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Kiara Puakenamu Leong was the valedictorian of the Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Campus Class of 2006. A fifth-year Hawaiian language student, Puakenamu is set to pursue a degree in Anthropology at Scripps College in Claremont, California. She exemplifies a student who, in her own words, strives to achieve “the best of both worlds” – excellence in scholarship and an appreciation and understanding of nā mea Hawai‘i. She gave the following speech during commencement ceremonies on May 28, 2006, speaking first ma ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i and then ma ka ‘ōlelo haole. Puakenamu’s message was clear — as beneficiaries of Pauahi’s legacy, Kamehameha graduates have an even greater kuleana to in turn give back to the larger Native Hawaiian community Pauahi wished to serve.
But that’s just part of the fun. Come to the beach early and stay afterward for our weekly Hana Hou hukilau (a beach party – the non-fishing kind). Every week, a kanikapila erupts – it’s a Hawaiian jam session featuring ukuleles, guitars, hula, and even a washtub bass. Bring your singing voice (even if you don’t have one), a chair, a blanket, a beach umbrella, or whatevah. Pack a snack and beverages and make a day it – or check ahead to see if we’re having a potluck luau or other special event. New events are being added very week – and there are also some occasional surprises!
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Hakihaki/Haki Kino is a term used in hula to limber the body. The purpose of this was to make the dancer more fluid, graceful and flexible through hakihaki.  In this workshop we will learn the historical and contemporary place hakihaki has within the hālau. Participants will also learn other facets of our Hawaiian Healing Arts that will be geared towards the hula.
I truly enjoyed my 1st March with my daughter on January 21st (just so happened it was also my birthday that day. What a way to spend that day! Will there be any more marches or fundraisers to combate this regime that is now in the White House?
People of Luova gave the voyagers a hearty Solomon style welcome, with dozens of residents turning out to help pull the massive canoe up from the beach to shelter. Children eagerly clambered over the hull to explore, and some older people fondly recalled earlier visits by tepuke during the decades when these canoes regularly plied Temotu’s waters.
Ch.1 p.2 para.3 sent.2 E nānā mai ʻoe i kēia ʻōpū oʻu e hāpai nei, no ka mea, ua pauaho aʻe nei hoʻi i ka pau o nā keiki i ka make i ka pākela pepehi a ke kāne. Look upon this womb of mine which is with child, for I can no longer endure my children’s death; the husband is overzealous to keep his vow;
Ch.21 p.108 para.2 sent.11 Nānā mai ʻoe iā uka nei, e ʻau aku ana ʻo Kumukahi i loko o ka ʻale, a laila, ʻo ke kūlana nalu ia. look over to the coast where Kumukahi swims in the billows, then this is the place for surfing;
Ka Hoʻolauna – Haumāna will introduce themselves using their hoʻolauna speech previously practiced in fourth grade.  This will include stating their full names, where they are from, where they live, who their parents are, where they go to school, which grade level they are in, and the name of their present classroom teacher.
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Several students, over the past four years, have gone beyond the classroom when it comes to perpetuating the language of our kūpuna. These individuals have not let their native language hamper them, but rather have used it as a stepping-stone in learning other languages. These classmates have simultaneously taken two language classes, Hawaiian and either Japanese, Spanish, or French. In the same sense, there are many students who have excelled academically through years while continuing to study the Hawaiian Language. One-third of the students in my Hawaiian 5 class will be graduating tonight with Honors diplomas. Our culture does not have to be a roadblock to accomplishing great things, as some people may think. Kamehameha is headed in a positive direction. The “best” of both worlds — excellent scholarship and understanding of nā mea Hawai‘i — can be achieved, but only if we dedicate the time, effort, and belief in making it happen.
Makaʻāinana often were referred to as “kupa o ka ʻāina,” those familiar with the land. Kupa describes the close relationship that makaʻāinana had with their specific ʻāina. This relationship is a product of decades of living on, cultivating, and being nourished by that land. This close relationship allowed makaʻāinana to perform their tasks efficiently.
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The place-based Kilohana Summer Program for middle schoolers focuses on cultivating math skills in haumāna, while helping them embrace their Hawaiian identity in a modern world. New program sites include Hāna, ‘Ewa and Waialua. See story »
Ch.1 p.2 para.4 sent.1 A laila, ʻōlelo mai ke kahuna iā Mālaekahana, “O hoʻi a kokoke i ko lā hānau, a laila, hele mai ʻoe i oʻu nei i nānā aku au i kēia hāpai ʻana.” The the priest said to Malaekahana, “Go home; just before the child is to be born come back to me that I may know what you are carrying.”
Volume One interprets specific Hawaiian customs, concepts, and terms “to clarify distorted beliefs, suggest the rationale behind Hawaiian ritual, and convey some of the poetic imagery of ancient rites and their underlying concepts.”
Drydock is a essential part of the holistic nature of canoe culture. During drydock, learners are exposed to the importance of vessel maintenance. Through drydock programs NKW emphasizes the Hawaiian value of Mālama, to take care of. Most drydock programs center around the mālama (maintenance) of Makaliʻi, our main voyaging vessel. Participants have the opportunity to learn lashing, vessel engineering, and other tasks related to maintaining the sea-going integrity of Makaliʻi. Learners become very familiar with canoe parts and how each part is related to the other parts, a direct reflection of our own community’s make-up.
I ia lā a‘e, ua hā‘awi aku ‘o Kalei i ka mo‘olelo iā Leialoha. Ua hau‘oli ‘o Leialoha a ua hele aku ‘o ia i ka papa. ‘A‘ole ‘o ia i mahalo iā Kalei. Mākonā, ‘eā? I ka papa, ua makemake ‘o Leialoha e heluhelu i ka mo‘olelo i ke kāne u‘i. Ua mana‘o ‘o ia, “Inā ho‘olohe ke kāne i ka‘u mo‘olelo, e mana‘o ana ‘o ia akamai au.” No laila, ua hele wāwae ‘o Leialoha ma mua o ka papa a ua heluhelu i ka mo‘olelo. Ua ho‘omaopopo aku ‘o ia, he ‘ōpala ka mo‘olelo! Ua nānā wale aku nā haumāna iā Leialoha. Ma hope iho, ua ‘aka‘aka a ho‘ohenehene aku nā haumāna iā Leialoha. Ua ‘ōlelo aku ke kāne u‘i, “Hūpō kēlā wahine. ‘Oi aku ka hūpō ona ma mua o nā wāhine ‘ē a‘e!”
My mom introduced me to Aunty Paulette when I was probably in 4th grade.  She had made an appointment at Na Lima Mili Hulu No’eau to make a lei hulu, or feather lei.  I remember watching my mom spend hours measuring and cutting the feathers, and then another several hours sewing her lei.
Disappointed!! Watched first 30 minutes of first episode. So far Kono’s replacement can’t act and that solo scene where she tries and beat up the arsonist? Looked stupid. Seems all they cared about was getting a hot body to replace Kono….. that I guess shows how much respect they had for Grace P. Just KNOCKED IT TO ONE STAR. Kept watching and what did they do? The new Kono poured a bucket of water over her head so her breasts became prominent!!! What garbage! How high schoolish..$2.99 a show? No more.
‘O ‘Ōhi’a ka lua o nā hua’ōlelo i koho ‘ia no ua po’oinoa lā. ‘Eā, he nui kona mau mana’o. Ma kēia kolamu na’e e hō’ike ai i kekahi mana’o e pili ana i ke kumu ‘ōhi’a lehua. He kumu lā’au ia nona ka lā’au pa’a a nona pū ka pua ‘ula’ula ‘o ka Lehua. I ke au i kūnewa aku nei, ua kapa ‘ia ke koa ikaika a mākaha he Lehua ma muli o ka like o kona kūpa’a me ko ka ‘ōhi’a lehua. Ma kēia kolamu, ‘o ka Haku ‘Ōhi’a ke kanaka nona ka na’au ikaika kūpa’a e like me ko kākou mau koa Hawai’i.
There were prizes to win through raffles, special awards for participants of the event, live music by Fred’s Garage and a special guest appearance from Elvis (Maui’s own Darren Lee of Burn’n Love). The event was hosted by Joe Hawkins from KPOA 104.7 FM; the radio station was a sponsor of the event, along with 5A Rent-A-Space, Fred’s Garage, the Rotary Club of Upcountry Maui and Whaler’s Village.
Lashio is the administrative center of Lashio Township and Lashio District; before April 2010, it was also the administrative center of Shan State (North). The population grew from approximately 5000 in 1960 to 88,590 in 1983. It is currently estimated at approximately 130,000.[3]
Kawahinela‘iokekapu, is a sacred woman, a mo‘owahine (lizard woman), or a caretaker of a pond upon Hualālai, she seeks a companion of the lower lands. Upon the tears, a stream, she sends a garland (lei) of mountain snail(s) seaward.
He kanaka lawaiʻaʻoe? Loaʻa iā Lemfo kahi mea kani e ana i ka heluʻana o ka naʻau a pēlā e hoʻolālā ai i ka nui o nā calories (me ka hoʻohanaʻana i ka noi). Hiki ke hoʻohui pūʻia me kaʻenehana loea uila, paipai me ka poʻomanaʻo a hoʻolohe i ke mele ke holo neiʻoe, me kaʻole e pono ke kāohi i kāuʻike.
Hana Hou! maintains extensive archives which include back issues going back as far as 2002 (Volume 5) on its website.[8][9] While complimentary copies are provided on all Hawaiian Airlines flights, the magazine is also marketed at newsstands in Hawaii and by subscription.[6]
My Opinion May Differ From Yours. A Difference Of Opinion Doesn’t Mean That The Item Has Been Misrepresented. This Is Exactly What You Will Be Receiving. It Is Impossible To Describe Every Little Detail.
In 1900, the town of Lashio consisted of the European station, with court house and quarters for the civil officers; the military police post, the headquarters of the Lashio battalion of military police; and the native station, in which the various nationalities, Shans, Burmans, Hindus and Muslims, who were divided into separate quarters, with reserves for government servants and for the temporary residences of the five sawbwas of the northern Shan States; and a bazaar.[1]
Aloha nō e ka lama kū o ka No’eau. Ua pio ke kukui o ke ola. He pio ‘ole na’e ka mālamalama o ka ‘uhane. The entire Hawaiian language immersion world knows the name Sam L. “No’eau” Warner. His books have inspired a… View Obituary & Service Information

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