“kahi e hiki ai iaʻu keʻike i nā loina hou loa”

I anticipated the arrival of this book. I am carefully reading it now to reinforce what I do know and broaden my understanding of the hula I love. The contents point to a good overview of Hawaiian hula.
This is an easy place to recommend. My wife and I ate here twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast. For dinner we had the Planko Fish dinner which was fabulous! Unfortunately we didn’t have room for dessert! Two days later we stopped for…More
More than 50 golfers hit the links to raise funds for scholarships awarded to Hawai‘i island students. The Pauahi Foundation tournament was hosted by the exclusive Nanea Golf Club in Kailua-Kona. See story »
Key Concepts for the Fashion Industry is the first concise and accessible overview of fashion theories for students on any fashion course. Providing an easy understanding of the core concepts, from scarcity to conformity, this book offers clear, practical examples and accessible case studies, making complex theory easy to digest.
Say goodbye to boring old t-shirts and shout “Aloha” to the Hawaiian shirt. These colorful and funky shirts, also called Aloha shirts, have been around since the 1930s. However, it was perhaps when Montgomery…
A noho nā haumāna a pau,  ʻo ka wehewehe maila nō ia o Kumu Kekoa Harman (ma ka ʻākau) no ka papahana o ka hālāwai hoʻokamaʻāina.  Ma o ia hālāwai he ʻelua hola ka lōʻihi i ʻike ai nā ʻelele haumāna no ka ʻōlelo nuʻukia o ka papahana “Nāaoloa ma Iāpana” a me na koina i hiki i nā haumāna ke hoʻomau ma ia papahana.  Hoʻolauna akula kēlā haumāna kēia haumāna iā ia iho i ka pūʻulu ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo ʻana i ka inoa, ke one hānau, a me ka pahuhopu nui o ke komo ʻana i ia ʻano hana.
Volume One interprets specific Hawaiian customs, concepts, and terms “to clarify distorted beliefs, suggest the rationale behind Hawaiian ritual, and convey some of the poetic imagery of ancient rites and their underlying concepts.”
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The ʻIpu Heke is a double gourd implement used in Hula. Participants will learn about the importance and meaning of the ʻIpu Heke and will make and learn to play their implement. Nā Ponohula participants will learn a hula or oli for the Ipu Heke.
The bread was soft and slightly sweet. The layered flavors were perfect and not overwhelming. I could taste the slaw, pork, BBQ sauce, fresh tomatoes and lettuce and aioli. I usually opt out of mayo on most things but this aioli added great flavor. The mac salad? I devoured that before the sandwich. Delicious as I expected. I’ve had bad mac salad, sure. But that’s like having terrible fries. It compliments the meal so you take it for granted, but when they get it wrong it almost ruins the meal. Perfectly harmonious meal. My full tummy thanks you! (Yes, I ate it all even though it was a lot.) I’ll def go back.
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Kunhing Township Kyethi Township Lai-Hka Township Loilen Township Mong Hsu Township Mong Kung Township Nansang Township Karli Subtownship Kholan Subtownship Minenaung Subtownship Minesan Subtownship Panglong Subtownship
Get ready …TACO TITA THE OUT is openeng at 1 serving great soft tacos and burritos and other good eats from Mexico. Hours to start 11 to 3 more as we get going. CASH ONLY . The shop is located on the street side of HANA HOU building. Plenty of parking across the street. Come on by and check it out. See you May 1. ALOHA from the Taco Tita
I used my mom’s Android, then since the flash-player wouldn’t work I just copied the URL from the phone to the computer. I had an account on Educreations previously, I just logged in and viewed the video. To make it work just type the URL from the phone into the URL on the computer.
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This is the value of personal well being. Literally translated, Nānā i ke kumu means “look to your source.” Seek authenticity, and be true to who you are. Get grounded within your sense of self. Keep your Aloha at the surface of what you do daily, and celebrate those things that define your personal truths. To value Nānā i ke kumu is to practice Mahalo for your sense of self: Do you really know how extraordinary and naturally wise you are? Find out. Become more self-aware. It’s the best discovery you’ll ever make, and it opens a tap to increasing personal wealth (beyond mere finances, wealth is a value too!)
Perhaps the most unique part of the Hawai‘i Club is the support amongst its members. Students who are a part of Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i become part of a family, or “‘Ohana”, and are quickly woven into an intricate pattern that makes their college experience one to be remembered. From the very beginning, Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i provides its members with networks of support and numerous opportunities to get involved at Pacific University.
Spring has sprung and our new issue has arrived! In the April/May issue you’ll find a tour of Beijing’s burgeoning jazz scene, what it’s like to deep-sea fish with the help of a nine-hundred-pound metal buoy, how University of Hawai‘i’s Plant Extinction Prevention Program is saving some of the Islands’ rarest plants and much, much more! As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Warner was first employed at UH Mānoa in 1978 as a lecturer teaching Hawaiian 101 in the Indo-Pacific Language Department (IPLD). He continued to teach through spring 1984, after which he left for a semester to take up an instructor position in Hawaiian at UH Hilo. In spring 1985, he returned to the Indo-Pacific Language Department as an instructor of Hawaiian. He continued in this position until his appointment to the position of assistant professor in 1994 with the Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures. In 2003, Warner was promoted to associate professor where he has held several leadership positions, including director of Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language.
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PPS Hoʻohālikelikeʻia i nā mea’ēhana’ē aʻeʻaʻole mākou e lawe i 20-30% nā papahana mai kāu kālā loaʻa. ʻO ia ke kumu e hoʻonui ai i nā kālā me mākou! ʻO kāu uku pāʻani kālā no ka uhiʻana i kā mākou mau hoʻolālā no ka hōʻano hou i kā mākou waihonaʻikepili no nā hanana hou he mea mākou e mālama.
Character replacement aside, what happened to simple logic? The writing is sloppy, the plot consists of only holes, and Danny/Steve banter got old at least two seasons ago. Hope they at least will stop with the “partners” jokes already…
2371 ʻO Hinaiaʻeleʻele ke kāne, ʻo Pōʻeleʻi ka wahine, hānau ke keiki, he keiki ʻakena a haʻanui. Hinaiaʻeleʻele is the husband, Pōʻeleʻi (Supreme-dark-one) the wife; a child born to them is a boaster and an exaggerator.
Ma ke kapu Ku, ekolu po e kapu ai ma ka po o Hilo ke kapu ana, ma ke ao o Kulua i noa [a]i, o ke kapu Hua po alua ke kapu ana, ma ka po o Mohalu e kapu ai, a me ke ao o Akua e noa e [a]i, o ke kapu Kaloa elua po e kapu ai, ma ka po, o Olepau e kapu ai, a me ke ao o Kaloakulua e noa ai, o ke kapu Kane, alua po e kapu ai, ma ka po o Kane e kapu ai, ma ke ao o Mauli e noa ai.
I ke kokoke ‘ana mai o kēlā keiki, ma kahi a Helena e kū nei, ua ‘ōlelo ho’opā’ani maila ‘o ia iā Helena: “E ka U’i o ke ano ahiahi, e naue paha kāua ma kai o ka Nekina e ‘ike i ka huikau o ke kaona!”
As you know, I love reading!  I am NOT the only one…Like the ʻŌlelo Noeʻau: “Nānā i ke kumu” says…look to the source.  This means to learn from various sources…in this case, letʻs learn about reading from our kumu . Scan the QR codes below to see the V.I.P (Very Important People) on our Keaʻau campus who  love reading!  You may find some great books to help you with genre selection, read some profound thoughts on the book, learn a little more about these V.I.P, AND find that they VALUE reading too!  Being a LIFE-LONG reader is so important!
JapanesePod101.com offers listeners a unique learning experience that delivers cutting-edge, dynamic content that can be accessed at your convenience. With the inclusion of our lesson notes, Japanese Resources Center and Premium Learning Tools, we offer a full solution that provides the material, guidance, exercises, and testing to really make the knowledge your own. And it doesn’t even stop there – our vibrant and extremely helpful community members provide each other not only quick answers to questions, but also give each other a sense of encouragement and motivation that is often lacking in other Japanese language programs.
Immunotherapy i ka hoʻomaka ‘ana ma mākou? Aaieou, mai December 2011, INITIALLY me Regional Hyperthermia, 400 mg / lā Maitake HI-hapa, a Low-mahele lāʻau Naltrexone (LDN). Maitake HI-hapa, a LDN i hoomau loa-makahiki. Coley laʻau koʻokoʻo Inc (Coley toxin ka) i ka hoʻomaka ‘ana ma January 2012 a me High-mahele lāʻau GcMAF (1500 ng, 0.5 ml) like o Feberuari 2012.
Ua huli ʻia ma ka lā 31 o ʻOkakopa, ka lā i koho ʻia ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana nō o ka mahina puāhilo ma Hawaiʻi, a ua ʻike maka ʻia. Ma muli o ka ʻike maka ʻia ʻana, e koho ʻia ʻo Hilo nō ia pō. (Akā ua ʻike ʻia paha ma ka ʻohe nānā ma ka lā 30 o ʻOkakopa)

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    Bio: The understanding of hula lineage, the actual tracing of a dancer’s history, is an important concept engrained in all members of Hälau Nä Kamalei by Robert Cazimero. It was in 1966 that he himself was introduced to the woman who would eventually teach him in the ways of hula. Ma‘iki Aiu Lake was a prolific teacher of hula, with the desire that each person express all they hear, see, smell, taste, touch and feel through this form of dance…in other words, she taught hula is life.

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