau huahana.
Old Navy Pullover Hooded Windbreaker/Jacket. Size Medium. Nylon, Orange. Drawstring waist. Measures 23,1/2″ across the shoulders, 28″ from bottom of back collar to hem and 22″ from shoulder to end of sleeve.
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Character replacement aside, what happened to simple logic? The writing is sloppy, the plot consists of only holes, and Danny/Steve banter got old at least two seasons ago. Hope they at least will stop with the “partners” jokes already…
E hoʻolako ana ke koho o ko Hilo Huakaʻi Kālai i nā kipa honua a me kekahi ʻaha e pili ana i ka hoʻoili ʻana i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka lumi papa ma ka “nānā ʻana i ke kumu” ʻo ia ka ʻīkoi o ka hoʻōla ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ʻana.
I am using this and Vol 1 as reference as I write a fiction novel which includes reference to old Hawaii traditions. This is one of books recommended by native academics for reliability, as I try to write a piece that might also be enjoyed by Big Island natives as well as euro-American-haoles.
This double-gourd instrument is unique to Hawai’i and often accompanies Hula Kahiko. These Nā Ponohula haumana will learn the history and extreme importance of gourds in old time Hawai’i, and the growing, harvesting, curing, quality and matching of Ipu Heke gourds. The participants will learn in detail to make their own Ipu Heke, and will be able to pass on this information and skill if desired. They will also learn an oli to chant while playing their completed instrument.
We loved it so much we came back for lunch the very next day. I was torn between the fish and chips and a grilled cheese. My husband got the fish and chips and I decided on a grilled cheese because the bread is THAT good. Again I ordered the potato wedges and for dessert, German Chocolate Cake. Delicious.
Implied by Said’s analysis is a kind of “Occidentalism,” which suggests that the Orient discursively represents itself through the unequal power dynamic that paralyzes the colonized and blinds the conqueror to their own agency.
Designer Lauren Hayashibara will have her line, 19th & Whimsy for night market shoppers. The brand specializes in women’s contemporary separates, dresses and accessories that all have an element of whimsy!
Ch.1 Aloha | Ch.2 Ho‘ohana | Ch.3 ‘Imi ola | Ch.4 Ho‘omau | Ch.5 Kūlia i ka nu‘u | Ch.6 Ho‘okipa | Ch.7 ‘Ohana | Ch.8 Lōkahi | Ch.9 Kākou | Ch.10 Kuleana | Ch.11 ‘Ike loa | Ch.12 Ha‘aha‘a | Ch.13 Ho‘ohanohano | Ch.14 Alaka‘i | Ch.15 Mālama | Ch.16 Mahalo | Ch.17 Nānā i ke kumu | Ch.18 Pono | Ch.19 Ka lā hiki ola | Full Listing
After getting our malasadas at the bakery across the street from this restaurant, we came here for lunch, and met the cream pie and carrot cake offerings in the case on our way in! Now we had to plan a smaller lunch so we could…More
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Came by my office down in Sorrento valley. Food was good. I personally didn’t like the teriyaki sauce as much, it was a bit overwhelming. Service was good. $8 for the bowls an extra $1 for vegetables added. Not a fan of the price but it’s a food truck.
‘A‘ohe hana nui ke ‘alu ‘ia. Through this ‘ōlelo no‘eau, nā haumāna a Kawaikini learned the meaning of working together, especially while in the wa‘a. They also got a chance to learn about how mass and speed affects kinetic energy by participating in our small boat activity, paddling in our boats, and learning on the slip n slide.
Ch.5 p.31 para.7 sent.1 Holo akula kā lākou nei a kau i Honokaʻope ma Waipiʻo, ma laila aku a waho o Pāʻauhau, nānā aʻela lākou, e kū ana ka ʻeʻa o ka lepo o uka. They sailed and touched at Honokaape at Waipio, then came off Paauhau and saw a cloud of dust rising landward.
Ch.28 p.154 para.1 sent.6 I nānā aku ka hana i ka hale o ua ʻo Lāʻieikawai, ua uhi ʻia mai i ka hulu melemele o ka ʻōʻō. and looked at the workmanship of Laieikawai’s house, inwrought with the yellow feathers of the oo bird.

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  1. Nature is where it all begins for most islanders, and the Hawaiian people are no different. We call ourselves keiki o ka ‘āina, children of the land, understanding that our roots are within the land, and we grow shaped by our environment. In Hawai‘i the ‘āina is not just soil and sand, lava rock and dirt; the ‘āina is a statement of heart and soul for us. The very word brings forth deep emotion: Aloha ‘āina are our words for love of the land, for it is with Aloha we share the breath of life, understanding ‘āina gives us life and provides sustenance. In this way, humanity and nature are considered father and mother, soul, and spirit.
    Soon they may be able to do just that. Captain Miki and his crew plan to hold sailing demonstrations during their stay in Lata, and invite local people to join them. They hope to encourage residents of other islands to build and sail their own voyaging canoes.

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