“he aha ka mea e hana ai”

The kūpuna of his family used music and hula to strengthen family ties and keep their keiki out of trouble. While Kumu Lōpaka’s father, Joseph De Vera, did not directly influence his hula journey, it was through his example he instilled in Kumu Lōpaka the work ethic, diligence, and humilty that hula would later require.
Perhaps the most unique part of the Hawai‘i Club is the support amongst its members. Students who are a part of Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i become part of a family, or “‘Ohana”, and are quickly woven into an intricate pattern that makes their college experience one to be remembered. From the very beginning, Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i provides its members with networks of support and numerous opportunities to get involved at Pacific University.
Ch.21 p.108 para.3 sent.4 I ka mao ʻana aʻe o ka noe, aia ʻekolu poʻe e lana ana ma kūlana nalu e kū ana, a he mea haʻohaʻo ia iā uka i ka nānā aku. When the mist cleared three persons floated on the crest of the wave, and this was a surprise to the onlookers.
No nā hana mālama pono ʻana i ko ka honua – no ke kākoʻo ʻana mai i nā hana pono e pili ana i ka mālama ʻana i nā mea ulu, ame ka hoʻokahua ʻana i nā hana pono i waena o kekahi i kekahi, ame nā mea maoli ko ke ao nei.
A kokoke ‘o ia i ka puka pā o ka u’i āna e li’a nei, ‘ike akula ‘o ia iā Helena e noho ana ma waho o ka lānai, i ka ‘ike ‘ana mai nō ho’i ‘o Helena iā ia, ani maila ‘o ia i kona lima me ka mūkī ‘ana a’e i ka waha, a pe’ape’ahi maila me ke kuhikuhi ‘ana mai e iho i ke kaona a ho’i aku ma laila, i ke ano o ke ahiahi.
Mamuli o ka pane ho’omāhie a kēia u’i, ua kū ihola ua keiki nei ma waho mai o ka pā, me ka hilina’i ‘ana mai a ‘ōlelo maila: “Inā ho’i hā pēlā, he ho’i no ka lā’au lapa’au, he aha auane’i ho’i ka waiwai o ka hele ‘ana, ua loa’a ihola nō ke o’io’ina ‘o ‘oe!”
VALENTINES DAY is Tuesday the Feburary 14th. Yes we are doing our delicious dinners from 4:30 to our last reservation at 7:30. Dinners will include a salad and dessert . Main Course options will be the favorites…PRIME RIB…or CAPTIANS PLATTER which includes shrimp and crabcake and macadamia crusted Mahi Mahi. We will also be serving a seafood Fettuccini with shrimp and crab in a lobster cream sauce. BYOB of course and remember that it is the most busy night of the year so do make reservations to insure a seat. 9299717. See you soon Aloha Patty. We will be having a vegetarian option but I do not know what it will be as yet.
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We were coming back from South Point and found this on Google maps. It was a treasure. Good ole comfort food (grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers) but that was overtaken by their pies and cakes made… daily. The staff was outstanding. Will definitely come back. See More
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Iā lākou nei e noho nei, ke hele a’e nei ke kino o ua kaikamahine nei i ka nui, a ke pi’i pū a’ela nō ka u’i o nā lā ‘ōpio, ‘oiai na’e, ua aneane e ‘ekolu makahiki ka noho ‘ana o nā mākua i kēia manawa.
Hiki iāʻoe ke noho i loko o ka hale paʻahao a hiki i ka wā e hoʻomanawanui aiʻoe i ka hihia ma kāu hewa iho. “Ke hoʻomaka nei ka hoʻomakaʻana e lilo i mea hoʻopunipuni e pale aku i ka hoʻokō i ka kānāwai ma ka inoa kaulana o 3. Hiki i kāu kaʻa ke hoʻokuʻi iāʻoe e hoʻokomo i kāu pēpē iā lākou e hana nei i ka hoʻokele kaʻa kaʻa e nānā i ka mana o kāu keiki pono’ī e noho mau i kahi kaʻa maikaʻi a hoʻohemo paha. Ma hope o kēia ola,ʻaʻohe nui o kaʻeha.
This olelo noeau is a very meaningful olelo noeau. This olelo noeau connects to me because it means look to the source and is like when I had to find out my grandparents names I went to them. Also, when I wanted to find out about my dad’s life, I asked him. He was the source of that knowledge.
PS Ke ala hoʻokahi e hiki ai iāʻoe keʻike i ka nui o kēia mea a pau e hoʻomaka i kēia lā. Kūleʻa mākou iāʻoe he 100%’Ake Paʻi kālā ma loko o nā lā he 60! ʻO kā mākou hopohopo no kēia polokalamu AMAZING . Hiki iāʻoe ke kau inoa no kāu hana mua loa i loko o nā minuke,ʻoiai ināʻoe i ke ala a pau ma India,ʻAtalia, aiʻoleʻo Singapore! ʻO ia ka nani e pili ana i ka Pūnaewele, he 24hr, World-Wide GOLDMINE! Hiki iāʻoe ke hana i kou makemake a me kou makemake
I kēia lā, e mākaʻikaʻi kākou ma nā hui liʻiliʻi a puni ka hale a me ka heiau. ʻOiai kākou e mākaʻikaʻi ana, e lohe ʻia ʻelua moʻolelo no Mānoa. A i loko o ia mau moʻolelo nā moʻokūʻauhau o ka ʻāina a me nā kūpuna no ia ʻāina ʻo Mānoa. Ma hope, e haʻi hou ana ʻoukou i nā moʻolelo a moʻokūʻauhau ʻelua ma nā hui liʻiliʻi i maopopo iā kākou a pau a i ola mau nā inoa a me nā moʻolelo o nā kupuna no Mānoa. Ua maʻa loa nā kūpuna i kēia hana a ʻaʻole kākou hoʻomaʻamaʻa i ka hoʻopaʻanaʻau a haʻi moʻolelo ʻana i kēia mau lā, no laila, e hoʻomaʻamaʻa kākou i kēia lā. A ma ka hopena, ma muli o kēia haʻi moʻolelo ʻana, aia ana nō ʻoukou i ka moʻokūʻauhau o kēia ʻāina kekahi.
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Abayat are known by various names but serve the same purpose, which is to cover. Contemporary models are usually caftans, cut from light, flowing fabrics like crepe, georgette, and chiffon. Other known abaya styles are front open and front closed abaya. Styles differ from region to region: some abayat have embroidery on black fabric while others are brightly coloured and have different forms of artwork across them.
Ch.4 p.23 para.10 sent.1 Ma mua o ka napoʻo ʻana o ka lā, kauoha ʻia ka poʻe nānā uli o ke aliʻi a me nā kilokilo e nānā i nā ʻōuli o ke ao a me ka moana inā he hiki i ke aliʻi ke hele, a inā he hiki ʻole e like me ka mea mau. Before the going down of the sun the steersmen and soothsayers were ordered to observe the look of the clouds and the ocean to see whether the chief could go or not on his journey, according to the signs.
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Ma kekahi mau lālani, ua kapa aku ‘o ia i kona makuahine, he manu ‘alae i kani no ka ‘alae i ka wai, ka mea nāna i ha’i mai iā ia, i ka haunaele o ‘Ewa o a na ia mea i ho’opi’i mai i ka inaina iā ia, mamuli o ka hehikū ‘ia ‘ana o ia ‘oneki nui pālahalaha e nei kāpena boy.
Thanks to a $2.7 million Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) partnership grant, Wai‘anae Coast students have more opportunities to succeed both in high school and as they pursue college degrees. See story »
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My thought’s is that you should look up to your elders because they have most of the knowledge. They have knowledge because they were on this earth longer than you. They want you to do what they didn’t do correctly. Your family always wants the best for you because they always want you to do well. My family says they always want the best for me. My family helps me because they want me to do great.(Sorry Mrs.Ah Hee I couldn’t get the video on the QR code because we couldn’t update the adobe flash player on my parents phones)
The Hilo Field Study option will provide visits to these sites and present a symposium focusing on the transfer of the Hawaiian language in the classroom by “looking to the source” as foundational to Hawaiian language revitalization.
“Aia a hora ‘umi, hele mai ‘oe a ma ka pukaaniani ma ka ‘ao’ao ma ‘Ewa o ka hale, ‘o ko’u rumi ia, komo mai ‘oe ma laila, no laila e ho’i ‘āwīwī aku ‘oe, i ‘ole e ‘ike ‘ia mai, a ua lohe akula ‘oe i ke kauoha, e ho’omana’o mai ho’i ‘oe ia leo.”
Eha mau malama i pule ole ai, no ka oihana o ka makahiki, he mau pule no nae e pili ana i ka oihana o ka makahiki, ma ka malama o Mahoehope e pau ai ka haipule ana, a na mea a pau, a koe o ka kahu akua wale no ke haipule mau.
The place-based Kilohana Summer Program for middle schoolers focuses on cultivating math skills in haumāna, while helping them embrace their Hawaiian identity in a modern world. New program sites include Hāna, ‘Ewa and Waialua. See story »
Spring has sprung and our new issue has arrived! In the April/May issue you’ll find a tour of Beijing’s burgeoning jazz scene, what it’s like to deep-sea fish with the help of a nine-hundred-pound metal buoy, how University of Hawai‘i’s Plant Extinction Prevention Program is saving some of the Islands’ rarest plants and much, much more! As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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