“kahi e loaʻa ai i ka wiki hana i loko o ka’ōnaehana nui 4”

Eia kekahi,ʻo kēia kaʻa he mea maikaʻi loa ia no ka pāʻaniʻana i loko a me waho. Aʻo kēia kaʻa ka mea āu e makemake ai. Ma nā hihia, hiki i nā mea’ē aʻe a pau keʻike maopopoʻole i ka heleʻana i kēlā me kēia wahi noho i kahi kaʻa e kaulana. Ke hana nei lākou eʻike i ka noho kaʻa ma hope o ka noho ma kahi hopeʻole i ka hoʻokomoʻana i kāʻei o ka polokalamu polokalamu.
Therefore, when I hear the phrase Nānā i ke kumu, I know I must consider my emotional sense of place as well as my intellectual honesty and reasoning. In this regard, I am no different from most within our Hawai‘i communities, whether they be keiki o ka ‘āina, kama‘āina, or malihini. Each person has a connection to this place; all have deliberately chosen to be here.
Makaʻāinana were the equivalent of today’s citizens of Hawaiʻi. They made up the largest class of people in traditional society. Makaʻāinana lived in an ahupuaʻa (traditional land division) system. The ahupuaʻa were governed by managers or konohiki. The kuleana of the konohiki was to oversee the land, collect the taxes, and distribute community resources. The konohiki reported to the aliʻi. The konohiki and makaʻāinana were both governed by the aliʻi.
Kūkulu hou ʻia ka heiau e Billy Fields.  Ma mua he heiau i hoʻomana ʻia no ka ulu kalo a me ka lako o ka ʻāina.  He kalo wale nō ka ʻāina ma mua a laila ka laiki, a laila ka poʻe hānai pipi.  I heiau ʻo Kūkaʻōʻō e kupu pono ai ka ʻāina.  He hoʻokupu.  Kupu ka ʻāina i ka wai…he ua, he wai kahe, he wai o ka ʻāina.
Ch.28 p.154 para.1 sent.6 I nānā aku ka hana i ka hale o ua ʻo Lāʻieikawai, ua uhi ʻia mai i ka hulu melemele o ka ʻōʻō. and looked at the workmanship of Laieikawai’s house, inwrought with the yellow feathers of the oo bird.
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  [Said in praise of people who do not go anywhere without a gift or a helping hand. The saying originated at Honomakaʻu in Kohala. The young people of that locality, when on a journey, often went as far as Kapua before resting. Here, they made lei to adorn themselves and carry along with them. Another version is that no Kohala person goes unprepared for any emergency.]
I am using as a historical reference for my novel set on the Big Island. my visit to the island have made me feel connected to a historical spirituality that I would like to incorporate into a novel which requires some factual knowledge… Hoping to prevent having native academics heavily criticize my efforts.
According to Perreira, “Coming together like this is extremely valuable. Classroom time is important, but this builds on that. This allows all of us to hear a broader range of thoughts and better shape our individual perspectives.”
symptoms:Kanikani’āʻula, bladder nā mea palahēhē i kiaʻi i 10 manawa no ka po, optic neuritis (li nui o ka optic nā aʻalolo) Ke hoohiolo nei, loa Muscleʻeha a me ka twitching, ka hilahila, nawaliwali, noho huila e paa ana, hiki ole ke hele paha ku. Lehulehu o ka mea koʻohune nā mea palahēhē.
‘O ‘Ōhi’a ka lua o nā hua’ōlelo i koho ‘ia no ua po’oinoa lā. ‘Eā, he nui kona mau mana’o. Ma kēia kolamu na’e e hō’ike ai i kekahi mana’o e pili ana i ke kumu ‘ōhi’a lehua. He kumu lā’au ia nona ka lā’au pa’a a nona pū ka pua ‘ula’ula ‘o ka Lehua. I ke au i kūnewa aku nei, ua kapa ‘ia ke koa ikaika a mākaha he Lehua ma muli o ka like o kona kūpa’a me ko ka ‘ōhi’a lehua. Ma kēia kolamu, ‘o ka Haku ‘Ōhi’a ke kanaka nona ka na’au ikaika kūpa’a e like me ko kākou mau koa Hawai’i.
Est May 2016 . Hana Hou Volleyball Club was formed by two parents whose previous club collapsed and needed to provide a opportunity to showcase their 17u old players in what would be the last year at summer travel prior to graduation.  In six weeks the club went from zero to being featured as the media story of the 2016 AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando Florida
He researched and developed a set of 31 children’s books that were designed to strengthen appropriate Hawaiian language use across a variety of topics. These were produced with funds from a federal grant that afforded wide distribution of current literary materials, free of charge, to all families of Hawaiian language immersion school children. He also worked with immersion teachers to develop a pedagogy that could accompany his books. Moreover, Warner had begun to revolutionize the Hawaiian language pedagogy at the university by creating a grammatical schematic that is culturally relevant and simplifies the acquisition of abstract grammatical concepts. Although these endeavors were all part of his job, whether on or off the clock, he was clearly driven to increase the number of participants in the Hawaiian language revitalization movement. He would talk to students, colleagues, legislators, or anyone else at anytime in an effort to support their involvement in Hawaiian language development.
I kekahi lā mai, ma hope o ka ʻumikūmālua hola i loko o ka imu, ua liuliu.  Huʻe ʻia ka imu, wehe i nā mea o loko, a hoʻomaka koke i ke kīhaehae ʻana i ka ʻiʻo.  ʻAʻole lua e like ai me kēia ʻano hana me nā hoapapa a he ala hou aku ia i hoʻoikaika ai nā pilina ma waena o nā ʻelele Nāaoloa ma o ka hana kuʻuna.
She was curious to our venture with the Kahunanui. We told her what the excursion was about, who the Kahunanui is (which by the way, she guessed who it was from the beginning). She then started to share some of her stories with us- all very informative
ʻO ka helu ʻana i ka pō mahina he mea e helu ʻia mai ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā, ʻo ia hoʻi, hoʻomaka ʻia ka mea a Malo i ʻōlelo ai he “lā,” he wā o ka lōʻihi o ka manawa he 24 hola, mai ke ahiahi, ʻaʻole ma ke kuluaumoe ma ke ʻano o ka Haole. (ʻaʻole i pau)
2389 ʻO Ikiiki ke kāne, ʻo Hoʻopaupaualio ka wahine, hānau ke keiki, he keiki huhū koke. Ikiiki is the husband, Hoʻopaupauaho (Cause-shortness-of-breath) is the wife; a child born to them is short of temper.
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When a child is troubled and hesitates to say just what the problem is, Hawaiian elders will often say “Nānā i ke kumu.” They are saying, “Find a place where you can sit quietly, and look within yourself for the source of what troubles you, for there you will also find strength within your inner spirit with which to deal with the trouble.”
Eha mau malama i pule ole ai, no ka oihana o ka makahiki, he mau pule no nae e pili ana i ka oihana o ka makahiki, ma ka malama o Mahoehope e pau ai ka haipule ana, a na mea a pau, a koe o ka kahu akua wale no ke haipule mau.
Taunggyi Aungban Ayetharyar Chinshwehaw Hong Pai Hopang Hopong Hseni Hsi Hseng Hsipaw Kalaw Kengtung Kunhing Kunlong Kutkai Kyaukme Kyethi Lai-Hka Langkho Lashio Laukkaing Lawksawk Loilen Mabein Mantong Mawkmai Mong Hpayak Mong Hsat Mong Hsu Mong Khet Mong Kung Mong Nai Mong Pan Mong Ping Mong Ton Mong Yang Mong Yawng Mongko Mongmit Mongyai Muse Nanhkan Namhsan Namtu Nansang Nawnghkio Nyaungshwe Panglong Pekon Pinlaung Tachileik Tangyan
Ua huli ʻia ma ka lā 31 o ʻOkakopa, ka lā i koho ʻia ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana nō o ka mahina puāhilo ma Hawaiʻi, a ua ʻike maka ʻia. Ma muli o ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana, e koho ʻia ʻo Hilo nō ia pō. (Akā ua ʻike ʻia paha ma ka ʻohe nānā ma ka lā 30 o ʻOkakopa)
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Ch.11 p.58 para.7 sent.3 A no ka uluhua o Lāʻieikawai, kēnā aʻela ʻo ia i kona wahi kahu e hele e nānā i kahi i kani mai ai kēia mea kani. And, her interest aroused, she sent her attendant to see where the musical instrument was which was played so near her.
This is a cute little restaurant that has so much character and the sweetest people. We stopped here to get lunch before hiking to Papakolea Beach (Green Sand Beach). We got the Fish of the Day and Roast Pork lunches and they were delicious. It was very filling and pretty cheap for the amount of food we got.we also got a cookie to go because it was National Cookie Day, and it was also delicious. Highly recommend for those in the area and want a quick bite.
Moses is also the founder and artistic director of ʻInamona Theatre Company, an organization dedicated to reintroducing the native stories of Hawaiʻi to the community. ʻInamona is a traditional Hawaiian relish made from the roasted kernel of the kukui (candlenut). It is sprinkled sparingly over mea ʻai (nourishing food) to gently enhance the natural flavor. Moses believes that no matter how skilled the storyteller, his (or her) work is merely a condiment to the greater sustenance. The true “mea ʻai” are the stories that have come before us, the stories of our ancestors.
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Ināʻoe e noʻonoʻo i ka kākauʻana i ke kālā ma ka pūnaewele, e nānā hou akuʻoe! ʻO ka kākau’ana-jobs.net kahiʻoihana kūikawāʻoihana pilikino maikaʻi loa ma ka pūnaewele. Ma waho o nā tausani kākau kākau hana, hōʻole lākou i ka hōʻailona, ​​nā hōʻoia o kēlā me kēia papa kuhikuhi e pono e kōkua iāʻoe e loaʻa ka loaʻa kālā mai ke kākauʻana! ʻO nā meaʻoi loa i hoʻohālikelikeʻia me nā palapala pūnaewele freelance, writing-jobs.netʻaʻole e lawe i nā komisina mai kāu loaʻa. No laila e loaʻa iāʻoe 100% o kāu kālā paʻakikī i kēlā me kēia manawa!
There were prizes to win through raffles, special awards for participants of the event, live music by Fred’s Garage and a special guest appearance from Elvis (Maui’s own Darren Lee of Burn’n Love). The event was hosted by Joe Hawkins from KPOA 104.7 FM; the radio station was a sponsor of the event, along with 5A Rent-A-Space, Fred’s Garage, the Rotary Club of Upcountry Maui and Whaler’s Village.
From my perspective, Dr. Said’s analysis of Orientalism provides a powerful admonition not only for students in the current system of Culture Studies and Gender Studies in the Western academe, but also for all the other social sciences which purport to represent the experience of another.  In a certain sense then, we are all vulnerable to Orientalism, whether in discourse about the psychopathology of a client, the cultural practices of the Saramaka, or the personhood of gendered identities.  Let us therefore commit to mindfulness and nānā pono as we proceed.
In 2009, a railway link through to Jiegao in China was proposed. In 2011 the proposal was expanded to a link between Kunming and Kyaukphyu. President Thein Sein’s signed a memorandum of understanding during his May 2011 visit to Beijing between Myanmar’s rail transport ministry and China’s state-owned Railway Engineering Corporation to build the railway.[7]
After getting our malasadas at the bakery across the street from this restaurant, we came here for lunch, and met the cream pie and carrot cake offerings in the case on our way in! Now we had to plan a smaller lunch so we could…More
Inā makemakeʻoe i kahi smartwatch me ke kiʻekiʻe loa o ka puʻuwai o ka naʻau, he mea maikaʻi kēia no ka hoʻolālāʻana i kahi puʻupuʻu kūikawā mai o Samsung, kahi mea nui i hoʻohālikelikeʻia i nā mea akamai loa ma ke kahua kūʻai.

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