“kahi e hoʻokomo ai i ka puteteni ma ka ritz”

Whether you’re simply passing through Na’alehu on your journey across the island, or are visiting the nearby Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, a meal at Hana Hou restaurant is an absolute must. Trust us— you won’t be disappointed.
I tried the Stuffed Papaya, a nice ripe papaya stuffed with chicken salad made with chopped Mac nuts and a really fresh, leafy green side salad.  I was skeptical because most places make chicken or tuna salads with a lot of mayo, but this chix salad was nice and dry, just the way I like it.  The papaya was so ripe I scraped the papaya clean.  My meal “broke da mouth”.
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Eia i ka huikau o ke kaona nei, e noho ana kekahi mau mea, he kāne, a me kāna wahine ma kahi e ō nei ka inoa o Kahehuna, ka heana i hana ‘ia, e pili kokoke ana i ke alanui ‘Ema; iā lāua e noho ana, ua hāpai a hānau ka wahine i kā lāua keiki he kaikamahine. Hānai ihola nā mākua, a ua nui nō ho’i ke kaikamahine, ‘o ka ai aku nō ho’i koe i kāna loa’a, make ihola ka lūau’i makua kāne.
This truly is a Hawaiian art form that could die out…  definitely not one for children (although even children could probably make a pua hulu – feather flower); and not a task to be taken lightly.  My last lei took several months to complete.  Having said that, we need to perpetuate the culture, so if you are interested, and in Honolulu, check this out.
Inā he mau nīnau hou kāu ma mua o ka hoʻomakaʻana, ke noi aku nei mākou iāʻoe e heluhelu i nā nīnau pinepine , e hōʻike lākou iāʻoe i nā mea a pau āu eʻike ai! Kaomi i kēia no ka nānāʻana iā lākou A e kaomiʻana i lalo e kūkākūkā me kahi mea kūʻai mea ola e kohoʻia.
There is an ‘ōlelo no‘eau that states: “Ho‘i hou i ke ‘ehu me he moi la — Returns to the broiling sea like a moi fish.” This wise saying is said of one who leaves home for a better chance of self-advancement, only to return home at a later time. I could not better express my hopes for our class. We leave our safe haven up in the hills of Kapālama because it is only by doing so that we will be able to move forward in our lives. So we board that plane, ride that bus, or drive that car into our futures. We continue our educations, we get jobs, we travel, we have families, we grow as people, we become successful, and then we return to the place where our childhoods ended and our adult lives began. We may return professionally by becoming lawyers who specialize in helping the Hawaiian cause, or we may return educationally by teaching our children what we learned while at Kamehameha. There are many different avenues that can be taken to fulfill this responsibility; the important thing is that we fulfill it.
The rationale for the abaya is often attributed to the Quranic quote, “O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters, and the believing women, to cover themselves with a loose garment. They will thus be recognised and no harm will come to them” Qur’an 33:59[2] (Translated by Ahmed Ali) This quote is often given as the argument for wearing the abaya.
Eia kekahi, mākaukau nō mākou no ke kau ʻana ma luna o ke kaʻaahi me ke kaʻukaʻu ʻole, ʻoiai wehewehe maikaʻi maila ʻo Yui i ke kaʻina hana o ke kūʻai ʻana i kikiki, ke kali ʻana i ka laina no ke kau ʻana, ka holo ʻana ma luna o ke kaʻaahi, a me ka haʻalele ʻana mai ke kahua kaʻaahi aku.  Kohu mea lā, pohihihi loa ka huli ʻana i ke kaʻaahi kūpono e kau ai no ka hele ʻana mai kekahi wahi a i kekahi wahi, a manaʻolana mākou he hoa ana ko mākou no ia ʻāina e hele pū me mākou i nā manawa a pau.
People of Luova gave the voyagers a hearty Solomon style welcome, with dozens of residents turning out to help pull the massive canoe up from the beach to shelter. Children eagerly clambered over the hull to explore, and some older people fondly recalled earlier visits by tepuke during the decades when these canoes regularly plied Temotu’s waters.
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