“e hana i nā mea hou i ka lā o ka lā”

The lapaʻiki or small drum is a perfect accompaniment to the hula pahu. Learn the steps of making a lapaʻiki and finish your own instrument under the tutelage of Kumu Keone Turalde. Participants will learn a hula and mele pahu.
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Nā Ponohula workshop registrations REQUIRE purchase of KAHOH registration. You may purchase Nā Ponohula registration at the same time of KAHOH registration. If purchasing Nā Ponohula registration on behalf of others, ensure that they also have purchased KAHOH registration. Limited availability.
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Hawaii has no shortage of talented designers, and we love when they come to showcase their work at Honolulu Night Market. You’ll be able to see new collections, browse online shops (in person) all under one roof!
The food was good, but nothing to write home about—I got the macadamia nut chicken salad stuffed papaya with side salad (had a nice lilikoi vinaigrette, but the salad was meh), and my fiancée got the …bbq pork plate. The service was really slow, despite the restaurant being maybe half full. The desserts were tasty, though! See More
E ka poʻe i aloha i ka ʻāina, welina mai me ke aloha. Eia nō mākou ke holo kaulua nei ma kekahi o nā waʻa hanohano o Oʻahu a Lua lā, ʻo Hōkūleʻa lāua ʻo Hikianalia. Ua haʻalele aku nei nō mākou i ka ua Kanilehua o Hawaiʻi nui kuauli no ka holo ʻana aku i Laniloa, ʻo ia hoʻi o Rangiroa, ma ka huina moku o nā Tuamotu, a noke ana i ka holo a pae aku i Papeʻete ma Tahiti, kahi i pae ai ʻo Hōkūleʻa ma ka huakaʻi mua i ka makahiki 1976.
I LOVE this food truck. I’ve been prescatarian(or however it’s spelled lol) over a year now and it’s rare that I find a place that cooks fresh fish without the pungent fishy smell. The cook(I think she’s also the owner) knows what she’s doing. She uses fresh fishes everyday. I usually get the teriyaki salmon dish but today she even gave me a sample of their poke bowl and DAMN! It was good!! No fishy smell either! It was honestly the best poke bowl I’ve ever had! You can tell she’s passionate about this and that’s refreshing because I know I’ll always get high quality food from her.
This truly is a Hawaiian art form that could die out…  definitely not one for children (although even children could probably make a pua hulu – feather flower); and not a task to be taken lightly.  My last lei took several months to complete.  Having said that, we need to perpetuate the culture, so if you are interested, and in Honolulu, check this out.
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Today, you can visit Aunty’s daughter, Mele, at the shop.  Mele has so much of her mother in her, and she is dedicated to carrying on the family tradition of Hawaiian featherwork.  If you don’t want to make a feather lei, you can also purchase some of their amazing work at the shop.  Or if you want to just get a taste for Hawaiian featherwork and see some incredible pieces, stop in just to say hi. 🙂
Because makaʻāinana worked intimately with the land and the ocean to produce food, clothing, transportation, supplies, and other necessities, they were stewards of the land. Makaʻāinana performed the majority of the critical day-to-day tasks of their community.
The KS Maui High School Business Academy celebrated National Entrepreneurship week with a special one-day workshop sponsored by Maui Business Brainstormers and the Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce. See story »
Nānā I ke Kumu is a meaningful olelo no’eau. To different people, it has a different meaning. To me it means to always look where the knowlage is. Or pay attention to your teachings and teachers. Anyone can be a teacher to you. To me, as long as you learn something from a person, the person was a teacher. If you learn something from an experience, that was a teaching. Learn as much wisdom you can and live life smart!
“There are support services out there. There are people who will help you. You do not need to stay in an abusive situation,” said Hawaii State Sen. Roz Baker, who spoke about domestic violence shelters and support programs. Sen. Baker is a member of the Women’s Legislative Caucus of the State of Hawaii, a coalition of women from the State Senate and House of Representatives that has championed a number of bills for victims of domestic violence.
There were prizes to win through raffles, special awards for participants of the event, live music by Fred’s Garage and a special guest appearance from Elvis (Maui’s own Darren Lee of Burn’n Love). The event was hosted by Joe Hawkins from KPOA 104.7 FM; the radio station was a sponsor of the event, along with 5A Rent-A-Space, Fred’s Garage, the Rotary Club of Upcountry Maui and Whaler’s Village.
“This year’s seminar class is focused on this art of debate from a Hawaiian perspective and the relevant, necessary skills. So we incorporated a scenario to practice and analyze that process into the day’s event.” says Perreira. Towards the end of the day, students and professors engaged in two mock debates to hone their skills. ʻIkaʻaka says that, “It challenged us to use our language skills in a new context while also focusing on the debate and banter.”
OK I’m not super picky but I do get bored easily of eating the same dang thang for lunch every day.  My work place announced that they were going to offer a larger rotation of food trucks and I was game.  So far I haven’t been super impressed.  They are all run by Moody’s so well they all seem to have the same dang thangs to offer.  Some variation but not enough to excite me too much.
Congratulations to Monte Costa, photo editor Matt Mallams and design director Kunio Hayashi! And mahalo to the Polynesian Voyaging Society, which has allowed us to join them on this and other voyages.
Implied by Said’s analysis is a kind of “Occidentalism,” which suggests that the Orient discursively represents itself through the unequal power dynamic that paralyzes the colonized and blinds the conqueror to their own agency.
Thanks to a $2.7 million Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) partnership grant, Wai‘anae Coast students have more opportunities to succeed both in high school and as they pursue college degrees. See story »
ʻO ka hana kumu o ko Ke Kulanui Kaiāulu ʻo Honolulu e hoʻoholo i ka hoʻonaʻuaao ʻana i nā haumāna like ʻole āpau ma nā hana aʻo pono he nui, me hana e holomua ai i nā mea kumu manaʻo pono, ka paipai ʻana i ka hoʻoulu pono i nā haumāna āpau, me ke kuleana e lawelawe i nā haumāna ʻōiwi Hawaiʻi a e lawelawe i nā kānaka o ke kaiāulu e huli ana i ke ola ame ka naʻauao no ka pono o nā lāhui kānaka a puni ka honua, ma nā papa hana hana noʻeau, ke kākoʻo ʻana i nā haumāna e makemake ai e hele i ke kulanui ame nā papa hana ʻoihana pākōlea like ʻole.
‘O ka inoa o kēia kaikamahine ‘o Helena Kalanilehua, a mamuli o ka u’i o kēia kaikamahine, ua ho’opi’i ‘ia ke kuko i loko o (‘Aiwohikupua), makua kāne kōlea no ke kaikamahine a kāna wahine me ke kāne mua, a lāua nō ho’i i hānai ihola a nui.
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