“ka mea nona nā mele noʻonoʻo”

Bio: Award winning composer, arranger, singer, recording artist, director, choreographer, choral director, USA Ford Fellow of Music, and Hawaiian kumu hula, Robert Uluwehionāpuaikawekiuokalani Cazimero was born in Honolulu to parents Elizabeth Kapeka Meheula and William Kaʻaihue Cazimero, Sr., and was third youngest of a family of twelve children…only his sibling twins, Kanoe and Roland, were younger.
In 1992, class valedictorian Noe Goodyear-Kaopua gave her Commencement speech almost entirely in Hawaiian. Some say that after about two minutes, the majority of her audience seemed to lose interest. At the end of her speech, she asked, much as I did, how many people understood what she was saying. Only a smattering of applause answered her question and unfortunately proved her point. Her closing words before she returned to her seat? “And that’s the pity.”
Since at least the 18th Century, the world has been perceived by many as divided into two great human moieties: the West (or Occident) and the East (or Orient).  European and later American explorers, imperialists and scholars came to see the people of the mysterious Orient as significantly different from themselves, and many devoted entire careers to their investigation.  As such, Orientalism as both a worldview and an academic discipline was institutionalized.  The impact of this paradigm has been considerable, such that even in the multicultural, largely secular 21st Century West, its biases persist.
Good fish and good grilled cheese sandwich. The woman at the counter who helped us was very rude (the other one was nice, though). When my husband asked if he could bring his Taco Tita taco into Hana Hou so that he could eat with us, she barked at him, “No tacos here! You have to keep tacos over there!” When we ordered our food to go, she stressed that we couldn’t even eat together with our taco-eater in the parking lot. Sheesh.
I create contemporary and functional woven pieces of the hala leaf from the pūhala (screwpine pandanus tree) that have since died. I incorporate styles that are timeless yet push the boundaries of the customary while continuing to perpetuate traditional practices of weaving items such as purses, mats, and hats – not being limited to what once was where styling is concerned.
Today I had the teriyaki bowl from heaven’ 100% made with love’ I can’t believe I had no problem with the chicken. Wow the protein was so juicy and yummy it made me cry inside because God has hook us up with this real  beautiful food truck from the heaven’s ‘ gosh the rice was on point too and the presentation was super amazing ‘  ahh I’m happy ‘ ! I also  got a fish sando’ sandwich ‘ I felt the moment of joy and extreme happiness  because another amazing meal from the heaven above ‘ of my favorite spot 100% 2018 Thanks a million !
I kēia manawa, hiki iāʻoe ke ola i ka’ōnaehana pona lapuwale a loaʻa ka manawa manawa piha a iʻole e hoʻonui i ka waiwai ma ka hoʻolakoʻana i nā mea i kākauʻia i nā mano o kā mākou mau hoa e pono ai iā lākou no kā lākou mau pūnaewele, blogs, books, magazines, marketing marketing and many more!
Nānā i ke kumu or look to the source is a very wise saying. This means to me that you can learn from different people things or even places. When you need help you can go to various sources such as teachers, kupuna, books, the land or even some objects can help you accomplish something. You can always count on these sources and more to help and educate you on pretty much anything. These sources is a good way to success.
Soon they may be able to do just that. Captain Miki and his crew plan to hold sailing demonstrations during their stay in Lata, and invite local people to join them. They hope to encourage residents of other islands to build and sail their own voyaging canoes.
This collection of “Urban Hawaiian” shirts was created in response to conversations with technology, asking software and algorithms to answer questions of personal identity.  Screenshots of these search results were collected and printed on bleached aloha shirts, recreating each garment with an up-to-date version of Hawaiian identity according to different internet sources.  Printing the designs with a historic photographic process called cyanotype, each piece is a blend of old and new image-capturing techniques, referencing the continued role of photography in the construction and advertisement of personal and cultural identity.
On Saturday, January 21, the UH Maui College Great Lawn overflowed with protestors participating in the Women’s March On Washington- Maui Style. Women, men and children marched in solidarity with the large protest in Washington D.C. which attracted an estimated 500,000 people. Sister protests took place not only across the country but around the world to take a stand for human rights. “We are rising for our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters and our selves in one unifying act to show we are only going forward, we will not go back,” said Maui march organizer Robin Pilus as the crowd cheered.
Congratulations to HUGS board member Bill Tobin, owner/managing partner of Tiki’s Grill & Bar, who was inducted into the Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Hall of… Fame last night at Pōmaika’i Ballrooms. He was one of 10 restaurateurs, chefs and industry pioneers who have contributed to Hawaii’s culinary scene. Hats off also to HUGS board member Anne Lee who chaired the Gala, that featured a delicious Chefs of Aloha Dine Around.
Ch.21 p.108 para.2 sent.11 Nānā mai ʻoe iā uka nei, e ʻau aku ana ʻo Kumukahi i loko o ka ʻale, a laila, ʻo ke kūlana nalu ia. look over to the coast where Kumukahi swims in the billows, then this is the place for surfing;
Holo akula wau i ʻekolu huakaʻi lōʻihi ma mua o kēia huakaʻi. Mai Hawaiʻi a i Maikonekia, mai Palmyra a i Hawaiʻi, a mai Aotearoa nō hoʻi a i Tahiti. Ua wela kekahi, ua anuanu kekahi, ua koʻekoʻe kekahi, a ua maikaʻi ka holo ʻana o nā mea pau. ʻO kēia huakaʻi naʻe ka mea kū nō i ka hoihoi oʻu. ʻOiai e holo ana mākou ma ke kaulua e like me ko nā kūpuna holo ʻana, e nānā wale ana nō i nā ʻale like o ka moana i ʻike ʻia e nā kūpuna, e kilohi ana i nā hōkū like, e pā ana i ka makani like, e nānā like ana i ka holo ʻana o ke keiki kapu a Wākea (‘o ia hoi ‘o ka lā), a ‘o ka mea nui e ‘okoʻa ai kēia huakaʻi, a ‘okoʻa nō hoʻi ai nā mea o mua, ke holo nei mākou ma ke alahula o nā kūpuna o mua o mākou, ka moana hoʻi ma waena o Hawaiʻi me Tahiti. ‘O kēia ke ono o ka huakaʻi o Hōkūleʻa mai Hawaiʻi aku a i Tahiti. He mea nui ia. Eia naʻe, ʻaʻohe poina ʻana i nā inoa o nā kūpuna kekahi, ‘o Papa, ‘o Kaʻulu, ‘o Hema, ‘o Kahaʻiahema, o Paumakua, ‘o Mōʻīkeha lāua ‘o ‘Olopana, a pēlā aku.
Makaʻāinana were the equivalent of today’s citizens of Hawaiʻi. They made up the largest class of people in traditional society. Makaʻāinana lived in an ahupuaʻa (traditional land division) system. The ahupuaʻa were governed by managers or konohiki. The kuleana of the konohiki was to oversee the land, collect the taxes, and distribute community resources. The konohiki reported to the aliʻi. The konohiki and makaʻāinana were both governed by the aliʻi.
Emphasizing the importance of cultural literacy, the Handbook begins with an overview of the origins of hula, its history in Hawai’i, and the primacy of the spiritual focus of the dance. The book goes on to introduce halau etiquette and practices, and explains the format of a traditional hula presentation, together with the genres of hula and the regalia worn by the dancers. Practical components include sections on Hawaiian language and chant and a glossary of hula commands and footwork.
Super cool, floral Hawaiian aloha party theme. 100% spun rayon is very soft and fine. Keep in mind that flash photo will ACCENTUATE things such as: specks of dirt, scratches, nicks, minor blemishes, etc.
Great food and a good value for Hawaii. We normally stop at the bakery in Naalehu, which though good is a bit of a tourist trap. However, across the street is a hidden Gem. It is not much to look at inside and out, however the food is very good and they have home baked desserts which are amazing. I had some of the best Teriyaki Beef I have ever had and my wife had a great pulled pork sandwich. Next time we are traveling through Naalehu, Hana Hou is our new “must stop” place to eat. The locals eat there and now we know why.
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If we keep producing and consuming plastic at current rates, plastic will outweigh fish pound for pound by 2050. Reduce and eliminate plastic from your daily use, start right now. Art by John Holcroft.

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    When Hōlanikū returns to Honolulu, he learns of Helena’s affair from his mother who has, until now, said nothing about what she’s seen through Helena’s open window. Hōlanikū then blames his wife for Helena’s immorality, disclaims all responsibility for his stepdaughter’s “hewa,” and brazenly attempts to renew his secret relationship with the girl. When Helena rejects him, he goes to a poet and commissions a mele ho’āeae that, he hopes, will soothe his anguish and win her affection.
    “This year’s seminar class is focused on this art of debate from a Hawaiian perspective and the relevant, necessary skills. So we incorporated a scenario to practice and analyze that process into the day’s event.” says Perreira. Towards the end of the day, students and professors engaged in two mock debates to hone their skills. ʻIkaʻaka says that, “It challenged us to use our language skills in a new context while also focusing on the debate and banter.”
    We enjoyed a good meal at the cute Hana Hou Restaurant. My teriyaki burger with a hand-made patty and fresh bun was good. The toppings were good but a little messy. I didn’t care for the mayo they put on the burger though. Mayo and teriyaki were not a good combination. Key lime and banana cream pies were both good. Service was okay but it was a little slow because they were tending to some large groups. We loved the aquamarine chairs and the 1950s Hawaiian vibe of the restaurant.

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