“kahi e hiki ai iaʻu ke kūʻai i nā mīkini maʻamau ma London”

Catherine Maxwell read English literature for her BA and D.Phil. at St Hugh’s College, Oxford where she was subsequently a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow from 1990-1993. She then joined the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London, becoming Professor of Victorian Literature in 2009. She is the author of The Female Sublime from Milton to Swinburne: Bearing Blindness (Manchester University Press, 2001), Swinburne (Northcote House, 2006), and Second Sight: The Visionary Imagination in Late Victorian Literature (Manchester University Press, 2008), as well as numerous articles on Victorian poetry and prose.
At Hana Hou Restaurant, you will enjoy a favorable dining experience. From the peaceful surrounding of hills filled with greenery overlooking the town, to the warm, friendly, accommodating restaurant staff and residents.
A laila, ua hoʻomaka kēlā me kēia pūʻulu o nā pūʻulu ʻehā i kekahi haʻiʻōlelo/hōʻikeʻike no nā mea a mākou i manaʻo ai he kōkua no ka maʻa ʻana i ka moʻomeheu Kepanī iā mākou ma laila.  Ua like nā kumuhana o nā pūʻulu me ke Kumu Honua Mauli Ola:  pili ʻuhane, lawena, ʻōlelo, a me ka ʻike kuʻuna.
I tried the Stuffed Papaya, a nice ripe papaya stuffed with chicken salad made with chopped Mac nuts and a really fresh, leafy green side salad.  I was skeptical because most places make chicken or tuna salads with a lot of mayo, but this chix salad was nice and dry, just the way I like it.  The papaya was so ripe I scraped the papaya clean.  My meal “broke da mouth”.
RATED  Stopped for breakfast here on Wednesday: Farmers Market Day in Na’alehu, Hawaii. Ordered the breakfast bowl which was terrific. Thinly sliced fried spuds, topped with spinach, mushrooms, egg and melted cheese on top. Yum! Not cheap at 9 bucks, but if you know anything about Hawaii, food is very expensive here. Followed up with a slice of Macadamia Nut Cream Pie. Very good.
Learners are encouraged to participate in all aspects of our canoe programs, but it is realized that there may be restrictions with regard to time and funding. Here are several types of programs that NKW conducts. Please email us through our contact page or call us for more information on how you and your community can participate in our programs.
Summer is here and so is our June/July issue! Inside you’ll take a trip to Scotland as a group of students from Kamehameha perform a Hawaiian language opera for thousands at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, find out what it takes to raise Hawai‘i’s only set of quintuplets, dive deep into the history of Kaua‘i institution Tahiti Nui and much, much more. As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Congratulations to HUGS board member Bill Tobin, owner/managing partner of Tiki’s Grill & Bar, who was inducted into the Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Hall of… Fame last night at Pōmaika’i Ballrooms. He was one of 10 restaurateurs, chefs and industry pioneers who have contributed to Hawaii’s culinary scene. Hats off also to HUGS board member Anne Lee who chaired the Gala, that featured a delicious Chefs of Aloha Dine Around.
Emphasizing the importance of cultural literacy, the Handbook begins with an overview of the origins of hula, its history in Hawai’i, and the primacy of the spiritual focus of the dance. The book goes on to introduce halau etiquette and practices, and explains the format of a traditional hula presentation, together with the genres of hula and the regalia worn by the dancers. Practical components include sections on Hawaiian language and chant and a glossary of hula commands and footwork.
Great food and a good value for Hawaii. We normally stop at the bakery in Naalehu, which though good is a bit of a tourist trap. However, across the street is a hidden Gem. It is not much to look at inside and out, however the food is very good and they have home baked desserts which are amazing. I had some of the best Teriyaki Beef I have ever had and my wife had a great pulled pork sandwich. Next time we are traveling through Naalehu, Hana Hou is our new “must stop” place to eat. The locals eat there and now we know why.
Wow we have a new kitchen. Finally drug off that ancient stove and replaced it with modern equipment. What a relief Now we heat up the food not the entire universe. New bakers oven also so get ready for some new treats coming soon. Good things in the future for the Hou. See you soon Aloha Patty
Drydock is a essential part of the holistic nature of canoe culture. During drydock, learners are exposed to the importance of vessel maintenance. Through drydock programs NKW emphasizes the Hawaiian value of Mālama, to take care of. Most drydock programs center around the mālama (maintenance) of Makaliʻi, our main voyaging vessel. Participants have the opportunity to learn lashing, vessel engineering, and other tasks related to maintaining the sea-going integrity of Makaliʻi. Learners become very familiar with canoe parts and how each part is related to the other parts, a direct reflection of our own community’s make-up.
In 1900, the town of Lashio consisted of the European station, with court house and quarters for the civil officers; the military police post, the headquarters of the Lashio battalion of military police; and the native station, in which the various nationalities, Shans, Burmans, Hindus and Muslims, who were divided into separate quarters, with reserves for government servants and for the temporary residences of the five sawbwas of the northern Shan States; and a bazaar.[1]
I nā hopena pule, ua hele aku ‘o Leialoha i ka hale o kona kupuna wahine. He hoa noho maika‘i ko kona tūtū. Ua noho aku ke kāne lokomaika‘i i ka hale o ka ‘ao‘ao hema o ko kona tūtū hale. ‘O Kalei kona inoa. Ua makemake ‘o ia iā Leialoha no ka mea u‘i loa ‘o Leialoha.
Keoua states, “it makes me very happy to see the joy in my grandmother’s eyes when I share the pieces that I have woven with her. We now talk a different language, a lauhala weaver’s language, when she offers her advice or new techniqes to consider. While her hands are not able to teach, she is quick to scold when I am not doing something correct or to point out an error.”
Nā Kiʻi Kahiko o Mānoa—E nānā i kēia mau kiʻi–he aha ke ʻano o ka ʻāina ma mua? Pehea i kēia manawa? I ka wā kahiko, piha ke awāwa i nā lo‘i kalo a ‘auana nā kahawai i ‘ō a i ‘ane‘i. I kēia manawa, piha ‘o Mānoa i nā hale a me nā alanui, a pau ka hapanui o nā mea o ka wā kahiko.
My fellow seniors, soon-to-be alumni of the class of 2006: I know that the future holds great things for us. We’ve seen each other through a lot over the years, and I know we will continue to be there for one another. I wish you all the best in your life endeavors and want you to remember to “Ho‘i hou aku i ke ‘ehu me he moi la,” for there will always be a place for you in the hearts and homes of the people of Hawai‘i. Ke akua pū me ‘oukou a mālama pono. Mahalo.
Ch.10 p.51 para.3 sent.1 Huli maila ʻo ʻAiwohikupua, nānā hope akula i nā kaikuahine me ka ʻī aku, “ʻAʻole he hala hoʻomau. Aiwohikupua turned and looked back at his younger sisters and said, “Constancy is not a sin;
Excellent hawaiian style button up ss shirt with chest pocket. Pit to pit is 28.5″ with 32″ length from back collar seam to hem. Its in great condition. Ask any questions… USA buyers only. Thanks for looking!
Uaʻike wau ua lilo kēia i kekahi o nā ala maʻalahi a me kaʻoluʻolu e hoʻolilo ai i ke kālā i kēia mau lā, e like me nā kānaka me kaʻikeʻole i ka moʻolelo. ʻIke au i kēiaʻoihana maʻalahi, hiki a maʻalahi. Makemake wau e hoʻonui aku i ka manawa me koʻuʻohana a me ke kauʻana me nā hoaaloha, a ke loaʻa nei ka wā no kaʻu mau hana’ē aʻe. ʻOi, nui loa ka uku. ʻAʻohe mea e manaʻo e hanaʻoe ma ka home me kāu uku! Hiki iāʻoe ke loaʻa kēia ola. E hoʻomaka me kēia ma kaomiʻana i kahi.
Today, you can visit Aunty’s daughter, Mele, at the shop.  Mele has so much of her mother in her, and she is dedicated to carrying on the family tradition of Hawaiian featherwork.  If you don’t want to make a feather lei, you can also purchase some of their amazing work at the shop.  Or if you want to just get a taste for Hawaiian featherwork and see some incredible pieces, stop in just to say hi. 🙂
In historic fashion the Hana Hou 18’s for the second consecutive year has earned the prestigious ” American Bid” for the USAV Junior National Championships. The 18’s JO’s will be from April 27-29, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center.
With clothes for men from this collection, you’ll feel attractive and confident. Take on the boardroom or barroom knowing that you look your best. Elevate your wardrobe with new clothes and start realizing fashionable new possibilities.
I ka ‘ike ‘ana ‘o Hōlanikū (ka inoa o kēia kanaka), i kēia leka, ia wā ‘o ia i ‘ōlelo aku ai i ka makuahine: “Ke kauoha mai nei ‘o kua’ana ia’u, e holo aku e ho’oponopono i nā wahi ‘ōpala o hope, a he ‘ōma’ima’i ‘o ia.”
In the introduction to his 1978 book Orientalism, scholar of comparative literature Edward Said confronts the complex, constructed understandings of one group of people as they seek to explain another, and discerns the implications.  Central to his thoughtful analysis is the recognition that the concepts of “Orient” and “Orientalism” belong to a Western paradigm that has both material and symbolic features.  Here, the Orient is a physical place defined by Europe both in terms of its geographic location adjacent to the European continent, and as an expression of Western power.
aesthetic ambergris aromatic Art of Perfumery Arthur Symons associated Baudelaire beauty blossom bouquet Bradley Bradley’s breath Charles cited civet cologne colour Cooper Critical decadent delicate eau de cologne edition Eliot English essay essence exotic fin de siècle floral flowers fragrance French garden Gosse Greek hair heliotrope Ibid imagination incense influence Jenny John Addington Symonds Lady Lafcadio Hearn Letters lilies literary literature lover Lubin Luca Turin lyric Mackenzie Mary meadowsweet memory Michael Field modern musk natural nineteenth century notes novel odor odour olfactory one’s Oscar Wilde patchouli perfume Perfumery Piesse Piesse’s pleasure poem poet poetic poetry published Raffalovich Ricketts rose scent seems sense of smell sexual Shelley Shelley’s soap song sonnet soul speaker Studies suggests sweet Swinburne Swinburne’s Symonds’s synthetic T. S. Eliot texts tuberose verse Victorian violets Virginia Woolf vols London Walter Pater Wilde’s William woman women word writes York
ʻAʻohe i loaʻa kekahi pale i kēlā me kēia me kaʻaʻohe kūkākūkāʻana. ʻO kekahi mau māhele Duplo he wahi me ka hui. E hoʻohanaʻiaʻelua aʻoi aku paha nā inoa e haʻi i ka inoa. ʻO nā kūʻaiʻana a Suria i ka hale kūʻai i nā mea a pau no lākou, hāʻawi au iā ia i kahi kālā hou.
Mai mākilo wale! Ma o ka lā 4 o ‘Okakopa, e kū’ē like nā Haku ‘Ōhi’a i ka ho’ouna hou ‘ia ‘ana o nā ki’i o Kū i kahi a lāua i waiho ‘ia ai no nā makahiki he nui i hala a’ela, ‘o ia ho’i, i nā hale hō’ike’ike o nā ‘āina ‘ē. Mai ha’alele i ko lāua one hānau. E kū mau i Hawai’i a mau!
Poke was very classic and showed off the fish, simple elegant the way I like it, they actually have some of the best fish around with their salmon plate which I would not get the kimchi on due to the acid balance. The salmon plate is the way to go. The kalua pork was a little too pulled pork style for me, I prefer the kalua pork plate because the bun and sauces combo take away from the pork when you use that as a delivery vehicle.
Do this for your business, and you will get in arm’s reach of Pono, the value of rightness and balance. Not only does Nānā i ke kumu encompass source and explain culture: It describes your full capacity moving forward.

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