“ka hana fashion.i.am keʻano o nā kālepa poʻohiwi”

Nā Kālai Waʻa (NKW) has been offering educational experiences to our community since the birth of Makaliʻi in 1995. Programs range from a wide variety of sails to dry dock experiences and service to communities from Hawaiʻi Island and the larger Pacific.
Ch.4 p.26 para.2 sent.1 I kekahi lā aʻe, haʻalele lākou iā Kapakai, holo akula lākou a ma waho pono o Kauhola, nānā akula ʻo ʻAiwohikupua i ka ʻākoakoa lehulehu ʻana o nā kānaka ma uka o Kapaʻau. The next day they left Kapakai and sailed along by Kauhola, and Aiwohikupua saw a crowd of men gathering mountainward of Kapaau.
Warehoused on Oahu, all orders for NĀ KOA merchandise are processed and shipped to all islands, the mainland and internationally by the same reliable team that manages Maui by Design and Patch of Shade, Inc.
This is a very low key small town Hawaiian eatery. The decor is simple, the restaurant is clean, and the food is delicious!! Best fish sandwich we had on the island, the Mahi Burger. 2 decent sized pieces of Mahi Mahi w toppings on a…More
Robert was raised in a musical family. Robert and Roland both played with their parents, with sister, Kanoe, as a featured hula dancer. Robert and Roland joined Peter Moon in 1969 as “Sunday Mānoa,” and the pair formed as the award-winning “The Brothers Cazimero” in 1977.
Aloha Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia! Everyone in Hawai‘i is proud to welcome you home from your three-year journey circumnavigating the globe, bearing a message of peace and mālama honua–caring for the Earth–from Polynesia to eighty-five ports in twenty-six countries. We at Hana Hou! have been honored to follow the wa‘a on this and other voyages. Mahalo for the opportunity to participate in your amazing achievement and share your story. May there be many more journeys to come.
Hula requires a lot of respect. This book emphasizes the need of respect to learn to dance hula. The author honors her past teachers and shares her experiences. A good guide for basic hula vocabulary and intro to the culture of hula. I wish it included a music cd.
I obviously began my speech tonight in Hawaiian. I then asked that the students and audience members who understood what I was saying stand to indicate their understanding. I realize that in no way does every individual sitting in the NBC tonight speak the Hawaiian Language; however, I wanted to prove a point. From the two dozen or so people who understood the speech of Noe Goodyear-Kaopua, look at how far we have come.
In 1991, Na Lima Mili Hulu No’eau opened its’ doors in Kapahulu. Aunty Mary Lou, Uncle Paul (husband) and Paulette Kahalepuna (daughter) set up shop in this location where Mele Kahalepuna Chun (grand daughter) continues the work and traditions.
ʻŌiwi TV reaches across generations, socio-economic statuses, and geographic locations as the sole media venue where the Hawaiian language, culture and perspective thrive. Through Digital Channel 326, ʻŌiwi TV reaches over 220,000 households across the entire State via Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s network. Through its website, mobile, and social media venues, ʻŌiwi TV is reaching Hawaiians everywhere and engaging a generation of Hawaiians that expect to access anything and everything from anywhere at anytime.
Color: Rye Brown. Old Navy Hooded Parka. Diagonal snap-flap pockets in front, with warm Micro Performance Fleece lining. Size: XS. Removable faux-fur-lined hood, with sherpa lining and adjustable drawcord.
He aha ka meaʻoi aku ma mua o ka ukuʻana i ka uku no nā haleʻaina kaulana? Uaʻike wau e pili ana i ka poʻe e kūʻai kālā ana ma ka pūnaewele akāʻaʻole au i manaʻo e hiki nō hoʻi iaʻu no kaʻu nohoʻana ma Asia. ʻO kahi maikaʻi koʻu ho’āʻoʻana i kāu ho’āʻo a kau inoaʻana, i kēia manawa, loaʻa iaʻu nā hana hebedoma mai nā hale likeʻole e makemake ana iaʻu e nānā i kā lākou mau mea kaulana! Ua lele au i Bangkok a me Singapore i nā uku a pau i ukuʻia no kahiʻahaʻainaʻai aʻu i uhi ai. ʻO kaʻu mea e’ōlelo aku nei he mahalo iāʻoe aʻoi aku ka mana iāʻoe!
Old navy pullover jacket is in great condition. Has hideaway hood for easy access and vented holes on sleeves. 100% Nylon Shell. Measures: Length 30 1/2″, Underarm to underarm 24″, Shoulder Seam to Cuff 24″ (H-8)
Back to the feather lei! What color? What length? So many to choose from but Aunty Paulette recommended the shorter (28″) red/silver gray lei for the Kahunanui. Aunty Paulette explained it would be appropriate because red is the color of the big island (where the Kahunanui is) and the shorter length giving Kahunanui choice to wear around the neck or were it like a headband
Mamuli o ka pane ho’omāhie a kēia u’i, ua kū ihola ua keiki nei ma waho mai o ka pā, me ka hilina’i ‘ana mai a ‘ōlelo maila: “Inā ho’i hā pēlā, he ho’i no ka lā’au lapa’au, he aha auane’i ho’i ka waiwai o ka hele ‘ana, ua loa’a ihola nō ke o’io’ina ‘o ‘oe!”
In the introduction to his 1978 book Orientalism, scholar of comparative literature Edward Said confronts the complex, constructed understandings of one group of people as they seek to explain another, and discerns the implications.  Central to his thoughtful analysis is the recognition that the concepts of “Orient” and “Orientalism” belong to a Western paradigm that has both material and symbolic features.  Here, the Orient is a physical place defined by Europe both in terms of its geographic location adjacent to the European continent, and as an expression of Western power.
Ch.28 p.154 para.1 sent.6 I nānā aku ka hana i ka hale o ua ʻo Lāʻieikawai, ua uhi ʻia mai i ka hulu melemele o ka ʻōʻō. and looked at the workmanship of Laieikawai’s house, inwrought with the yellow feathers of the oo bird.
Ke hoomanawanui Lawe ae la lakouʻike mau Inc me nā mea a pau i loaʻa antibiotics no ka makahiki tuberculosis 10 me ka maikai kanawai, INITIALLY. Ma hope o 10 makahiki o ka lapaʻau, ke ahonui, i ka ai ‘, a me ka Inc māhuahua lilo kona laulā. Ua ma luna iho hoʻoholo e hoʻomaka kiʻekiʻe-mahele lāʻau intravenous wikamina C (25 g) hookahi manawa i ka pule (he huina o 239 manawa) ma luna o ka 4-makahiki ‘alemanaka, a Lawe ae la lakou High-mahele lāʻau GcMAF (1500 ng, 0.5 ml) hookahi manawa i ka pule (ka huina 41 o ka manawa) no ma kahi o hoʻokahi makahiki kokoke i ka hopena o ka 4-makahiki au. Ma hope o 4 makahiki o ka lapaʻau, he pahu HI scan NineManga.com hōʻike wale nō me ka makaʻu no’aʻaʻa me kaʻeleu pulmonary infiltrations.
When your car is making weird noises, do you take it to the pet clinic? Or when you need a new computer, do you consult the baker at Zippy’s? Probably not. When we need help, we usually ask people who specialize in a certain kind of work. The same was true long ago, when most of the populace was made up of the people closest to the land, the makaʻāinana. Their relationship to the land enabled a multitude of specializations in traditional society. 
This smooth soft jacket features attached, lined hood, 7-snap placket with full hidden zipper, oversized flap pockets at front with snap closure, and adjustable bungee cord around hood and bottom hem.
The store is a nice and cozy little store. The store offers very reasonable and very unique feathers to make leis. Feathers from the goose, to the rooster, to the peacock, to peasant, etc are all in the store ready for your selection. Prices are very reasonable, and Mele is always willing to give you a quick tip or hint if you ask. There are several ready-made lei hulu for sale in a display case – made by the aunties and their haumana (students). My favorite thing in the store is the royalty cape made purely of yellow and red feathers. It’s one of Aunty Mary Lou’s most famous masterpieces!
Through the years NKW has found that the canoe is the perfect educational platform to engage learners, both local and international, in basic academics, especially math and sciences. These STEM programs are perfectly married to the cultural aspects of voyaging so well that often students don’t even realize that they are performing tasks from simple measurements and conversions of units to complicated physics formulas that determine speed. Program curriculum has been designed to best suit each group and program that visit us.  When our learners see the direct application of these STEM and other academic skills in a cultural setting, it is easy for them to see the relevance to their everyday lives as well.
No ke kēia hana a i ka lima o ko Kauhi lawe ʻana i ke ola o Kahalaopuna, kanu ihola ʻo ia i ko Kahalaopuna kino ma lalo o kekahi kumu lāʻau koa. I ia manawa, ʻaʻole hiki ke loaʻa ke kino i kona akua pueo, no ka mea, hihia nō ke kino i nā aʻa o ke koa a paʻa loa. Aia naʻe kekahi manu ʻelepaio, he ʻohana no Kahalaopuna, i ka lālā o ke kumu koa e nānā ana i ka hana ʻino a Kauhi. ʻO kona hoʻi akula nō ia i ke awāwa ʻo Mānoa no ka hoʻomaopopo ʻana i ko Kahalaopuna ʻohana i kona make ʻana. Hoʻi pū ka ʻuhane o Kahalaopuna i Mānoa a kau ma ka lālā o kekahi kumu ʻōhia. Ua ʻikemaka aʻela ʻo Mahana iā ia, kekahi aliʻi ʻōpio, a hahai akula ʻo ia i ka ʻuhane a kahi i kanu ʻia ai kona kino. Na Mahana i ʻeli hou i kona kino a hoʻihoʻi i kona kauhale i Kamōʻiliʻili, ka ʻili ʻāina ma kai iki o Mānoa. Ma laila ʻo ia i hoʻōla hou ai iā Kahalaopuna me ke kōkua nui ʻana mai o kona mau kāhuna. I kona ola hou ʻana, ua nāwaliwali nō ke kino, no laila, mālama pono ʻo Mahana iā ia i ka malu o ke ana ma lalo o ka honua i ʻike ʻole ʻia ʻo e Kauhi.
Ka Hana Keaka – Nā Wai Ola’s play inspiration is the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage of Hōkūle‘a.  ‘Ōlelo a Mo‘omeheu Hawai‘i support will be provided to haumāna as needed, depending on the focus of the various play scenes.
Rosa Say is a workplace culture coach, the zealous advocate of the Alaka‘i Manager, and founder of Say Leadership Coaching. She is the author and champion of Managing with Aloha: Bringing Hawai‘i’s Universal Values to the Art of Business, newly released in 2016 as a Second Edition.
Ka iniiaiie kauka ua kāhāhā No ka mea, o ka hopena i manaoia mai ka hoʻomāka Inc i ka alawa maʻi kumupaʻa (ma mua hoʻi o ka laau) No ka mea, o ka holomua ke kahua. Naʻe, i kaʻeho nalowale loa E kāhea aku i kekahi me ka makaʻu no’aʻaʻa koe i loko o nā maʻiʻaʻai wale.
No, I am not a lei maker nor a hula dancer but was in the market for a very “special” feather lei to be given to a Kahunanui. I had no idea where to get a “special” feather lei, let alone “a feather lei a gift’??? There is protocal when it comes to gifts to Kahunanui’s and I didn’t know where to begin. So, I contact my fellow yelper Marko M. who, without missing a beat, fires off an email to me explaining 1) where I should go, 2) what I should get, 3) who I should speak to, etc.  Taking his advice….

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