“i kahi e loaʻa ai nā’ōlelo kiʻi”

Ch.21 p.108 para.2 sent.11 Nānā mai ʻoe iā uka nei, e ʻau aku ana ʻo Kumukahi i loko o ka ʻale, a laila, ʻo ke kūlana nalu ia. look over to the coast where Kumukahi swims in the billows, then this is the place for surfing;
Kū ka paila o ka ʻike!  He mau ʻikepili nohie paha i kekahi o kākou akā he loli nō, keu aku no nā haumāna i huakaʻi mua ʻole aku ma waho o Hawaiʻi nei.  E paʻa auaneʻi ka ʻike ma mua o ke kau ʻana ma luna o ka mokulele.
Excellent hawaiian style button up ss shirt with chest pocket. Pit to pit is 28.5″ with 32″ length from back collar seam to hem. Its in great condition. Ask any questions… USA buyers only. Thanks for looking!
Back to the feather lei! What color? What length? So many to choose from but Aunty Paulette recommended the shorter (28″) red/silver gray lei for the Kahunanui. Aunty Paulette explained it would be appropriate because red is the color of the big island (where the Kahunanui is) and the shorter length giving Kahunanui choice to wear around the neck or were it like a headband
When the corpse of a diamond smuggler is stolen from a graveyard, Five-0 tracks down his partner, Voss (guest star ‘American Idol’ winner Phillip Phillips), who will stop at nothing to retrieve their latest batch of contraband.
Wow we have a new kitchen. Finally drug off that ancient stove and replaced it with modern equipment. What a relief Now we heat up the food not the entire universe. New bakers oven also so get ready for some new treats coming soon. Good things in the future for the Hou. See you soon Aloha Patty
On our way back from South Point we stopped at the HANA HOU Restaurant. There were three of us in our group. I ordered the big burger my son order the gravy burger and my wife ordered the tuna melt…. All three were very good. The service was exceptional and the waitress was friendly and efficient. We got there just before lunch and the crowd that came in. If you like good desserts, try any of the homemade pies they offer. I had the banana cream and it was fabulous. I give Hana Hou 5 Stars. See More
For our story on the monument in the issue, “The Far Atolls,” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kenneth Weiss spent twenty-five days exploring the monument aboard a NOAA research vessel, sailing from Honolulu to Kure Atoll and back. Though the current issue is available digitally only through download, we’ve posted the story in honor of the WCC and the President’s visit. Read, comment, share and as always mahalo for reading.
Its BURRITO TIME at Hana Hou. We have decided to add a quick TAKE OUT ONLY option to our place. We will soon have a burrito take out station which will be a walk up and order taqueria style burrito with beans, rice, meat and cheese salsa and sour cream squirted on ..rolled up in wax paper and off you go quick as that. We will also offer a hot sandwich and a daily special to go. These are items that are take out only although you are welcome to eat on our outside tables if they are available. Call in orders are welcome for an extra quick escape. Hours on this in the beginning will be 10:30 to 2. We will offer this for longer hours as the demand picks up. Equipment is on the way so stay tuned for the start date. This is just a teaser to whet your appetite. The price WILL be right and affordable. Aloha for now Miss P
E hoʻolako ana ke koho o ko Hilo Huakaʻi Kālai i nā kipa honua a me kekahi ʻaha e pili ana i ka hoʻoili ʻana i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka lumi papa ma ka “nānā ʻana i ke kumu” ʻo ia ka ʻīkoi o ka hoʻōla ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ʻana.
We plan our day trips from Kona to the Volcanoes National Park around our lunch stop at Hana Hou. Seriously, see that photo up there? That’s my plate every visit. It is a papaya stuffed with chicken salad made with macadamia nuts. My husband usually…More
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‘Auhea lā ‘oukou e nā Haku ‘Ōhi’a? ‘A’ole hākālia, hala a’e ka wā e mālama ai i nā kūpuna ‘elua iā Kū. Aloha nō, ke lohe wale ‘ia nei nō nā leo mahalo o ka po’e ha’i wale i mua o ke alo o nā Haku ‘Ōhi’a. He ho’okamani na’e ka mahalo o ia mau leo lā i nā kahu mālama pa’ahao nāna i pū’ili mai a pa’a nā ki’i ‘elua o kākou Hawai’i i nā hale hō’ike’ike o nā ‘āina ‘ē. Lu’ulu’u ihola ka mea kākau i ka lohe ‘ole ‘ia mai o ka leo o nā Haku ‘Ōhi’a.
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I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in old Hawaiian culture and to anyone in the psychology field as it gives great insight in an alternative way of being that worked well for in excess of 1000 years.
Ua kipa ʻē ʻoukou i ka Hale Hōʻikeʻike Iʻa o Waikīkī a me Ka Papa Loʻi ʻo Kānewai a eia ʻoukou i ka Hale Hōʻikeʻike ʻo Mānoa Heritage i kēia lā. Aia kēia hale a me ka papa loʻi kalo ʻo Kānewai i uka ma Mānoa a aia ka muliwai o Waikīkī i kai ma kahi o ka Hale Hōʻikeʻike Iʻa o Waikīkī (nānā paha i ka palapala ʻāina). ʻAno mamao nā wahi ʻekolu akā pili lākou a pau. No ke aha? Pehea e pili ai?–ka wai (kahe ka wai mai uka a i kai, mai ka papa loʻi kalo a i ka muliwai).
E Kamaʻilio Kāua – Haumāna will learn to ask the questions (wai = who/what and hea = where/which) related to their hoʻolauna speech:  ʻO wai kou inoa piha?  No hea mai ʻoe?  Noho ʻoe ma hea?  ʻO wai kou makuakāne?  ʻO wai kou makuahine?  Hele ʻoe i ke kula hea?  Aia ʻoe i ka papa hea?  ʻO wai kāu kumu papa?  Each haumāna will use this information to interview someone outside of class in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and then reflect upon their learning (and perhaps teaching) during the interview.
(The Taco Tita person was very friendly though. She apologized for the inconvenience and explained why there was this no-taking-your-food-next-door policy, even though the restaurants are owned by the same owner.)
No, I am not a lei maker nor a hula dancer but was in the market for a very “special” feather lei to be given to a Kahunanui. I had no idea where to get a “special” feather lei, let alone “a feather lei a gift’??? There is protocal when it comes to gifts to Kahunanui’s and I didn’t know where to begin. So, I contact my fellow yelper Marko M. who, without missing a beat, fires off an email to me explaining 1) where I should go, 2) what I should get, 3) who I should speak to, etc.  Taking his advice….

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  1. ‘A‘ohe hana nui ke ‘alu ‘ia. Through this ‘ōlelo no‘eau, nā haumāna a Kawaikini learned the meaning of working together, especially while in the wa‘a. They also got a chance to learn about how mass and speed affects kinetic energy by participating in our small boat activity, paddling in our boats, and learning on the slip n slide.

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