“i ka manawa kelepa”

Congratulations to one of our favorite partners, Bill Tobin of Tiki’s Grill and Bar, for his induction to the Hawaii Restaurant Assoc. Hall of Fame. Bill’s generosity and work in the community make us proud to call him a friend. #pauhanawithhanahou #annualclientappreciationparty #tikisgrillandbar
Outside some Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, the abaya is not widely worn by Muslim women. It is rare in countries like Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Abaya also refers to different garments in different countries. In Arab states of the Persian Gulf, they tend to be black in color. Turkish abayat, on the other hand, tend to be colorful.[1]
“It’s amazing how much support we have in the community, I just want to thank everyone for coming out,” said WHW Executive Director Stacey Moniz. The nonprofit organization was established in 1977 in an effort to assist female victims of domestic violence; the West Maui Domestic Violence Task Force is the Lahaina branch of the organization.
In 2009, a railway link through to Jiegao in China was proposed. In 2011 the proposal was expanded to a link between Kunming and Kyaukphyu. President Thein Sein’s signed a memorandum of understanding during his May 2011 visit to Beijing between Myanmar’s rail transport ministry and China’s state-owned Railway Engineering Corporation to build the railway.[7]
On February 18th on the lily pad of court # 25 the team of 17’s-Lynden defeated winner of the SCVA 17’s Open Division Champions Mad Frog 17’s N Blue. In what would have been a undefeated tournament for the frogs , a big black defeated  spot was added to the previous flawless green back of the frogs. In a battle of wisdom vs youth , lead coach for Hana Hou and head coach of his 17’s Lynden Keala showed our friends from Plato Texas that your two for one package of coaches David Huynh and Paul Lac did a great job with their team but youth still needed to gain experience to compete against a seasoned coach like Keala. All nine girls on the Hana Hou team applied that practices to principal and did well. Hawaii club volleyball has been a long history of friendly competition between Mad Frog and Hawaii teams spanning from Las Vegas to Spokane. Under the direction of Pacifico Conanan in years 2014 and 2015 Mad Frog defeated Hawaii in Spokane in Open Division twice but Hawaii always enjoyed the friendships we shared with the players and parents of Mad Frog. Hana Hou  means “one more time” , this was our time. Congratulations to Lynden 17’s !!
“‘A’ohe ‘ōlelo ana no ku’u kaikamahine akā no ku’u mo’opuna, eia lā penei a penei, e like me nā mea i hō’ike ‘ia ma mua a’e, he kahi ho’i ia ea, ua ho’i maila ‘oe, a lohe ihola nāu ho’i ia e aku i ko wahine.” Eia nō ka ‘ōlelo a ua ‘e’epa nei, “‘A’ole paha na kāua e nānā i ka hewa o kāna, nāna nō e ‘ike, o ‘ī ‘ia mai auane’i kāua i ka hō’upu’upu wale aku nō ‘oe auane’i ē, mai loko aku o’u e kuleana ai kāua, waiho nō na kona makuahine nō e ‘ike i kona hewa, ua hānai ihola nō kāua a nui, ma laila ihola nō kāua pau.
If you do wish to paddle, the paddling fee is only $10 for four sessions – an absolute bargain. The $10 per month paddling fee includes one paddling session each week (four paddling sessions per month) in clean, safe outrigger canoes – plus paddling tips and instruction. We strive to make it fun and safe for everyone. The paddling fee also includes use of a paddle and on-board canoe safety equipment.
Est May 2016 . Hana Hou Volleyball Club was formed by two parents whose previous club collapsed and needed to provide a opportunity to showcase their 17u old players in what would be the last year at summer travel prior to graduation.  In six weeks the club went from zero to being featured as the media story of the 2016 AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando Florida
Therefore, when I hear the phrase Nānā i ke kumu, I know I must consider my emotional sense of place as well as my intellectual honesty and reasoning. In this regard, I am no different from most within our Hawai‘i communities, whether they be keiki o ka ‘āina, kama‘āina, or malihini. Each person has a connection to this place; all have deliberately chosen to be here.
#sonnyching #sccollection #sonnychingcollection #sccollectionbyparadisus #theoriginal #fromaculture #culturallyinspired #ohekapala #kakau #leather #sterlingsilver #silver #tradition #nihomano #kapalina #leatherbracelet #aotd #hawaiian #hawaiianjewelry
Today is the release of Shep Gordon’s new autobiography, “They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” For those who didn’t read our profile of the Maui resident (“The Good Shepherd,” April/May 2015 issue; link below), Gordon is the man behind rocks stars like Jimi Hendrix and Alice Cooper; he invented the idea of the celebrity chef with Emeril Lagasse; and he was the subject of Mike Meyers’ recent documentary, “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.” His new book tracing his long, strange trip through the heart of show biz is a warm and hilarious mix of anecdotes and outrageous stories. Congratulations Shep!
OK I’m not super picky but I do get bored easily of eating the same dang thang for lunch every day.  My work place announced that they were going to offer a larger rotation of food trucks and I was game.  So far I haven’t been super impressed.  They are all run by Moody’s so well they all seem to have the same dang thangs to offer.  Some variation but not enough to excite me too much.
We believe choosing clothes is a personal thing – and so is our approach to service. That’s why we created The GANT Lounge. We offer personalized 1-on-1 time with an experienced stylist to walk you through the best of GANT.
Pili ka ‘āina a me ke kanaka Hawai‘i. ‘A‘ole hiki ke hemo ka pilina, no ka mea, pa‘a mau ka ‘āina a me ke kanaka i ka mo‘okū‘auhau ho‘okahi. A hoʻoikaika ʻia kēia pilina ʻohana ma o ka hoʻopaʻanaʻau ʻana a me ka haʻi ʻana i ka moʻokūʻauhau.
Workshop lengths vary from one hour to one weekend.  Most of these workshops are best suited for specific sites although they can be adapted to any site required. Please visit our SITES page for more information on those sites associated specifically with navigation.
He researched and developed a set of 31 children’s books that were designed to strengthen appropriate Hawaiian language use across a variety of topics. These were produced with funds from a federal grant that afforded wide distribution of current literary materials, free of charge, to all families of Hawaiian language immersion school children. He also worked with immersion teachers to develop a pedagogy that could accompany his books. Moreover, Warner had begun to revolutionize the Hawaiian language pedagogy at the university by creating a grammatical schematic that is culturally relevant and simplifies the acquisition of abstract grammatical concepts. Although these endeavors were all part of his job, whether on or off the clock, he was clearly driven to increase the number of participants in the Hawaiian language revitalization movement. He would talk to students, colleagues, legislators, or anyone else at anytime in an effort to support their involvement in Hawaiian language development.
We’re celebrating Ma’oli Arts Month (MAMo) at Honolulu Night Market on May 16th! Browse through the retail warehouse full of local designers and artists and enjoy the onolicious food from 15+ vendors who will be cooking up a specialty “kalo” item for this month’s theme.
Ch.11 p.58 para.7 sent.3 A no ka uluhua o Lāʻieikawai, kēnā aʻela ʻo ia i kona wahi kahu e hele e nānā i kahi i kani mai ai kēia mea kani. And, her interest aroused, she sent her attendant to see where the musical instrument was which was played so near her.
I ka hala ‘ana aku ‘o Ioane Kaahai, no kai o ke kaona, ke holokē wale lā nō ‘o ia i uka i kai, i ka huikau o Halekālewa, i ka hī’ō a nā holokahiki i Kepohoni, e ‘ike i ka Hipopatamu, kēlā pipi moe wai o ka Muliwai Nile, a e kali ana ho’i ‘o ia o ka hiki mai o ke ano ahiahi, kona hoa lawai’a holoholo e ho’i aku ai no ke ko’a lawai’a hāuliuli o Amikiaola, i ke alo o Pune’e, ne’ene’e mai ‘oe i ‘ane’i, a kokoke i ko’u alo.
My fellow seniors, soon-to-be alumni of the class of 2006: I know that the future holds great things for us. We’ve seen each other through a lot over the years, and I know we will continue to be there for one another. I wish you all the best in your life endeavors and want you to remember to “Ho‘i hou aku i ke ‘ehu me he moi la,” for there will always be a place for you in the hearts and homes of the people of Hawai‘i. Ke akua pū me ‘oukou a mālama pono. Mahalo.
Ch.6 p.33 para.3 sent.2 A nānā akula, ʻaʻole he mau waʻa holo mai, no laila, nīnau akula ka poʻe me ia, “ʻAuhea hoʻi nā waʻa āu i ʻōlelo mai nei he mau waʻa aliʻi?” but could see no canoe coming. Then the people with him asked, “Where is the canoe which you said was a chief’s canoe coming? ”

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  1. Call ahead to ask if Paulette, Mary Lou’s daughter has any openings to give a lesson. It’s no-nonsense, and she’ll make sure you understand that if your work isn’t up to standards, you’ll be disowned as a student. 😉
    (The Taco Tita person was very friendly though. She apologized for the inconvenience and explained why there was this no-taking-your-food-next-door policy, even though the restaurants are owned by the same owner.)
    Since at least the 18th Century, the world has been perceived by many as divided into two great human moieties: the West (or Occident) and the East (or Orient).  European and later American explorers, imperialists and scholars came to see the people of the mysterious Orient as significantly different from themselves, and many devoted entire careers to their investigation.  As such, Orientalism as both a worldview and an academic discipline was institutionalized.  The impact of this paradigm has been considerable, such that even in the multicultural, largely secular 21st Century West, its biases persist.

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