“kahi e hiki ai iaʻu ke hoʻokumu i koʻu mau’eneʻano kiʻi”

The lives of Five-0’s informants are in danger when the HPD system is hacked and one ends up dead, forcing McGarrett to enlist the help of hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence), who he just imprisoned. Joey Lawrence Returns as Aaron Wright.
He aha ka meaʻoi aku ma mua o ka ukuʻana i ka uku no nā haleʻaina kaulana? Uaʻike wau e pili ana i ka poʻe e kūʻai kālā ana ma ka pūnaewele akāʻaʻole au i manaʻo e hiki nō hoʻi iaʻu no kaʻu nohoʻana ma Asia. ʻO kahi maikaʻi koʻu ho’āʻoʻana i kāu ho’āʻo a kau inoaʻana, i kēia manawa, loaʻa iaʻu nā hana hebedoma mai nā hale likeʻole e makemake ana iaʻu e nānā i kā lākou mau mea kaulana! Ua lele au i Bangkok a me Singapore i nā uku a pau i ukuʻia no kahiʻahaʻainaʻai aʻu i uhi ai. ʻO kaʻu mea e’ōlelo aku nei he mahalo iāʻoe aʻoi aku ka mana iāʻoe!
Kunhing Township Kyethi Township Lai-Hka Township Loilen Township Mong Hsu Township Mong Kung Township Nansang Township Karli Subtownship Kholan Subtownship Minenaung Subtownship Minesan Subtownship Panglong Subtownship
Eia i ka huikau o ke kaona nei, e noho ana kekahi mau mea, he kāne, a me kāna wahine ma kahi e ō nei ka inoa o Kahehuna, ka heana i hana ‘ia, e pili kokoke ana i ke alanui ‘Ema; iā lāua e noho ana, ua hāpai a hānau ka wahine i kā lāua keiki he kaikamahine. Hānai ihola nā mākua, a ua nui nō ho’i ke kaikamahine, ‘o ka ai aku nō ho’i koe i kāna loa’a, make ihola ka lūau’i makua kāne.
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We love this restaurant, we went to eat there two years ago when we were on vacation and just had to go again on this vacation. The food is yummy and the service is friendly. If you like good desserts… you have to try some from Hana Hou because they are so tasty. See More
The Women’s March On Washington- Maui Style attracted an estimated crowd of 5,000 people. The sea of people marched up and down Kaahumanu Avenue holding their signs high and chanting. Protesters participated to not only stand up for women’s rights but also to advocate for equal rights for immigrants, all ethnicities and disabilities as well as to show opposition to President Trump.
From my perspective, Dr. Said’s analysis of Orientalism provides a powerful admonition not only for students in the current system of Culture Studies and Gender Studies in the Western academe, but also for all the other social sciences which purport to represent the experience of another.  In a certain sense then, we are all vulnerable to Orientalism, whether in discourse about the psychopathology of a client, the cultural practices of the Saramaka, or the personhood of gendered identities.  Let us therefore commit to mindfulness and nānā pono as we proceed.
I anticipated the arrival of this book. I am carefully reading it now to reinforce what I do know and broaden my understanding of the hula I love. The contents point to a good overview of Hawaiian hula.
‘A‘ohe hana nui ke ‘alu ‘ia. Through this ‘ōlelo no‘eau, nā haumāna a Kawaikini learned the meaning of working together, especially while in the wa‘a. They also got a chance to learn about how mass and speed affects kinetic energy by participating in our small boat activity, paddling in our boats, and learning on the slip n slide.
This is an easy place to recommend. My wife and I ate here twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast. For dinner we had the Planko Fish dinner which was fabulous! Unfortunately we didn’t have room for dessert! Two days later we stopped for…More
Ch.33 p.178 para.1 sent.2 A laila, hoʻouna hou akula nō ʻo Lāʻielohelohe i ke kamaʻāina e hele hou e nānā i nā aliʻi, me ka ʻī aku naʻe, “E hele ʻoe e nānā a ʻike i nā aliʻi e hiamoe ana, a laila, hoʻi mai ʻoe, a hele pū aku kākou.” Then Laielohelohe sent the natives again to go and see the chiefs, saying, “You go and find out where the chiefs sleep, then return to us.”
Hula requires a lot of respect. This book emphasizes the need of respect to learn to dance hula. author honors her past teachers and shares her experiences. A good guide for basic hula vocabulary and intro to the culture of hula. I wish it included a music cd.
My thought’s is that you should look up to your elders because they have most of the knowledge. They have knowledge because they were on this earth longer than you. They want you to do what they didn’t do correctly. Your family always wants the best for you because they always want you to do well. My family says they always want the best for me. My family helps me because they want me to do great.(Sorry Mrs.Ah Hee I couldn’t get the video on the QR code because we couldn’t update the adobe flash player on my parents phones)
Pierre Cardin. Material: 100% Rayon. Size: Men’s XL (See Measurements First to Assure Proper Fit). We want you to be happy. In addition, we recommend cleaning and ironing as needed. We are only human and may make a mistake once in a while.
He ʻekolu a ʻehā paha hola ka lōʻihi o ka hoʻomehana ʻana o nā pōhaku a wela kūpono, ua mālie ka hana ʻana i nā hana ʻē aʻe e like me ke kīhaehae ʻana i ka pūmaiʻa a me ka ʻohi ʻana i kekahi mau lāʻī.  Hoʻohana ʻia ia mau ʻano lau no ka mālama ʻana i ka nui wai i loko o ka imu.  I ka hui ʻana o ka wela o nā pōhaku me ka wai o nā lau, pua aʻe ka māhu a pēlā e kālua ʻia ai ka ʻiʻo.
Ch.16 p.83 para.1 sent.2 A hiki maila ua moʻo nei, kauoha akula ʻo ia, “E ko mākou akua, e Kihanuilūlūmoku, nānā ʻia ke kupu, ka ʻeu, ke kalohe o kai. And the lizard came and she commanded him: “O our god, Kihanuilulumoku, see to this lawless one, this mischief-maker, this rogue of the sea;
I was first introduced to feather lei making when I used to dance hula for Na Lei Hulu I Ka Weiku.   When my kumu (dance teacher) asked us to make a lei hulu (feather lei) for a dance performance, I was super dissapointed because I knew it was going to be a LOT of work.  But WOW – that was perhaps one of the best things that I have ever done in my history of dancing hula.
But that’s just part of the fun. Come to the beach early and stay afterward for our weekly Hana Hou hukilau (a beach party – the non-fishing kind). Every week, a kanikapila erupts – it’s a Hawaiian jam session featuring ukuleles, guitars, hula, and even a washtub bass. Bring your singing voice (even if you don’t have one), a chair, a blanket, a beach umbrella, or whatevah. Pack a snack and beverages and make a day it – or check ahead to see if we’re having a potluck luau or other special event. New events are being added very week – and there are also some occasional surprises!
Hula Preservation Society presents this Hula Kiʻi intensive with Auntie Mauliola Cook, protégé of the late Kumu Nona Beamer. Auntie Nonaʻs practice in this rare form involves puppetry, a means employed in many cultures to pass on and tell stories. Auntie Nona loved the kiʻi, and a favorite Hula Kiʻi in her later years was “Ke Haʻala Puna,” a core chant in the Pele repertoire.*  Join Auntie Mauliola Cook to build your own kiʻi head (using a dried coconut) and lole (muslin outfit to be dyed and designed). The hula taught will be shared at the closing Hōʻike.
A mist carries both of them to the waters edge of Kawahinela‘iokekapu upon the slopes of Hualālai, there Kawahinela‘iokekapu returns as the sacred mo‘owahine of the pond and Kaupo‘ohiwi turns into the enlightened Kukui tree. Forever and ever together upon the slopes of Hualālai and the leis both of them wear are the ‘Ōpua clouds always surrounding Hualālai.
He researched and developed a set of 31 children’s books that were designed to strengthen appropriate Hawaiian language use across a variety of topics. These were produced with funds from a federal grant that afforded wide distribution of current literary materials, free of charge, to all families of Hawaiian language immersion school children. He also worked with immersion teachers to develop a pedagogy that could accompany his books. Moreover, Warner had begun to revolutionize the Hawaiian language pedagogy at the university by creating a grammatical schematic that is culturally relevant and simplifies the acquisition of abstract grammatical concepts. Although these endeavors were all part of his job, whether on or off the clock, he was clearly driven to increase the number of participants in the Hawaiian language revitalization movement. He would talk to students, colleagues, legislators, or anyone else at anytime in an effort to support their involvement in Hawaiian language development.
Participants will learn to make two different styles of ʻUlīʻulī or hula rattles; one with a poʻo hulu and one with lauhala handle and no poʻo. Nā Ponohula participants will learn an oli or hula using the ʻUlīʻulī.
Hula Preservation Society presents this Hula Kiʻi intensive with Kumu Auliʻi Mitchell. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about this rare form – a dance of old which can involve puppetry and is an amazing way to tell stories.  Kumu Auliʻi is grandson of Kumu Charles Kahiwahiwa Cash and son of Kumu Aana Cash Mitchell. In this tradition, kiʻi are created from wood, and Kumu Auliʻi and his carving alakaʻi will guide you in creating your own. Through learning a hula with the kiʻi, you will bring it to life.  This hula will be shared at the closing Hōʻike.
Ch.17 p.87 para.6 sent.2 I nānā aku ka hana o ke aliʻi i kāna ʻīlio, ua pau nā pepeiao a me ka huelo i ka moʻo, a no kēia mea, manaʻo aʻela ʻo ʻAiwohikupua e hoʻi, no ka mea, ua pio lākou. when the chief looked him over, gone were the ears and tail inside the lizard. So Aiwohikupua resolved to depart, since they were vanquished.
1  ¶  E mililani aku iā Iēhova, e kāhea aku hoʻi i kona inoa;     E hōʻike aku hoʻi i kāna mau hana i waena o nā kānaka. 2 E ʻoli aku iā ia, e hoʻoleʻa aku iā ia;     E hoʻokaulana aku i kāna mau hana a pau. 3 E kaena ʻoukou ma kona inoa hoʻāno,     E leʻaleʻa hoʻi ka naʻau o ka poʻe ʻimi iā Iēhova. 4 E huli ʻoukou iā Iēhova, a me kona ikaika;     E ʻimi mau loa aku hoʻi i kona maka. 5 E hoʻomanaʻo i nā hana mana āna i hana ai,     A me kāna mau mea kupanaha,     A me ka hoʻoponopono ʻana o kona waha: 6 E nā pua a ʻAberahama, a kāna kauwā,     E nā mamo a Iakoba, kona mea i wae ai. 7 ʻO ia nō ʻo Iēhova, ko kākou Akua:     Aia ma ka honua a pau kāna hoʻoponopono ʻana. 8  ¶  Ua hoʻomanaʻo mau mai ʻo ia i kona berita,     I ka ʻōlelo hoʻi āna i kauoha mai ai i nā hanauna, he tausani;
Outstanding source of valuable information about the ancient culture of Hawaiian and how it has endured on to today if a little bit of a faint echo at times. Auntie Mary is still one of the key sources of accurate and valuable information and is probably considered a “World Treasure” in some circles. Unmatched place to deepen and strengthen your understanding of just what it means to be hawaiian and how the old truths still affect the lives of the Hawaiians today. I can’t say enough to rave about these books. She’s a real asset to Hawaiian studies.
I had an aloha moment while eating the terriyaki salmon plate in downtown San Diego.    Paid $14.00 for plate lunch, and loved every bite.  Very healthy and tasty. Will be looking forward to sampling more the island food. Though a bit pricey, the food was worth every bite.  I will be saving my money to visit them again.
Salt Liko will be showcasing their new collection, Makani. New patterns and colors are incorporated into the breezy cuts of past lines…all too perfect for the laid-back, urban lifestyle of Hawaii. Joining Salt Liko’s booth is Matt Bruening. Look out for new prints and more from the popular label.
This olelo noeau is a very meaningful olelo noeau. This olelo noeau connects to me because it means look to the source and is like when I had to find out my grandparents names I went to them. Also, when I wanted to find out about my dad’s life, I asked him. He was the source of that knowledge.
Truly a great spot and all good reviews are warranted. We had the moco loco with shredded pork. It was amazing. There were two servers who never stopped but always had smiles on their faces. We al…so made room for the greatly lauded macadamia nut pie. Oh my! We will be back. Everything on the menu looked fabulously amazing See More
Ka iniiaiie kauka ua kāhāhā No ka mea, o ka hopena i manaoia mai ka hoʻomāka Inc i ka alawa maʻi kumupaʻa (ma mua hoʻi o ka laau) No ka mea, o ka holomua ke kahua. Naʻe, i kaʻeho nalowale loa E kāhea aku i kekahi me ka makaʻu no’aʻaʻa koe i loko o nā maʻiʻaʻai wale.
Ch.28 p.154 para.1 sent.6 I nānā aku ka hana i ka hale o ua ʻo Lāʻieikawai, ua uhi ʻia mai i ka hulu melemele o ka ʻōʻō. and looked at the workmanship of Laieikawai’s house, inwrought with the yellow feathers of the oo bird.
Abayat are known by various names but serve the same purpose, which is to cover. Contemporary models are usually caftans, cut from light, flowing fabrics like crepe, georgette, and chiffon. Other known abaya styles are front open and front closed abaya. Styles differ from region to region: some abayat have embroidery on black fabric while others are brightly coloured and have different forms of artwork across them.
After getting our malasadas at the bakery across the street from this restaurant, we came here for lunch, and met the cream pie and carrot cake offerings in the case on our way in! Now we had to plan a smaller lunch so we could…More

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