“ehia mauʻano kākahu i ka honua”

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When asked, “why do you want to become a Kumu Hula?” He replied, “this is what I am meant to be. I’m happiest when I dance, chant and sing. As a Kumu Hula, I get to represent our people, both past and present. It is humbling and such an honor. I also want to make a positive impression on the youth of today. I want to instill in them the importance of working hard and striving for goals through this art we call hula for the future of our people, culture and for future Kumu Hula. If we breathe our own breath into our dance, our haumāna, our hālau, we become unique as Poʻe Hula.”
What’s with these crappy reviews!? They are new. Give them a chance to work out the kinks! Geezzzz. Anyways, I got the panko crusted Mahi Mahi sandwich served with garlic aioli slaw on a toasted Ciabbata roll! Simply delicious! I can’t wait to see them again so I could remember what it taste like. What i wanna try is the teriyaki glazed salmon with  julienned vegetables. What does julienne mean? That’s why I have to try it. I do appreciate that there is finally a Hawaiian truck around since I have been following Aloha Plate for a while.  Hopefully they become as popular!
In Hawaiian culture, featherwork was a sign of mana (spiritual prestige) and status. Feather cloaks, helmets, and lei were worn only by chiefs and thousands of feathers were gathered from native birds to create these symbols of Hawaiian royalty and power. They were passed down from generation to generation, warriors would seize cloaks and helmets from defeated rivals, and feather items were given as gifts to convey favor . . .
Bengali Bengali script bhadre Bhattācārya šrī Brahman caiva Candrāvalī dear deva deveši devī drstvā Edd deest Edd inc etad etat evam F G Edd garland goddess greatest mistress Hari harih hrīm I J K M deest I J K M inc īšvara uvāca iti Šrīvāsudevarahasye rādhātantre iti vāsudevarahasye J K L deest J K L inc kalā Kalāvatī Kālī kālikā kāma kamaleksaņe Kātyāyanī klīm KrSņa krSņasya krSņo lotus lotus-eyed mahābāho mahādeva Mahāmāyā Mahāvidyā mahešāni mama manoharam mantra manuscripts Mathurā Mātrkās māyā nāma Padminī parā param paramešāni paramešvari pārvati Patala petals prabho Prakṛti priye Rādhā Rādhikā rādhikāyai rahasyam RKGD sadā sadƗ Śakti sarvam satatam Šiva šrīrādhātantre šrņu šrutvā šucismite supreme svayam tadā tasya tatah tathā tatra tava transp Tripurā tvam uttamam Vaiṣṇava varānane varārohe varavarņini Vāsudeva vāsudevasya vidvā vidyā vinā Visņu Vraja Vrndāvana worship yatra
“I just feel like I have to do something,” said protestor Sue St. Louis, “There is so much negativity and I am so unhappy about this president and I can’t just be unhappy, you need to do something.” St. Louis explained that we need to be positive and do what we can to find ways to help. “If everybody does some little thing every day whether its writing a congressmen or giving money to a charity you know we have to do something,” she said, “We have to help, we can’t just complain.”
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Hele aku lākou i loko o ke kai. A‘o aku ‘o Pāpā i nā keiki kāne e kū i ka papa he‘enalu. ‘A‘ole hiki iā Kawika ke kū i ka papa he‘enalu. E pūhili ana nō ‘o Kawika. Akā, ahonui loa ‘o Pāpā. ‘A‘ole i li‘uli‘u, a hiki iā Kawika ke kū i ka papa he‘e nalu. Hau‘oli nō ‘o Kawika.
This double-gourd instrument is unique to Hawai’i and often accompanies Hula Kahiko. These Nā Ponohula haumana will learn the history and extreme importance of gourds in old time Hawai’i, and the growing, harvesting, curing, quality and matching of Ipu Heke gourds. The participants will learn in detail to make their own Ipu Heke, and will be able to pass on this information and skill if desired. They will also learn an oli to chant while playing their completed instrument.
The best and most likely the ONLY place to learn how to make feather leis. It is a little difficult to find, but track it down to make sure you can sign up for a feather lei making class!!!!! Aunty Mary Lou is really a Hawaiian treasure and her daughter are at the store from 9am to 9pm everyday to work on incredible pieces. This is a traditional Hawaiian art that could conceivably go into extinction if they did not keep this store open for us to learn this incredible art form. Not really for children to work on because it takes a great deal of patience, but you can even go here to buy feathers of any color of the rainbow for your own collection. You will have a hard time finding a place like this in the world,  it is tiny, but  GO THERE NOW!
I kekahi mau manawa, hoʻopiʻiʻoe i ka pahu ma hope ou i loko o ke kīʻaha a ma loko o kahi kāwili. E lawe i ka hopohopo hopohopo a me ka hopohopo i nā wā a pau iāʻoe e hoʻopoina i ke kīʻaha likeʻole me KNOW e hoʻolālā nei lākou e hoʻohana i kēiaʻano, aiʻole e holo i ka hōʻike piha! Akā,ʻaʻole i makemakeʻia e lilo i kiʻekiʻe i kahi wai. Mahalo loa lākou i ka loaʻaʻana o kekahi mea ma ko lākou hiki pono’ī e hōʻole iāʻoe mai ka hanaʻana i kēia! Me ka 1 9 mau makahiki o kona akamai, he nui kona akamai a hoʻonaʻauaoʻana me nā koleke a me nā polokalamu. Ke noi nei koʻu hoʻoilina i kahi’ōlelo kūʻokoʻa liʻiliʻi. 35 mau makahiki i hiki iaʻu keʻoluʻolu e maikaʻiʻo ia ināʻaʻole hiki iaʻu ke hoʻomanaʻo.
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Ch.3 p.13 para.1 sent.2 Nānā akula ʻo ia, e piʻo ana ke ānuenue i kahi a ua wahi kanaka nei i ʻōlelo ai iā ia, a laila, hoʻomaopopo leʻa ihola ka makāula, ʻo kāna mea nō e ukali nei. there he saw the rainbow arching over the place which the man had described to him; so he was sure that this was the person he was following.
“It’s been good because, I got the opportunity before I leave, because Iʻm going off to college in a couple weeks, and my grandma sailed the Hōkūleʻa 16 years ago to Oʻahu, and I got to greet her yesterday, picking her up on the canoe…so it was a good experience.” says Tiana Bala, another haumāna of Nā Pua Noʻeau Lānaʻi.
The challenge is heightened when one considers the tragic period of the population death spiral when Hawaiians, absent immunity from western diseases, died by the hundreds of thousands. Within a very short period of time the population decreased by more than 80%.  Because so much of our history was based on oral tradition there was a dramatic loss of Hawaiian knowledge and history that died with the people.
Ch.24 p.127 para.4 sent.1 A i ke kuʻi ʻana o ka leo o ka hekili, uhi ka ʻohu a me ka noe, a i ka mao ʻana aʻe, i nānā akula ka hana o ka ʻaha, aia ʻo Lāʻielohelohe me Halaaniani e kau mai ana i luna o nā manu. And when the voice of the thunder crashed, clouds and mist covered the land, and when it cleared, the place of meeting was to be seen; and there were Laielohelohe and Halaaniani resting upon the birds.
Today we are having our delicious French Dip made with trip tip roast and of course the homemade roll and dipping juice. This weekend we will feature our Cuban Sandwich. If you have never had one before come on and try one out. Roast pork loin,ham,provolone cheese and our marinated cucumbers all toasted on the grill Its a winner. Also on the menu is Da Wedge a tasty salad made with wedge of crispy head lettuce ,chopped tomatoes,crispy bacon bits and green onions and of course the blue cheese dressing.
————————————– So yesterday I choreographed a new dance for Lili’u in my head, while Paka served as it’s physical manifestation . . . Though my body was too ‘eha to dance, I couldn’t just sit there, so I decided to make this silver chain and add 3 ‘iwa from the Sonny Ching Collection by Paradisus. I ended up kinda liking and decided to keep it and wear it to hula . . . 🤗
Costa captured the moment from a Zodiac chartered by a photographer friend and shared with two whale researchers. “We knew when the Hōkūle‘a was going to be sailing by, it was way outside in the open ocean. It was very brisk and windy, beautiful. The sun was shining but it was biting cold,” says Costa, who sat patiently waiting for the right frame as the inflatable raft bobbed where the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. “The image communicates movement – that Hōkūle‘a is moving toward something special. That photo draws you in, it sucks you in as if you are moving with the Hōkūle‘a.”
Ch.26 p.138 para.6 sent.1 A pau kēia mau mea i ka hōʻike ʻia, i nānā aku ka hana o ʻAiwohikupua a me nā mea ʻē aʻe, e kū mai ana ʻo Lāʻieikawai ma loko o ka pūloʻuloʻu aliʻi kapu i luna o nā waʻa. After all these signs had been displayed, Aiwohikupua and the others saw Laieikawai standing above the canoes under the symbol of a taboo chief.
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We enjoyed a good meal at the cute Hana Hou Restaurant. My teriyaki burger with a hand-made patty and fresh bun was good. The toppings were good but a little messy. I didn’t care for the mayo they put on the burger though. Mayo and teriyaki were not a good combination. Key lime and banana cream pies were both good. Service was okay but it was a little slow because they were tending to some large groups. We loved the aquamarine chairs and the 1950s Hawaiian vibe of the restaurant.
E ka poʻe i aloha i ka ʻāina, welina mai me ke aloha. Eia nō mākou ke holo kaulua nei ma kekahi o nā waʻa hanohano o Oʻahu a Lua lā, ʻo Hōkūleʻa lāua ʻo Hikianalia. Ua haʻalele aku nei nō mākou i ka ua Kanilehua o Hawaiʻi nui kuauli no ka holo ʻana aku i Laniloa, ʻo ia hoʻi o Rangiroa, ma ka huina moku o nā Tuamotu, a noke ana i ka holo a pae aku i Papeʻete ma Tahiti, kahi i pae ai ʻo Hōkūleʻa ma ka huakaʻi mua i ka makahiki 1976.
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Overall, I wouldn’t go out of the way to visit here. However, if you’re passing through on your way to/from Kona, this is a perfectly fine place to stop by and grab a meal. (There also just aren’t many other dining options along the road from Kona to Volcano National Park)
Nana i ke Kumu means to look to the source. This is important to look to the source because that is where you get your knowledge. Sources can be Kumu, Kupuna, Makua, siblings, God, the Aina… You can learn all from these things. Everyday we should focus on learning something new.
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Warehoused on Oahu, all orders for NĀ KOA merchandise are processed and shipped to all islands, the mainland and internationally by the same reliable team that manages Maui by Design and Patch of Shade, Inc.
Ch.33 p.178 para.1 sent.2 A laila, hoʻouna hou akula nō ʻo Lāʻielohelohe i ke kamaʻāina e hele hou e nānā i nā aliʻi, me ka ʻī aku naʻe, “E hele ʻoe e nānā a ʻike i nā aliʻi e hiamoe ana, a laila, hoʻi mai ʻoe, a hele pū aku kākou.” Then Laielohelohe sent the natives again to go and see the chiefs, saying, “You go and find out where the chiefs sleep, then return to us.”
Nā Ola – The fifth grade level ‘ohana is called “Nā Wai Ola” which means “The Living Waters”.  Each papa is named after a culturally descriptive water phrase – Waiʻapo, Wailani, Waiānuenue, Wailoa, Wailele and Waipuna.
was established at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo in 1989 for the purpose of increasing educational enrichment opportunities for Hawaiian children in grades Kindergarten – 12th. Outreach centers were later established on the islands of Maui, Kaua’i, O’ahu and Moloka’i, Lana’i and the West side of the Island of Hawai’i to expand activities throughout the State of
We are all Hawaiian, and not only are we all kānaka maoli, but we are fortunate enough to have benefited from the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop and from all that Kamehameha has to offer. While some of us have chosen to embrace our culture more than others, it is all of our kuleana, our responsibility, as Pauahi-embraced native Hawaiians, to give back to the generations that follow us.
Iā lākou nei e noho nei, ke hele a’e nei ke kino o ua kaikamahine nei i ka nui, a ke pi’i pū a’ela nō ka u’i o nā lā ‘ōpio, ‘oiai na’e, ua aneane e ‘ekolu makahiki ka noho ‘ana o nā mākua i kēia manawa.

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  1. The abaya “cloak” (colloquially and more commonly, Arabic: عباية‎ ʿabāyah , especially in Literary Arabic: عباءة ʿabāʾah ; plural عبايات ʿabāyāt , عباءات ʿabāʾāt ), sometimes also called an aba, is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.[1] Traditional abayat are black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the head, feet, and hands. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil covering all but the eyes. Some women also wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well.
    The job force varied greatly. Each skilled occupation was informed by specific natural environments. For example, a lawaiʻa (fisher person) knew all the details of their fishing grounds. They knew the tides, the winds, the moon, and all the elements of the ocean. Lawaiʻa knew the distinct characteristics of all the sea creatures. Lawaiʻa did not simply throw lines in the ocean and try to catch fish. They went directly to the fishes’ feeding grounds to harvest.
    A i ka nalo ana ae o ka oioi o ke kihi o ka mahina o Huna ia po, a hoonui hou ae ka poepoe ana, o Mohalu ia, a mahuahua loa ka poepoe ana o ua mahina la, o Hua ia, a akaka loa ka poepoe ana, o Akua ia po, a o ka lua o ka po, i maopopo ai ka poepoe ana o ka mahina.

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