“he aha keʻano o keʻano o kaʻu kāne”

After hiking to the Green Sand beach in windy and rainy weather, Hana Hous was a welcome respite! The grilled ham and cheese sandwich was simple but perfect for recovering from the hike. The chocolate cream pie was excellent fuel for the hikes at Volcano…More
Ch.16 p.81 para.3 sent.2 Ua uhi ʻia i ka ʻoloa, ka ʻieʻie a me ka palai, a he mea weliweli loa iā lāua ka nānā ʻana aku. which was covered with white tapa wound with the ieie vine and the sweet-scented fern, and it was a terrible thing to see.
Keoua’s grandmother tells of stories of how her mother would prepare the pā of the hats each night and it was the children’s kuleana to finish one hat before going out to play each day. This so they could barter for food and fabric to sew dresses. She remembered a Chinese man coming by once a week to purchase hats to send to his brother’s shop in San Francisco.
Ch.6 p.35 para.7 sent.2 Nānā akula lākou, e kū mai ana nō nā hale o Kauakahialiʻi mā; e heʻe nalu mai ana nō hoʻi nā kamaʻāina. and saw Kauakahialii’s houses standing there and the people of the place out surf riding.
Eia kekahi, mākaukau nō mākou no ke kau ʻana ma luna o ke kaʻaahi me ke kaʻukaʻu ʻole, ʻoiai wehewehe maikaʻi maila ʻo Yui i ke kaʻina hana o ke kūʻai ʻana i kikiki, ke kali ʻana i ka laina no ke kau ʻana, ka holo ʻana ma luna o ke kaʻaahi, a me ka haʻalele ʻana mai ke kahua kaʻaahi aku.  Kohu mea lā, pohihihi loa ka huli ʻana i ke kaʻaahi kūpono e kau ai no ka hele ʻana mai kekahi wahi a i kekahi wahi, a manaʻolana mākou he hoa ana ko mākou no ia ʻāina e hele pū me mākou i nā manawa a pau.
Out of the way GREAT diner. If you are ever on the Big Island and are hungry for some great tasting meals head on over or down in the case to Hana-Hou’s. Great food and great people. We will definite…ly be back. And while you are there you have to get a piece of their pies/cakes. Heck I’ll be back just for the desserts. See More
ʻO kekahi mea hou aku i hoihoi ai nā haumāna ka ʻike i ka ʻae ʻole ʻia o ka uku lawelawe ma nā haleʻaina a hōkele paha, eia naʻe, hāpai aʻela ʻo Mika Taniguchi i ka manaʻo kōkua e lawe aku i nā manaka liʻiliʻi mai Hawaiʻi mai ma kahi o ka uku lawelawe no ka mahalo ʻana i kā lākou hana nui.  Pīhoihoi nō hoʻi ka hui e hoʻohana i ka lumi hoʻopau pilikia!  Hai maila ʻo Ayaka no ka nui o nā pihi ma ka ʻaoʻao o ka lua i mea e mehana ai ka noho a i mea e kī ʻia kou hope a maʻemaʻe!  Hōʻike pū maila ʻo ia me ka hilahila, loaʻa kekahi ʻano mīkini leo ma loko o nā lumi hoʻopau pilikia o nā wāhine i mea e lohe ʻole ʻia nā kani like ʻole o ka hele ʻana i ia lumi.  I mea i hiki ai iā makou ke naʻana, a no ke kaʻana ʻana me nā hoa, eia ko lāua hōʻikeʻike.
The event was held from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and located on the oceanfront side of the mall. It was a public event, welcoming members of the community and visitors alike to take a pledge against domestic abuse against women by encouraging men to walk a “mile” in high heels as a call for action, and promoting the cause to prevent domestic violence.
————————————– So yesterday I choreographed a new dance for Lili’u in my head, while Paka served as it’s physical manifestation . . . Though my body was too ‘eha to dance, I couldn’t just sit there, so I decided to make this silver chain and add 3 ‘iwa from the Sonny Ching Collection by Paradisus. I ended up kinda liking and decided to keep it and wear it to hula . . . 🤗
Today we are having our delicious French Dip made with trip tip roast and of course the homemade roll and dipping juice. This weekend we will feature our Cuban Sandwich. If you have never had one before come on and try one out. Roast pork loin,ham,provolone cheese and our marinated cucumbers all toasted on the grill Its a winner. Also on the menu is Da Wedge a tasty salad made with wedge of crispy head lettuce ,chopped tomatoes,crispy bacon bits and green onions and of course the blue cheese dressing.
Taunggyi Aungban Ayetharyar Chinshwehaw Hong Pai Hopang Hopong Hseni Hsi Hseng Hsipaw Kalaw Kengtung Kunhing Kunlong Kutkai Kyaukme Kyethi Lai-Hka Langkho Lashio Laukkaing Lawksawk Loilen Mabein Mantong Mawkmai Mong Hpayak Mong Hsat Mong Hsu Mong Khet Mong Kung Mong Nai Mong Pan Mong Ping Mong Ton Mong Yang Mong Yawng Mongko Mongmit Mongyai Muse Nanhkan Namhsan Namtu Nansang Nawnghkio Nyaungshwe Panglong Pekon Pinlaung Tachileik Tangyan
Urban Panorama gives voice to urban tribes defined by their gritty attitude and colorful graffiti style. It is a well-defined manifesto of denim displayed in infinite variations. It’s a space for those yearning for freedom, with inspiration drawn from biker culture and ethnic influences. The watchword here is layering and mixing shapes, fabrics and styles.
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Hawaiian Aloha Camp Shirt. Floral Tribal Print. Slight black “bleeding” on lower right back white (I never noticed it in all the time I wore it) see photo. Gently worn. Made in USA. Red, White, Black, Yellow & Gray Floral Graphics.
I loko o nā makahiki, ua noho ʻo Kahalaopuna i ka hauʻoli me Mahana ma Kamōʻiliʻili. Kipa mau akula kona kupuna kāne ʻo Akaaka iā ia, a aʻo maila ʻo ia i kona moʻopuna, ʻaʻole e hele hou i kahakai o plikia auaneʻi. No ʻelua makahiki, mālama ʻo Kahalaopuna i kēia kauoha a kona kupuna kāne, akā, i kekahi lā, ulu aʻela ka ʻiʻini i loko ona e hele i kahakai. Ua hoʻokō ʻo ia i kona ʻiʻini i ka heʻe nalu ʻana ma Waikīkī. Me ka ʻāwīwī e holo ai ʻo Kauhi a nahu aʻela a kaʻawale lā ke kino o Kahalaopuna i loko o nā paukū ʻelua.
Representatives from the Maui Fire Department, as well as the Maui Police Department (MPD), were also in attendance. When inquired on his stance on the matter, MPD Chief Tivoli Faaumu stated, “I believe in the cause, it is very important that we treat everyone equally—there are so many domestic violence cases nationwide, in our county and in the State of Hawaii. The Maui Police Department is here to represent, and show our support.”
Ua heleʻo 988 makahiki he mau makahiki,ʻoiai e ulu ana nā mea. Ua hana maʻalahi ia i ka hana. “Wiwoʻole, ināʻo kēia ka mea āu e makemake aiʻAʻoleʻole, hoʻomaka lākou e’ōlelo. Eʻike maopopo i kahi e hele aiʻoe. Ma waena o nā mea i kaulana a me ka hakakā e pili ana i ka moemoeke nui,ʻo ia kaʻoiaʻiʻo e hiki ai iāʻoe ke loaʻa i ka wahine hoʻokamakama. ʻAe,ʻo ia kahi manaʻo hoʻopuka maikaʻi!
Back to the feather lei! What color? What length? So many to choose from but Aunty Paulette recommended the shorter (28”) red/silver gray lei for the Kahunanui. Aunty Paulette explained it would be appropriate because red is the color of the big island (where the Kahunanui is) and the shorter length giving Kahunanui choice to wear around the neck or were it like a headband
Key 1. The Aloha Spirit | Key 2. Worthwhile Work | Key 3. Value Alignment | Key 4. The Role of the Manager Reconstructed | Key 5. Language of Intention | Key 6. The ‘Ohana in Business Model | Key 7. Strengths Management | Key 8. Sense of Place | Key 9. Palena ‘ole
Good morning…here’s a news flash …Hana Hou will NOT be open Thanksgiving day. We have decided to spend it with our families in the holiday tradition. I thought it was a fitting way to start our holidays as we will be working hard thru Jan 1st. We will be open all the other days like Xmas and New years day. We will close early on New Years Eve however . Grab a turkey and some good friends and get to cooking this way you can enjoy the leftovers. Friday the day after we will be having Hot turkey sandwiches with all the trimmings for those with no leftovers stashed away. Enjoy
Kunhing Township Kyethi Township Lai-Hka Township Loilen Township Mong Hsu Township Mong Kung Township Nansang Township Karli Subtownship Kholan Subtownship Minenaung Subtownship Minesan Subtownship Panglong Subtownship
Since at least the 18th Century, the world has been perceived by many as divided into two great human moieties: the West (or Occident) and the East (or Orient).  European and later American explorers, imperialists and scholars came to see the people of the mysterious Orient as significantly different from themselves, and many devoted entire careers to their investigation.  As such, Orientalism as both a worldview and an academic discipline was institutionalized.  The impact of this paradigm has been considerable, such that even in the multicultural, largely secular 21st Century West, its biases persist.
Pierre Cardin Hawaiian Shirt Mens Size 2XL XXL Casual Camp Aloha Floral Print Material: 100% Rayon. Size: 2XL (XXL). Condition: See “Condition Notes”, above. Made In Korea. RN Number 13185. Pattern/Print: Colorful tropical flowers and silhouettes of pineapples on a gray background. Measurements: Chest: 26.5 inches from underarm seam to underarm seam. Length: 31 inches from back collar seam to bottom hem edge. Measurements were taken with garment laying on a flat surface. Please message me with questions you may have before making a purchase and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for visiting and viewing.
It’s so hard to come across a legit food truck where the price can match the quality of what you’re eating, and I can’t wait for this one to come back, and taste another piece of the menu.   They were very friendly (not very many food truck occupants are) and the food was delicious.   Bonus… They told me how long the food would take, so I wouldn’t be sitting there angrily.   I chose to devour (because thats what I did) the kalua pork burger, and returned to work with a mini food coma.  Good!
JapanesePod101.com aims to have you speaking Japanese after just one lesson! Our lessons focus on pronunciation and listening comprehension, so that you can start practicing what you learn from our professional teachers. Inside the PDF lesson notes, you will find the necessary tools for reading comprehension, and thorough explanations of phrases and key grammar points, in addition to a segment dedicated to cultural information. To address speaking practice, we have an easy-to use voice recorder on every lesson page so you can compare your pronunciation to our teachers’ and continue to refine your speaking skills.
Me ke kāhāhā nui, ‘ike akula ‘o ia i ka mo’opuna āna, e waiho mai ana ke kula o Kaiolohia i ka La’i-luahine, a ‘ike akula ‘o ia i kēia keiki hapa Kaleponi e moe ana ma ka ‘ao’ao o kāna mo’opuna, e huli ana ke alo i luna, ‘a’ohe wahi koupu o lāua a ‘elua, a ‘ike pū akula nō ho’i ‘o ia i ke kumu ma’oma’o e kū ana i ke kula o Nininiwai, ua pehia iho e ka makani lawelawe mālie o ‘Īloli a waiho wale ka i’a ho’omalu a ke Konohiki, i ho’ohiki au i ku’u mea nani a ‘ike ‘oe.
Bengali Bengali script bhadre Bhattācārya šrī Brahman caiva Candrāvalī dear deva deveši devī drstvā Edd deest Edd inc etad etat evam F G Edd garland goddess greatest mistress Hari harih hrīm I J K M deest I J K M inc īšvara uvāca iti Šrīvāsudevarahasye rādhātantre iti vāsudevarahasye J K L deest J K L inc kalā Kalāvatī Kālī kālikā kāma kamaleksaņe Kātyāyanī klīm KrSņa krSņasya krSņo lotus lotus-eyed mahābāho mahādeva Mahāmāyā Mahāvidyā mahešāni mama manoharam mantra manuscripts Mathurā Mātrkās māyā nāma Padminī parā param paramešāni paramešvari pārvati Patala petals prabho Prakṛti priye Rādhā Rādhikā rādhikāyai rahasyam RKGD sadā sadƗ Śakti sarvam satatam Šiva šrīrādhātantre šrņu šrutvā šucismite supreme svayam tadā tasya tatah tathā tatra tava transp Tripurā tvam uttamam Vaiṣṇava varānane varārohe varavarņini Vāsudeva vāsudevasya vidvā vidyā vinā Visņu Vraja Vrndāvana worship yatra
As a teenager, Keoua’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Alepoki (Grace) Nelson, tried to teach Keoua those skills that were passed down. As hard as she tried, Keoua could never understand the concepts and in his words was “all thumbs”. So, he felt that it was his duty to collect and prepare the hala for his grandmother and grand-aunts who wove daily.
I kekahi ahiahi, e kū ana ua kaikamahine nei ma ka puka pā, nānā i uka, ‘ike akula ‘o ia i kēia keiki hapa haole e iho mai ana ma uka mai o ke alanui ‘Ema, he pālule ‘āhiahia kona o luna, a he lole wāwae ‘ele’ele, me ka hainakā silika ‘ōma’oma’o lau, e lei ana i ka ‘ā’ī.
Honolulu Community College provides accessible educational opportunities through an engaging learning environment that values academic excellence and personal growth of all students, with a kuleana (responsibility) to Native Hawaiians and our community, through career, liberal arts, technology, transfer, and professional training programs.
For a business, this means they can significantly sort out, then solve any disconnection existing between how a company operates, and how all its stakeholders believe it should operate ethically, morally, and in human awareness of place-related contexts. Those stakeholders include staff, all partnerships, and those in a business’s surrounding community.
10. n. the “leading god among the great gods” (HM 42); a god of creation and the ancestor of chiefs and commoners; a god of sunlight, fresh water, and forests (Thrum, p. 82) to whom no human sacrifices were made. In prayers to Kāne (HM 53-55) his name is followed by more than seventy epithets. Kanaloa was his constant companion, but Kāne’s name always preceded. Twelve sacred paradisic islands lay off the Hawaiian group “within easy reach,” visible on the distant horizon at sunrise and sunset. One is Kāne-hūnā-moku (Kāne hidden island) where Kāne and Kanaloa lived. (HM 67) The twenty-seventh night of the lunar month was sacred to Kāne. see UL 257-259 for a famous chant to Kāne. lit., male.
Peheaʻoe makemake e kākau maʻalahi i ka home, hana i nā hola hoʻolālā, hoʻonohonoho i kāu hoʻonohonoho pono’ī, e hoʻonui i manawa me kouʻohana a me nā hoaaloha, a loaʻa kahi uku momona maikaʻi ma ka hopena o ka malama?

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  1. Iā ia i hiki ai i ka hale, nuku akula ‘o ia i kona wahi lūau’i, i ka nānā pono ‘ole i ka mo’opuna, a huhū pū akula i ka wahine no ka ho’oku’u i ke kaikamahine e hele i waho o ke alanui e ho’oha’i ai i kamali’ikāne.
    PPS Hoʻohālikelikeʻia i nā mea’ēhana’ē aʻeʻaʻole mākou e lawe i 20-30% nā papahana mai kāu kālā loaʻa. ʻO ia ke kumu e hoʻonui ai i nā kālā me mākou! ʻO kāu uku pāʻani kālā no ka uhiʻana i kā mākou mau hoʻolālā no ka hōʻano hou i kā mākou waihonaʻikepili no nā hanana hou he mea mākou e mālama.

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